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( Aug. 08, 2018 )
New Members: twomoons, Vaini – Welcome!
Games: Weekly, Bonus Weekly Set, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote


Kupo"I wish that everyone gets 3 limited edition coupons!!" No restrictions on how many of one coupon you can take!

Lee"Choice cards spelling out HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" No more than 3 per deck!


You may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 5 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 80 cards but no more than 8 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


The activities for the Anniversary Event will be posted later today! Both activities are now up! Check out the Anniversary Event information page for a brief summary, and their respective threads on the forum for more details.

// EDIT FROM CASSIDY: As posted in the #announcements channel on our Discord, I'm here to remind you all that it is a requirement to follow the rules we have about updates and update freebies as mentioned on our Sakura 101 information page.

This means, updates and the freebies you take from them do expire! How long until it expires depends on your player status but regardless of when it is once the deadline passes, you can no longer take from that update anymore. If you do, whatever you take will not be considered valid and cannot be used in the TCG (ie. to master a deck, use for a Matsuri Stall, etc.)!

There are exceptions to this like if you return from a hiatus (read more about that on the information page linked earlier) but other than that, I expect everyone to follow this rule! In addition, we also require that players must comment on an update when they take freebies. This applies to Twitter freebies as well since we allow commenting on an update with what you take as an alternative to replying to the tweet itself since not everyone has or uses Twitter!

Again, if you don't comment with what you take, the freebies are not considered valid and anything using those freebies will be considered invalid as well. Plus, commenting creates a back up in case you ever lose your logs or forget to upload something so it's really more beneficial for you guys than anything!


The next update will be on August 15th with Cassidy!

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Jun on August 08, 2018 (12:13 pm)
Update: gretel06, gretel07, gretel19, gretel20, luigi06, luigi07, luigi19, luigi20, luigi13, afterschoolduel01, afterschoolduel02, afterschoolduel03, afterschoolduel04, afterschoolduel07, proposal01, proposal02, proposal05, proposal06, summerdance01, summerdance02, summerdance03, summerdance04, summerdance05, togetherwefight01, togetherwefight02, togetherwefight03, togetherwefight04, togetherwefight05, zeit16, zeit17, zeit18, zeit19, zeit20, bulbasaur04, bulbasaur05, bulbasaur06, bulbasaur07, bulbasaur08
Made/Donated: gretel10, gretel11, luigi10, luigi11, afterschoolduel05, afterschoolduel06, proposal03, proposal04, selfietime12, kiyonemakibi09, migi12
Character Skill (Serena): afterschoolduel01, afterschoolduel18
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): afterschoolduel19, afterschoolduel20

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: asheliadalmasca09, kurapika17, hopeestheim03, hopeestheim11, katsuyajounouchi17, asheliadalmasca05, cornelius04, onesister08, kurapika16, vincentvalentine06, hopeestheim12, cornelius03, oswald08, asheliadalmasca03, cornelius08, katsuyajounouchi09,

Wishes: Double Biweekly Game Rewards, +2 Deck Donations, Double Deck Mastery Rewards

Alecks on August 08, 2018 (01:26 pm)
Wishing Tree (Kupo): deckmasteryrewards x3
Wishing Tree (Lee): princesspeach07, kaonashi19, princesspeach09, princesspeach10, skitty11, kaonashi20, ranmitake01, ranmitake02, skitty12, evewakamiya05, ranmitake03, claireredfield01, skitty13, evewakamiya06, claireredfield06, evewakamiya07

Deck Pulls (40/40): bulbasaur01, bulbasaur02, bulbasaur03, bulbasaur04, bulbasaur05, luigi01, luigi02, luigi03, luigi04, luigi05, migi06, migi07, migi08, migi09, migi10, selfietime06, selfietime07, selfietime08, selfietime09. selfietime10, kamikaze06, kamikaze07, kamikaze08, kamikaze09, kamikaze10, zeit06, zeit07, zeit08, zeit09, zeit10, takerusasazuka11, akerusasazuka12, akerusasazuka13, akerusasazuka14, akerusasazuka15, rainyerrands11, rainyerrands12, rainyerrands13, rainyerrands14, rainyerrands15

Cami on August 08, 2018 (01:35 pm)
Wishing Tree (Kupo): deckmasteryrewards coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon

Wishing Tree (Lee): miyukishiba14, kamikaze18, hotspringsparadise11, hotspringsparadise12, miyukishiba17, kamikaze19, tokiyaichinose01, tokiyaichinose02, kamikaze20, cvyukikaji03, tokiyaichinose05, kaoruhakaze02, himeshiratori03, kaoruhakaze03, kaoruhakaze04, eliayase03

New Decks (Jusis Albarea): kamikaze11, kamikaze12, kamikaze13, kamikaze14, kamikaze15, kamikaze16, kamikaze17, zeit11, zeit12, zeit13, zeit14, zeit15, zeit16, zeit17, dinocavallone03, migi01, migi02, migi03, migi04, migi05, selfietime01, selfietime02, selfietime03, selfietime04, selfietime05, bulbasaur11, bulbasaur12, bulbasaur13, bulbasaur14, bulbasaur15, luigi11, luigi12, luigi13, luigi14, luigi15, dirtymother08, dirtymother09, dirtymother10, dirtymother11, dirtymother12

Character Skill (Rei Sakuma): zeit18, zeit19

Jane on August 08, 2018 (05:56 pm)
- Wishing Tree (Kupo): deckrequest coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon x2
- Wishing Tree (Lee - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY): gardenshowers10, atlanticbook11, tenpougensui08, tenpougensui09, tetsuyakuroko01, atlanticbook15, atlanticbook16, gardenshowers14, tenpougensui12, victornikiforov01, gardenshowers16, totoro11, yuurikatsuki01, genjosanzo01, victornikiforov02, yuurikatsuki02
- New Decks: pastandfutureselves02, pastandfutureselves03, pastandfutureselves07, pastandfutureselves08, pastandfutureselves12, rainyerrands03, rainyerrands04, rainyerrands08, rainyerrands09, rainyerrands13, summercleaning01, summercleaning03, summercleaning04, summercleaning06, summercleaning08 (15/40)

Mio on August 08, 2018 (11:41 pm)
- Coupon (+4 Extra Release Pulls): crowandboy15, crowandboy16, crowandboy17, crowandboy18
- Adoption Skill (Koga Oogami): crowandboy04
- Adoption Skill (Ako Udagawa): crowandboy02, crowandboy03
- Donation Pulls: brothers01, crowandboy01, cutegirls01, waltzingboyfriends01, yuumizuno01
- Wishing Tree - Lee - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: galaxyhideandseek08, crowandboy19, bproject01, bproject06, crowandboy20, waltzingboyfriends12, yuumizuno12, yuumizuno13, waltzingboyfriends13, cvmamorumiyano04, waltzingboyfriends14, waltzingboyfriends15, waltzingboyfriends16, waltzingboyfriends17, cutegirls12, yuumizuno14
- Wishing Tree - Kupo - 3 limited edition coupons: deckmasteryrewards coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon, deckmasteryrewards coupon

Mio on August 08, 2018 (11:41 pm)
- New Decks: crowandboy05, crowandboy06, crowandboy07, crowandboy08, crowandboy09, crowandboy10, crowandboy11, crowandboy12, crowandboy13, crowandboy14, waltzingboyfriends02, waltzingboyfriends03, waltzingboyfriends04, waltzingboyfriends05, waltzingboyfriends06, waltzingboyfriends07, waltzingboyfriends08, waltzingboyfriends09, waltzingboyfriends10, waltzingboyfriends11, yuumizuno02, yuumizuno03, yuumizuno04, yuumizuno05, yuumizuno06, yuumizuno07, yuumizuno08, yuumizuno09, yuumizuno10, yuumizuno11, cutegirls02, cutegirls03, cutegirls04, cutegirls05, cutegirls06, cutegirls07, cutegirls08, cutegirls09, cutegirls10, cutegirls11, brothers02, brothers03, brothers04, brothers05, brothers06, brothers07, brothers08, brothers09, brothers10, brothers11, ioriminase01, ioriminase02, ioriminase03, ioriminase04, ioriminase05, ioriminase06, ioriminase07, ioriminase08, ioriminase09, ioriminase10, kamikaze01, kamikaze02, kamikaze03, kamikaze04, kamikaze05, kamikaze06, kamikaze07, kamikaze08, kamikaze09, kamikaze10, zeit01, zeit02, zeit03, zeit04, zeit05, zeit06, zeit07, zeit08, zeit09, zeit10 (Double Release Pulls coupon)

Shiranna on August 09, 2018 (01:36 pm)
Release Pulls: takeshiyamamoto03, takeshiyamamoto08, takeshiyamamoto09, takeshiyamamoto17, takeshiyamamoto19, dinocavallone01, dinocavallone04, dinocavallone05, dinocavallone12, dinocavallone13, gareki03, gareki04, gareki05, gareki18, gareki20, whiteflowers04, whiteflowers05, whiteflowers09, whiteflowers10, whiteflowers19, summercleaning01, summercleaning02, summercleaning03, summercleaning07, summercleaning08, bulbasaur02, bulbasaur08, bulbasaur09, bulbasaur13, bulbasaur19, togetherwefight01, togetherwefight02, togetherwefight06, togetherwefight07, togetherwefight12, shadowofmybrother09, shadowofmybrother14, shadowofmysister13, shadowofmysister18, ioriminase12

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): dinocavallone19, dinocavallone20

Donated: whiteflowers20

Wishing Tree (Kupo): additionalboxset, additionalboxset, additionalboxset

Wishing Tree (Lee): jae-ha01, jae-ha04, ashspikachu03, ashspikachu12, akiizayoi02, hotsumarenjou12, hotsumarenjou13, hotsumarenjou18, shuuseiusui02, dinocavallone02, shuuseiusui05, reisakuma15, shuuseiusui08, jae-ha05, reisakuma19, akiizayoi09

Ajisaitea on August 09, 2018 (02:12 pm)
I had to break this up (01/03)

- Character Skill (kobatohanato): kougaiji08, kougaiji09
- 3 LE Coupons (Kupo Wish): deckmasteryrewards x03
- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: akihitotakaba02, akihitotakaba03, humptydumpty07, humptydumpty14, deelaytner09, akihitotakaba14, deelaytner13, dragonsong01, haji05, anniversary02, jeannedarc06, dragonsong09, gojyosha03, gojyosha05, jeannedarc10, gojyosha09

Ajisaitea on August 09, 2018 (02:12 pm)
next (02/03)

- New Decks: dirtymother03, dirtymother04, dirtymother05, dirtymother06, dirtymother07, kougaiji03, kougaiji04, kougaiji05, kougaiji06, kougaiji07, lagielnagil03, lagielnagil04, lagielnagil05, lagielnagil06, lagielnagil07, mindbreaker503, mindbreaker504, mindbreaker505, mindbreaker506, mindbreaker507, summerdance03, summerdance04, summerdance05, summerdance06, summerdance07, togetherwefight03, togetherwefight04, togetherwefight05, togetherwefight06, togetherwefight07, crowandboy02, crowandboy03, crowandboy04, crowandboy05, crowandboy06, nausicaa03, nausicaa04, nausicaa05, nausicaa06, nausicaa07, pastandfutureselves02, pastandfutureselves03, pastandfutureselves04, pastandfutureselves05, pastandfutureselves06, waltzingboyfriends02, waltzingboyfriends03, waltzingboyfriends04, waltzingboyfriends05, waltzingboyfriends06, yuumizuno02, yuumizuno03, yuumizuno04, yuumizuno05, yuumizuno06, cardiabeckford03, cardiabeckford04, cardiabeckford05, cardiabeckford06, cardiabeckford07, summercleaning03, summercleaning04, summercleaning05, summercleaning06, summercleaning07, zeit01, zeit02, zeit03, zeit04, zeit05, kamikaze02, kamikaze03, kamikaze04, kamikaze05, kamikaze06, eternalvow02, eternalvow03, eternalvow04, eternalvow05, eternalvow10
- Useing doublereleasepulls coupon (08/08/2018)

Ajisaitea on August 09, 2018 (02:13 pm)
last (03/03)

- Donation/Maker: asashigure01, asashigure02, brothers15, bulbasaur20, cardiabeckford01, cardiabeckford02, crowandboy01, cutegirls18, dirtymother01, dirtymother02, eternalvow01, eternalvow02, frozenteardrop20, kamikaze01, kougaiji01, kougaiji02, lagielnagil01, lagielnagil02, mayanatsume01, mindbreaker501, mindbreaker502, nausicaa01, nausicaa02, pastandfutureselves01, rainyerrands10, shadowofmybrother01, shadowofmybrother02, shadowofmysister01, shadowofmysister02, summercleaning01, summercleaning02, summerdance01, summerdance02, takerusasazuka16, tanyavondegurechaff01, tanyavondegurechaff02, togetherwefight01, togetherwefight02, waltzingboyfriends01, whiteflowers17, yuumizuno01, yuumizuno02, zeit19, zeit20


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