Before doing anything, please fill out the form in the Starter Pack Bonus thread!
(You can find it by going to "Information Desk" and then clicking the thread titled "Starter Pack Bonus".)

You will not be able to play the games, trade with others, take from updates, etc. until after you've been moved from the Pending section on the Members List!


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Post by Cassidy » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:51 am

Before participating in Stocking Stuffers, please make sure you've read over how the game works on the Event Page!

If you want to participate as just a Stocking Stuffer then all you need to do is use this randomizer to generate a new gift (of 1 random card and 10 cookies) for each player that you can just drop off in their thread!

If you'd like to participate as a Stocking Owner and receive gifts then make a new thread in the Stocking Stuffers sub-forum titled as [Your Name]'s Stocking and decorate it as you like! Although it's not required, we do encourage everyone who makes a thread for their stocking to also participate as a stocking stuffer and pass out gifts to others!

  • It is not required that you be both a Stocking Stuffer and a Stocking Owner to participate in this event if you'd rather only do one or the other!
  • Only 1 gift per player. Once you visit someone's stocking and stuff it with a gift, you cannot go back and give another gift to them for the rest of the event!
  • Please try to stuff the stocking of every single player who creates a thread! We know it's possible to just accidentally overlook a thread or two, or even forget who you already visited or not but it's no fun to be left out or ignored so let's all do our best to make sure everyone gets something!
Stocking Stuffers will remain open until December 28 so please make sure you make your threads and pass out all your gifts by then as anything posted after that date will not be allowed!

As always, any questions should be re-directed to our Event Q&A thread and posted there so the answers can be visible to anyone who might also be wondering the same thing as you were! Feel free to also PM if you have any questions, concerns, etc. that you don't want to post in the thread.