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Cassidy's Stall Checklist (Nov. '18)

New rounds are typically posted every month!

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November 2018 ☆ 3/6

Post by Cassidy » Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:39 am

stall list
(✘ = incomplete ☆ ✔ = complete)

stall #1 ☆ autumn leaves (✔)
master 5 decks with red, orange, yellow and brown borders!
(decks must have the colour listed on its deck page; must have 10 or less cards before matsuri started; no instantmastery coupons; re-masteries allowed)
progress (5/5)Show

ayatosakamaki (9/20) ☆ halloweenparty (7/20) ☆ ioriminase (10/20) ☆ lisaimai (10/20) ☆ reijikotobuki (10/20)

* card counts listed above are the amount of cards i had at the start of the month

stall #2 ☆ sweet november (✘)
bring 8 cards spelling out "NOVEMBER"!
(cards must all be #11 + start with the letter; 1 card per deck; up to 2 cards can be choiced; will lose cards)
progress (6/8)Show

natsukihashiba11, operators11, vocalists11, emahinata11, marcobodt11, beachboys11, eruchitanda11, rainbowdays11

stall #3 ☆ think, think, think (✔)
complete either amber or haylee's crossword
(answers will only be decks released as of november 1st + in filename format; can fill out both crosswords for twice the rewards)
progress (1/1 + 0/1 bonus)Show

stall #4 ☆ let's go to the mall (✔)
spend at least 1000 sakura petals at the petal shop!
(card worth screenshot although it's not really needed lmfao)
progress (1000/1000)Show

stall #5 ☆ the invitation (✔)
bring 6 cards to create a party + describe how the party would go!
(1 card must feature food + 5 others must be the characters being invited; puzzle cards/decks can be used for the food card; character decks can only be used for the party guests but no puzzle cards)
progress (6/6)Show

food - yohtomoe17 (bread)
guests - ioriizumi09, itsukikatagiri03, kurokiryu20, hokutohidaka13, subaruakehoshi18

rather than it being a party, i think of this gathering as a group practice for some sort of joint/crossover live of my dreams, where each of their groups will be performing! in between practicing, doing run-throughs, etc., they'd take breaks and on those breaks they'd eat bread!! i imagine it'd be a hectic break though, especially with subaru here-- he'd probably be off playing or goofing off somewhere much to hokuto's annoyance and since iori is similar to hokuto and also has his own energetic red/orange-head to look after, he probably sympathizes with the other and i hope they become friends.......... itsuki would probably be worried about everyone and kuro would look unapproachable but he's probably the one who bought the bread and passed it out to everyone!!

stall #6 ☆ help! (✔)
make at least 1 new suggestion for a matsuri task in the thread!
(must be a brand new task that hasn't been done in a previous round or suggested by someone else already)


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