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Stall List (January 2019)

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Stall List (January 2019)

Post by Haylee » Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:08 pm

Before participating in Sakura Matsuri, please make sure you've read and understand the Information thread as it further explains how this game works, contains the general rules, and provides the forms you will need to fill out and submit whenever you visit a stall and complete all stall visits!

If you have any questions about this round and/or its tasks specifically, please ask in this same thread. To provide feedback on a past round's task or suggest possible tasks to be used for future rounds, please go to the Task Suggestions & Feedback thread instead!


Below is the list of stalls at the festival that you can visit and complete a task at! Each stall will give you a reward for completing its task so do try to finish them all because if you do, you'll also receive a grand prize!

Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral! Well, we don't have coral decks technically.... so orange is the next best thing!
  • Master 5 decks with orange borders between 1/1/2019 - 1/31/2019!
    • The border colors must be officially listed as orange on their deck pages.
    • The decks may be any deck type.
  • You may have 10 cards or less for each deck you wish to master at the beginning of January. Please note the number of cards that were in your possession at the beginning of the month when you turn in this stall!
  • instantmastery coupons may not be used, but you can choice as many cards as you'd like from any/all services over the course of the month.
  • Remasteries are okay!
REWARD: 6 choice cards, 6 random cards

2019 Has finally come and it's time for a colorful celebration!
  • Bring 7 cards to spell out "NEW YEAR" using only cards earned between 1/1/2019 - 1/31/2019 to form a rainbow!
  • The cards must be #01 cards only!
  • The cards must be in the order of: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink
  • The cards can be earned through playing the games, trading, and using various services (masteries, trading rewards, level ups etc)!
  • The letters can be anywhere in the card name!
  • The cards may not be puzzle cards.
    This means that certain cards from character decks (#06, #07, #10, #11, #14, #15) may not be used either.
    ex. for 'I' mikasaackerman03 and lucina02 would not count, but integrahellsing08 would!
  • Only one card per deck may be used.
  • Up to 2 cards may be choiced for this task.
    Regarding Choice Cards: Similar to how we've done tasks like this in the past, special services like Lost and Found do count as choice cards because you're essentially picking up cards out of a very large pool you can choose from each week. However, cards from Encore do not count as choice cards because the pool is far more limited and it's a biweekly game, so the chances of that game having cards suiting the theme included are much slimmer.
    Wishes and new deck pulls that typically come with each update also count as choice cards.
  • Please include both the image and the filename for each card being turned in.
  • You will lose these cards once you've been rewarded!
REWARD: 2 choice cards, 12 random cards

Time to make some promises to yourself! Or at least set a goal maybe?
  • Tell us a new year resolution or goal you'd like to accomplish in 2019!
  • If you do not have any, tell us something you're looking forward to this year!

REWARD: 5 random cards

Let's sit down together and reflect on Sakura this past year.
  • Bring us 12 cards who's decks were released in 2018
    Only one card can come from an update/month. This means that you will only grab from 1 deck each month, for the total of 12.
  • Along with your cards, you will need to link which update they come from, so we can verify!
  • Cards must be earned between 1/1/2019 - 1/31/2019!
  • You will be able to keep these cards!
Our lovely Amber has set up a Google Doc with all the decks released this year and their dates!

REWARD: 10 random cards

Kite Flying is one of the traditions done in Japan to celebrate the New Year.
  • Pick a character and design a kite for them to fly for New Years!
    The character does not have to be your favorite character
  • You may use any type of media to create the kite! [traditional, digital, etc]
REWARD: 2 choice card, 6 random cards

Haikus are another tradition for New Years, as a part of Japanese Poetry!
  • Write a haiku using only deck names!
    The decks you use in your haiku must be released when submitting this stall for proof; that means no upcoming or donated-but-unmade decks may be used for this task.
    All released decks are fair game for inclusion.
  • Your haiku can be about whatever you want.
  • Your haiku must be unique and may not be recycled from another player's submission.
  • Our criteria for what constitutes a haiku in this context:
    We'll be following the traditional haiku pattern of 5 7 5 - this means you must have 3 lines in your haiku. The first must be 5 syllables when sounded out, the second must be 7 syllables, and the third must be 5 again. Here are two examples of haikus to show what we're generally looking for.
    If you need help with counting out syllables, you can use this tool to get an idea of how many you've used per line; however, please feel free to ask Haylee and/or me to double check your work prior to submission if you have any concerns or questions!
  • When submitting this stall for completion, you don't need to have the cards on hand; there's no trading required for this task as it's primarily creative in nature. But please do post an example card from each deck in addition to the haiku (and you can choose any card number, so if using insweetrepose in your haiku, you can post insweetrepose18 as your example card).
REWARD: 3 choice cards, 5 random cards

Omikuji are Japanese fortune-telling paper strips that can be found at Temples, and luckily we have found some here at Sakura!
  • Offer up to 1000 sakura petals to the sakura shrine and find out what your fortune is!
    there's no minimum, but the more you offer, the more your luck increases
REWARD: ?????????


Players who visit all six stalls will earn a grand total of 44 random cards, 13 choice cards, and 2 sakura flowers in addition to the following grand prize:
  • 1 choice rare coupon
  • 5 choice cards (no limits per deck)
  • 10 random cards
  • 4 sakura flowers
  • 100 sakura petals
+ a Player Achievement Badge saying you completed that month's Sakura Matsuri (which will appear in your Stall Checklist thread once made) so don't forget to include a link to the image you want used for it when you complete the last task, too!


This round will close on JANUARY 31, 2019 at 11:59PM EST! Any forms posted after will not be considered valid.
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Post by Haylee » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:54 am

Hello friends!

There has been a small change to Stall 2! Because it would be quite difficult to use 01 cards AND rainbow AND starting with the letter, we've changed it to where The letters can be anywhere in the card name! I hope that's easier for you and sorry about the difficulty!
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