halloween 2017 event page

Another year means another Halloween event, this time with our new host Kokoro who also just so happens to be blonde, like a certain host from last year...! She's really interested in the holiday so in the spirit of trick-or-treating–a staple of Halloween festivities–this year's event offers it in two ways!

Trick-or-Treating Halloween Roulette Event Deck


This year there will also be an event deck that, if mastered during the event period, will award you with increased rewards + a custom badge (so you don't need to re-master it first)! You can see a preview of it below.

Each card is worth 1 and can be redeemed through the Event Deck (Card Redeeming) thread by participating in the event-specific activities listed below:
    • 2 random cards from the event deck for every 5 Trick-or-Treaters you give a treat to
    • 2 random cards from the event deck for every 5 houses you visit

    • 2 random cards from the event deck every time you make a play in any of the event games (regardless of whether you got a "trick" or a "treat" as a result)
That means there are three different ways to earn cards from the event deck so anyone should be able to obtain them even if you only participate in one of the activities!

Of course, the more active you are in the event, the more chances you'll have at obtaining cards and thus giving you more chances to master the deck– however, you might find yourself with more halloween2017 cards than you need, in which case you're always welcome to trade with or even gift to others as cards from this deck are just like cards from any other deck we have in the TCG!

Then when you're ready, you can turn in completed masteries of this deck in the Event Deck Masteries thread for 3 choice cards, 4 random cards, and 25 sakura petals. This deck can be mastered more than once and yes, you get a custom badge each time if it was mastered within the event period!

After the event is over, the deck will be added to the TCG's randomizer to be collected like any other deck but mastering it will give you the regular deck mastery reward and you'll only get the default master badge (if it's not a re-mastery).


In the last week of the event (October 25th - October 31st), a special Event Shop will open where you can take a chance at winning more cards from the event deck by paying a certain fee!

Just like the Halloween Roulette games, there will be both tricks and treats that you can receive each time you pay the fee which range from tricks affecting how many cards you need to pay for another play to treats that will reward you with up to 3 random cards (or even a choice card) from the event deck!