1 year anniversary event page

In celebration of Sakura TCG's upcoming first anniversary, we'll be holding a special 1 Year Anniversary event full of new additions, gifts, and campaigns!

Event Information Gifts & Campaigns


Below is a summary of all the announcements made so far! This will be updated each week, usually whenever an update is posted (but if not then shortly after or within a few days). These announcements are not time limited as in these are new additions and features that are here to stay!


After a literal year of having it up on the Interactive page, we're excited to announce that we will finally be adding two new permanent games to our monthly section: Card Shiratori and Sakura Matsuri! While these games won't officially be added until September, we'll be running trial rounds of them both throughout the month of August in celebration of Sakura's anniversary (which you can find in the 1 Year Anniversary event sub-forum). Hiring staff for these games will also be done closer to or during September!

In addition, a former event game will be returning for yet another limited time after receiving many requests for it: Mini Masteries! There are new themes but hopefully they're a bit more challening this time and not too difficult to complete. While this game is a rehash of the same one we used during the White Valentine's Day 2017 event, there is one difference: you are no longer restricted to only using 1 mastery of a specific theme that'll count for points; you can now use both! For more information, head on over to the 1 Year Anniversary event sub-forum as well!


I was asked in the past before whether we'd ever have new milestone tasks to be completed for MP and although it took me a long time to figure out just what to add (and even then it's not that much– I'm sorry!), we finally have some new Milestones! Most of them are related to the activities we have available but there are a few that anyone can do even if you don't participate in any of the activities and just play in the TCG like normal.

For more details and to see what the new tasks are, check out the newly updated Milestones Information page and feel free to start turning in the new milestone tasks if you've already completed them from past activity!


Like the new Milestones, I was also asked if we'd ever get new Player Achievements that can be applied for and while it was always my intention to do so, I never got a chance to think of new ones to add– until now that is! There are only a few for now but I will definitely add more in the future.

The following is a list of the new Player Achievements that will be added this week:
  • Be a Member for 1 Month/3 Months/6 Months/1 Year*
  • Master 100/200/300/etc. Unique Decks (no re-masteries)
  • Re-master a Single Deck 10/20/etc. Times (not incl. the first/original mastery of a deck)
  • Every 10 Hanami Decks Mastered
  • Personal Achievements
* The date we count this from is when you sent me or Eon a forum PM after uploading the Starter Pack Bonus to your site to be approved on the Members list so check your PM history for the date!

With the exception of the "Personal Achievements" achievement, all of these new Player Achievements can be applied for every time you complete the achievement! For example: The "Be a member for ___ months/years" achievement would eventually give you 4 badges total from that one achievement as you get 1 for being a member for 1 month, 1 for being a member for 3 months, and so on.

In addition, the following Player Achievement will be changed:
  • Mastered 100 Decks → Every 100 Decks Mastered
Its existing thread will also be updated to reflect this change sometime this week, which is also when the threads for the new achievements will be posted so please check the Achievement Badges sub-forum at a later date!


Another thing I was asked about was new Box Set themes and like Milestones, I always had intended to add more but I just never got around to actually doing it so what better time to finally put my plans into action than the TCG's anniversary?

Behold, we now have new Box Set themes! You can see a quick list of the new themes below but for more detailed explanations and information on each of them, please read the Box Set Information page.

So without further ado, here are the new themes!
  • Colours (all decks must be of the same colour)
  • Player's Favourites (all 6 decks must be of the player's favourite characters)
  • Characteristics (all 6 decks must be of characters who share a common trait)
  • Artists/Mangakas (all 6 decks must have had their original art drawn by the same artist/mangaka)
As of this announcement, you are free to start applying for Box Sets with any of the new themes just please be aware that it'll take some time for me and the Box Sets staff to get things sorted out and be on the same page (so replies to new Box Sets with these themes and questions/clarifications might be a bit delayed), as this announcement will be the first time they know about the new themes as well!


After having the current list of available Character Skills for a year now with no changes, I thought it might be time to add some new skills! To see the new skills, please refer to the list below.
  • Gain access to a second set of weekly games
  • Gain access to a biweekly rewards box
  • Increase time restriction on update freebies by 1 month
  • Increase cards-per-deck limit in new releases by 2
These skills will not be added to the Adopt a Character Information page yet but they will be once they're ready to fully be rolled out (as there are still things I need to set up and code for some of the skills) so please do not adopt a character with any of the new skills yet! I will let you all know when it's okay to start using the new skills. This is more like a preview of what's to come!