2nd sakura sports festival event page

Everyone's favourite battle event, Sakura Sports Fesitval, is back— or so it was supposed to be! As the organizers were preparing and getting the event ready, a mysterious force suddenly appeared and pulled everyone and everything into a black hole. When everyone came to, they realized they were in what looked to be an alternate fantasy world, and worse: the Sports Festival had been hijacked by unidentifiable monsters?! Obviously, they couldn't let some random things ruin all their hard work and so they managed to send out an S.O.S call for worthy warriors to help them fight back and regain what was rightfully theirs!

What will become of the Sakura Sports Festival? Stay tuned...!

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As some of you may have expected or predicted or dreaded thanks to the numerous hints and jokes I dropped recently, the Sakura Sports Festival is back for another year! But don't fret if you still have war flashbacks from last July; we've made some changes to this year's edition so hopefully it won't be as intense.

The main change is that the Sports Festival is now a solo event! You won't be participating as part of a team with other players but you will get to choose your own "party" like many RPGs have which you can fill with your favourite characters instead. You also get to assign yourself and each of the characters in your party with their own "role" or "class" which will give them a set of stat and skills!

The stats are mostly for display and "realism" for the theme more than anything (and some of them can even be decided by the player themselves) but the magic stat has a use for certain roles and classes. The skills will be important later on however!

Now, with this party of yours, you'll set out on a journey to take back the Sports Festival's rightful ownership by battling monsters that try to stop you! The only way to deal any damage to these monsters though is by mastering decks throughout the event period—what strange monsters, right?—but once you defeat one, you will receive a "reward drop" from them.

That's not all though! There are also raid bosses to face so of course they will be more difficult to defeat compared to the regular, more common monsters. However once you defeat them, not only will you get a bigger reward but you can also move onto the next "tier" which will have even stronger monsters and raid bosses to beat (and even more and better rewards to gain)!

And if that wasn't enough, some monsters and raid bosses will also have special requirements that masteries must meet! These requirements are always optional but clearing them will deal extra damage to the monster so pay attention to those and keep them in mind when planning what decks to collect if you want to take advantage of those.

This repeats for the duration of the event until the specified deadline, in which we'll post a final ranking of all the participating players. Based on how many monsters and raid bosses you defeat, you will find yourself in one of the tiers which will determine what Final Ranking Reward you get at the end of the event!

As for what Final Ranking Reward you get, it is solely dependent on how much you participate in the event so players can decide on how much they want to participate and it won't affect anyone else or other's rewards. Players will get as much as they put in so everyone is free to play at their pace and hopefully enjoy the event more!


Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
In the event of a change, players will be notified in advance via an update, Twitter or the #event-updates channel on our Official Discord if not all three (or at least two of the three).

  • REGISTRATION PERIOD July 18th, 2018 - July 24th, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EDT
  • EVENT START: July 25th, 2018
  • MASTERY DEADLINE: August 25th, 2018
  • EVENT END: August 31st, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EDT