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Rules & Info.

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Rules & Info.

Post by Cassidy » Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:59 am

Sakura Matsuri will typically be a monthly game where players complete a series of tasks (called "stalls", like at a festival) which will not only give out rewards per task completed but a grand prize at the end if all tasks are finished! These tasks will need to be completed within a specific timeframe and must meet the requirements/description of each but will reward you with pretty nice prizes in return!

  • All tasks must be completed during the round's specified time frame. For this event, the time frame will be 08/01/17 - 08/31/17 so as long as the date on the post, logs, whatever you use as proof of completing tasks falls within those two days then it will be valid!
  • If something you want to use to complete a task is still pending by the time the event ends but you completed/posted it before the deadline then you are allowed to use it!
  • To participate, create a new thread in the Sakura Matsuri sub-forum and title it as "[PlayerName]'s Stall Checklist". Feel free to use the first post as a place to keep track of which stalls you have visited and which stalls you haven't (aka which tasks you have and haven't completed)! You can also decorate your thread as you like~
  • Every time you visit a stall (aka complete a task), fill out the "Completed Stall Visit" form below and post is as a new reply to the thread you made. You will receive your rewards for visiting the stalls in this thread as well, either as you complete each visit or once you've visited them all (depending on the staff member and who's available at the moment to reward)!
  • When you fill out the form for the visit at the last stall needed in order to have completed visiting all the stalls at the festival, please title your post as "ALL STALLS VISITED" or something similar. If you don't know how to title a post, see here!

Players who visit all six stalls will receive a total of 65 random cards, 5 choice cards, 8 sakura flowers, and 100 sakura petals in addition to:

  • their choice of 1 of the following Rare coupons: Instant Mastery, +1 Permanent Box Set, OR +1 Hanami Deck
  • their choice of 2 Limited Edition coupons (no limits per coupon type)
  • 5 choice cards (no limits per deck)
  • 10 random cards
  • 4 sakura flowers
  • 100 sakura petals
+ a Player Achievement Badge saying you completed the "Anniversary Sakura Matsuri" so don't forget to include a link to the image you want used for it when you complete the last task, too!


Code: Select all

[b]Card Post:[/b] 
[b]Logs:[/b] (if located on another page from your main card post link)

[b]Stall #:[/b] (that you visited and completed the task for)
[b]Proof of Completion:[/b]
[b]Reward Option:[/b] (only applicable for Stalls #4 and #5 where you need to list what choice cards you want or if you want to take them as coupons; if completing a visit to any other stall that aren't these two, delete this field!)

When you've visited all 6 stalls, you can add the fields below to the form above (line breaks and all)! This is optional though so if you don't want to or just forget to, it's fine. Just make sure you let us know what you want in your Grand Prize as well as the image to be used for your personal Player Achievement Badge or you'll have to wait longer for them as we'll need to ask you for them, wait for your reply, etc.

Code: Select all

[b]Grand Prize Choices:[/b] (list 1 Rare coupon from the options above, 2 Limited Edition coupons, and 5 choice cards to be awarded instantly)
[b]Player Achievement Badge:[/b] (link to the image you want used for it)