halloween 2016 part one

As there is more than one part to this event, the information has been split up into separate pages to hopefully make things a bit easier to digest as there's lot of information to read! Please use the links below to navigate your way.

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During the first part of our event, players will be able to collect candies by not only playing games, using services, and participating in activities like normal but also by participating in the event mini game, Trick-or-Treating!

The candies you will be collecting for this event come in five types and look like the samples below.

(L-R: Bat, Ghost, Moon, Pumpkin, Witch Cat)

While the candy types do not matter during the first part of the event, you will still need to keep track of how many candies you get of each type (both in your logs and on your post wherever you display your candy) as types will be important during the second part of the event!


As mentioned above, we also have a special mini game exclusive to the event called Trick-or-Treating! The game itself isn't hard and some of you may even be familiar with it already as this idea has been used in other communities (and even one of my other TCGs) but how we'll be doing it at Sakura is a little different.

How it works is that any members who wish to participate can make a thread in the Trick-or-Treating sub forum titled as [Your Name]'s House and decorate it however they like. Once the thread is made, other members (house owners or not) can post in their threads saying either "trick" or "treat".

Choosing "trick" means you want the owner of the thread (or in the event's case, the house) to give you a task that must be completed before you can receive your treat. These tasks shouldn't be too difficult to do or require a lot of work to complete though so something like "write a haiku dedicated to your favourite character" or even things like "recommend me a series" are all acceptable but feel free to get as creative as you'd like!

On the other hand, choosing "treat" means you can just grab your treat and go— which is totally okay and no one will frown at you for doing so! However, you still must wait until the owner of house responds and hands out your treat but as soon as they do, you're free to add it to your post and go on your way!

As for house owners, please take a look at the Information Thread for a link to the randomizer you can use to make passing out treats in your thread easier! That thread will also have a brief re-cap of this section as well as some other reminders and additional notes to keep in mind that all players who participate in the event should take a look at!