christmas 2018 event page

This year for the holidays, we’re going to celebrate the season of giving and maybe even help Santa out a bit: by gifting others! There’s only going to be one main activity this time which we call Santa's Little Helpers but there will also be mini games and activities that’ll pop up here and there throughout the event to accompany it.

We’re aiming to keep things relatively “easy” since the holidays are often a super busy time for many of us so even if you have lots of other things planned, we hope everyone can still participate!! While all the information you’ll need is on these information pages, a summary of all the most important things to know as well as rules, guidelines, etc. are on the forums!

Christmas Trees Santa's List Mini Events


Throughout the month of December, players who choose to participate in the event will be giving out gifts to their fellow players! These gifts will NOT come from your own trade post so don’t worry if you don’t have anything to gift others, or if you simply don’t want to gift out your own things.

All gifts that can be given to others will be “purchased” by exchanging cards and currency for them! If you’re low on cards or one of the currency types then don’t forget we have the Coupon Exchange which can be used to turn coupons into currency.

As for who you gift, it can be literally anyone in the TCG as long as they’re active AND they've created a thread in the Christmas Trees sub-forum. If they don’t have a thread, they can’t be gifted so if you want to gift someone something and have it count towards the event, get them to make a thread first!!

Of course, participants won’t be leaving without anything to show for their work! On top of any gifts you get from other players, you will also get a participation reward at the end of the event that is based on how many players you gift AND the total value of the contents of all the gifts you purchased.

In addition, Santa has a list that he’s checking twice of special goals that will earn you extra rewards at the end of the event if completed. This is also on top of the gifts you get AND the participation reward so for you over-achievers or those who just like to make the most out of an event, this is for you!


Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
In the event of a change, players will be notified in advance via an update, Twitter or the #event-updates channel on our Official Discord if not all three (or at least two of the three).
  • EVENT START: December 1st, 2018
  • EVENT END: December 31st, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EST