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Staff Hiring

Moderator: Sports Festival Staff

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Staff Hiring

Post by Cassidy » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:40 pm

Similar to previous years, we'll once again be hiring staff for this event! I'm not sure how many we'll hire yet as it also depends on how many, if anyone, even applies and there's no previous experience required in order to apply but we will be looking into general activity overall so please only apply if you think you'll have the time and patience!

As a SportsFes Staff Member, you will be in charge of:
  • Checking individual player threads when completed tasks are turned in, and verifying that the task has been completed correctly. This mean you WILL BE REQUIRED to check any and all proof/proof links (and individual trade posts, logs, and/or threads if necessary), make sure they were completed during the event period, that they follow the rules/requirements, etc!
  • Replying when a task has been approved and including how many Personal Points (PP) were earned with the turn in. (Templates will be provided to make replying easier and uniform so team captains can easily identify the important info!)
Currently, event staff do not need to open and close rounds for team activities or anything else not stated above but please be aware that we may ask staff if they'd like to take on additional duties if any are to pop up/become necessary. And of course, event staff will be allowed to take a weekly pay for the entire duration of the event!

Like mentioned earlier, please only apply if you think you'll have the time and patience to check the forum and threads often! This is a time sensitive event after all and while we don't require staff to be on hand 24/7 or anywhere close, we also don't want to keep anyone waiting too long for their points to be approved because that'll push things back for them and their team.

However, we understand that things can come up and or you just can't be as active as you thought you could be, in which case PLEASE do not hesitate to contact either yasu or I saying so!! We really and truly do not mind at all, we just want to know so we can potentially get someone else to help out in your absence/leave.

Applications will be accepted for a currently indefinite time until the same day as registration closes: JULY 9TH @ 11:59 PM EDT! We're open to adding more staff as the event goes on so feel free to apply after the event has started and you get an idea of the general activity, or whenever really! We will send a guide of sorts with things to know, how to do things, etc if we have anything worth mentioning/noting upon contacting you if we decide to hire you.

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[b]Discord Username:[/b] (we'll be creating a group chat for all event staff members and to do so, we'll need to individually add everyone as friends first in order to add them to the chat! if you don't currently have one, please make one!)
[b]Alternative Contact:[/b] (if there's another way to contact you aside from Discord or forum PM that you're more likely to check should we need to contact you for anything, please say so here [or if you'd rather /not/ be contacted in a specific way]! this may also get shared with other staff in case they need to contact you also!)
[b]Do you think you'll have any prior commitments/plans during the event period?[/b] (please be honest! if you know you have something coming up or think you might between now and the end of august, even if it's only for a few days or 1-2 weeks or something, please let us know!!)
[b]Anything Else:[/b] (self explanatory lmao)

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Re: Staff Hiring

Post by Jessie » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:51 pm

Discord Username: Sailor Senpai #5536
Alternative Contact: You can always email me at sailorchick2005(@)!
Do you think you'll have any prior commitments/plans during the event period? Nope, I should be free
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Re: Staff Hiring

Post by Samii » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:30 pm

Discord Username: samii#9304
Alternative Contact: I prefer discord or pms on here. Im fastest on discord and will see/respond to things even when set to away.
Do you think you'll have any prior commitments/plans during the event period? I really only have things on Saturdays, so besides working midday I am available most of the day and respond pretty quick.
Anything Else: I don't think so.

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Re: Staff Hiring

Post by Selena » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:57 am

Discord Username: Selena#2706
Alternative Contact: You can contact me by email (canulsj[at]!
Do you think you'll have any prior commitments/plans during the event period? I do have social commitments on Saturday/Sunday so I most likely will be not be checking the forum during these times. Other than that, I'll be around regularly!
Anything Else: Let's do our best!

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Re: Staff Hiring

Post by Jun » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:20 pm

Discord Username: BEEZEBEORA (7243)
Alternative Contact: my email i guess (which is on my profile on here)
Do you think you'll have any prior commitments/plans during the event period? Nothing is going on
Anything Else: Nope

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