3rd sakura sports festival event page

The Sakura Sports Festival--affectionately(?) known as SportsFes or SSF--is back for a third year but this time in its original form (thanks to the efforts of everyone from last year’s SportsFes)! If it’s your first time experiencing our infamous summer event then feel free to take a look at the 2017 and 2018 iterations of it. This year’s SportsFes will be more similar to the 2017 version!

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Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
In the event of a change, players will be notified in advance via an update, Twitter or the #event-updates channel on our Official Discord if not all three (or at least two of the three).

All event periods will end at 11:59 PM EDT! Announcements can happen at any time on the specified date. Use the site clock on the sidebar and/or check the individual countdowns in their respective/related posts and threads to keep track.

  • 1ST REGISTRATION PERIOD: July 1st - July 9th
  • 1ST WAITING ROOM PERIOD: July 10th - July 16th

  • 1ST HALF: July 17th - July 31st

  • 2ND REGISTRATION PERIOD: July 24th - July 31st
  • MID-RANKING ANNOUNCEMENT: August 1st (also includes announcing additional team members, if any)
  • 2ND WAITING ROOM PERIOD: August 1st - August 6th

  • 2ND HALF: August 7th - August 21st
  • TASK DEADLINE: August 21st @ 11:59 PM EDT

  • EVENT END: August 31st @ 11:59 PM EDT

Please note that we've allotted a specific period between the end of the 2nd half + task deadline and the actual end of the event so staff have a bit extra time to process/reward anything as well as so players have enough time to sort out what can be used for points (from what's been turned in by the task deadline), to turn in those/any remaining points, and for captains to get the final team points organized! Anything completed during this time frame cannot be used in the event even though it's not officially over yet.