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Suggestion Tag

For talking about anime, manga, games, and anything related!
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Re: Suggestion Tag

Post by Becca » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:53 pm

Jun wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:31 pm
For me: I like Shounen/Seinen with mature themes, Horror series I'm not familiar with (so maybe a bit obscure?) and heck IF you have a good "adulter" series with girls then I would be interested too :)
I don't think this qualifies as obscure at the moment, but if you haven't seen Devilman Crybaby on Netflix right now, I really think you'd like it. Tbh, it's a mashup of a bunch of stuff. But it's got horror, it's DEFINITELY an adult series, and it has mature themes past the sexual content. Also, yes, Jun. Girls. All that mentioned, though, I really was engaged for the story and had so many mixed emotions toward the end. I was not prepared. There is a manga and an original anime that came out in the 70's if you're more into finding out about the source material. I've heard the Crybaby version follows the manga's main story line fairly well, but I couldn't tell you for sure from experience.

For me: Recommend to me your current favorite show and why I should definitely watch it!

Suggestions made: cashew, Frankie, Jun

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Re: Suggestion Tag

Post by Amber » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:00 am

Okay everyone, with that this round is closed! Thanks for entertaining our flash game -- stay tuned for your rewards!

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Post by Amber » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:22 am

Thanks again for playing everyone! I've posted the rewards below in alphabetical order and noted the suggestions the rewards were based on. There were a few players that had participated in Suggestion Tag that left the TCG before we could post rewards, so they are not included below -- but if you provided a suggestion to a player who has quit, you still received a reward for your play!

As always, please let us know if you've noticed a mistake with your rewards!

AJISAITEA x2 (Jun, Amber)

Suggestion Tag: kyubey01, heeroyuy07

ALECKS x2 (Ajisaitea, Amber)

Suggestion Tag: anisyamamoto17, yuiohtsuki09

AMBER x5 (Jun, Cashew, Samu, Kupo, Becca)

Suggestion Tag: yamiyuugi13, akiraeferrari16, hanonhoushou07, haineotomiya17, hiei09

BECCA x3 (Cashew, Frankie, Jun)

Suggestion Tag: megumitadokoro04, koharu05, mariohara02

CAMI x4 (General, Kairi, Jessica, Jun)

Suggestion Tag: shionsonozaki12, fallenangel08, kurokiryu10, reiaijou06

CASSIDY x2 (Amber, Joey)

Suggestion Tag: magiccarpetride07, euphemialibritannia12

FRANKIE x1 (Lex)

Suggestion Tag: lindotachibana05

HAYLEE x3 (Jun, Cassidy, Becca)

Suggestion Tag: yuzurufushimi18, tsumugikotobuki06, kuranosukeshiraishi18

JESSICA x2 (Cami, Cassidy)

Suggestion Tag: shokudaikirimitsutada03, tsumugukihara20

KAIRI x2 (Haylee, Mio)

Suggestion Tag: kasumitoyama06, magus14

KUPO x2 (Cami, Lee)

Suggestion Tag: fatetestarossa13, sonhak16

JOEY x2 (Alecks, Swim Swim)

Suggestion Tag: saphir02, washuhakubi09

JUN x5 (Cami, Kupo, Amber, Haylee, Rosenel)

Suggestion Tag: kukaisouma14, junpeiiori08, gamushararomantic16, mitsukunihaninozuka20, utenatenjou17,

LEE x2 (Kairi, Mio)

Suggestion Tag: kyousukekamijou14, shuuseiusui20

LEX x2 (Jun, Haylee)

Suggestion Tag: rinshelter10, natsukishinomiya16

MIO x2 (Joey, Lex)

Suggestion Tag: shinigamieyes09, nagitokomaeda01

ROSENEL x1 (Amber)

Suggestion Tag: aimikaze12

SWIM SWIM x1 (Lee)

Suggestion Tag: mikotomikoshiba11

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