valentines 2019 event page

It’s that time of the year again! The month associated with ~love~ and the one day you hope to receive chocolates from the one you like-- if that’s your thing, anyways. If not, no worries! We have some alternative ways to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day and most of them involve treating yourself!!

Chocolate Making Candygrams Mini Masteries Event Games


Please note that dates and times are subject to change!
In the event of a change, players will be notified in advance via an update, Twitter or the #event-updates channel on our Official Discord if not all three (or at least two of the three).
  • CHOCOLATE MAKING: Starts February 1st
    • Regular Game Sets: See Chocolates information page for more details
    • Valentine's Set: Refresh every Friday, after 11:59 PM EST on the previous Thursday
  • CANDYGRAMS: Starts February 1st
  • MINI MASTERIES: Starts February 1st
  • POP-UP VALENTINE'S SHOP: Starts February 13th
February 28th 11:59 PM EST

Credits are also due to Whimsical for creating the cute pixels that will be used throughout this event!