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Mini Masteries (Rules, Themes & Info.)

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Mini Masteries (Rules, Themes & Info.)

Post by Cassidy » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:06 am

The aim of Mini Masteries is just as the name suggests-- mastering mini decks! Here, our mini decks are 10 cards each and come in three types or themes: Pre-Prejoin, Sakura, and Rainbow. Each theme will also have a different set of requirements that the cards you collect for that theme's mini deck must meet in order to be rewarded!

  • There are a total of 3 themes and each theme can be mastered twice for a total of 6 possible mini masteries.
  • You can only use 1 card per deck in each mini deck for any of the themes.
    e.g. you can't use two sakurakinomoto cards in the same "Sakura"-themed mini deck but you could use one sakurakinomoto card in one "Sakura"-themed mini deck and another in a second "Sakura"-themed mini deck!
  • Additionally, all cards used in any of the mini decks must have been received any time between 08/01/17 - 08/31/17 and earned through trading, and/or the random cards from games, rewards, etc. Up to 4 cards in each mini deck are allowed to be choiced through rewards, freebies, purchases, or other similar methods though!
  • Character Skills and coupons do not apply to mini mastery rewards but you can use the choice card from mini mastery rewards master another mini deck and it will not be included in the 4 cards you can choice from other methods! Just make a note that you're doing this when turning in the mini mastery that you used the choice card in.
Every mini deck mastered will reward 1 choice card, 4 random cards, 25 sakura petals and 1 custom master badge that features an image related to the theme of the mini deck being mastered. To master a mini deck, please do so in the thread for that mini deck's theme which will also have the form you need to fill out when turning in the mini deck!

  • Pre-Prejoin Mini Masteries
  • Sakura Mini Masteries
  • Rainbow Mini Masteries

Mini Masteries will close at 11:59 PM EST on August 31, 2017!