halloween 2016 part two

As there is more than one part to this event, the information has been split up into separate pages to hopefully make things a bit easier to digest as there's lot of information to read! Please use the links below to navigate your way.

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During the second part of our event, players will be able to spend the candies earned in the first part of the event at our limited time Treat Shop! These treats will only be available during the second part of the event so all purchases must be posted by November 30 even if they aren't responded to by then.

All treats will have a gift attached when purchased but please note that some treats may have restrictions or limits to how much of it you can buy, and some can only be bought with a certain type of candy! As a result, candies can be traded with other players but only if you're trading candy for candy and the trades are made, completed, and logged between Nov. 1 - Nov. 30!



Decorative Pumpkins
(Regular, Carved, Witch Hat)
Regular: 1 choice Character card
Carved: 1 choice Puzzle card
Witch Hat: 1 choice Special card
1 Pumpkin = 5 Candies of any type/combination

Max. 10 cards of each type but no more than 5 per deck!

Lucky Cauldrons
(Heart, Star, Flower, Bubble, Diamond)
Heart: 3 random female cards
Star: 3 random male cards
Flower: 3 random mixed cards
Bubble: 3 random cards of 1 type (Choose from: Character, Puzzle, or Special)
Diamond: 3 random cards (chosen from all types)
1 Cauldron = 5 Candies of specified type:

Heart » Ghost Candies
Star » Moon Candies
Flower » Pumpkin Candies
Bubble » Bat Candies
Diamond » Witch Cat Candies

Max. 5 Cauldrons of each type!

Ice Cream Cones
(Mango Banana, Vanilla Grape, Strawberry Chocolate)
Mango Banana: 1 "Donate a Special Deck" Coupon

Vanilla Grape: 1 "Buy One Get One 50% Off" Coupon (Can be used at either shops; discount will be applied to the item of equal or lesser value)

Strawberry Chocolate: 1 "Adoption Discount" Coupon (Can be used to waive the Character Skill fee so only the base adoption fee needs to be paid)
1 Ice Cream Cone = 15 Candies in 3 sets of 3 types
(1 set per type)

(ie. 5 Ghost Candies + 5 Moon Candies + 5 Pumpkin Candies can be used to purchase 1 Ice Cream Cone)

Max. 3 Mango Banana cones, 5 Vanilla Grape cones, and 1 Strawberry Chocolate cone!

Ghost Companion
(1 Type)
Make a ghost your new friend, and they'll gift you 1 Lottery Ticket to be used in our Autumn Lottery to be held at the end of November! 1 Ghost = 3 Candies of 1 type
1 Ghost = 6 Candies of any type/combination

Max. 5 Ghosts!
(Unlimited Types)
Got leftover candies from buying all the treats you could at the shop or just don't want anything from our inventory? Trade in your candies for random cards! 1 Random Card (chosen from all types) = 2 Candies of any type

No maximum limit!