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( Dec. 05, 2018 )
Games: Weekly, Bonus Weekly Set, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Cami (Level 4); Hisuiryu (Level 3, Level 4); Mireia (Level 6, Level 7); Samii (Level 2); Shinya (Level 9, Level 10)


As some of you have already noticed, we have a new layout! I realize it's probably more autumn than winter but I'm hoping the general vibe of the image and colour scheme used for the layout coupled with the snow will help it pass for a autumn/winter/Christmas-y theme that makes you feel warm since I'm not sure when I'll change the layout next so this can last us into the new year!

But my concept notes aside, here's the Event Achievement to celebrate! Anyone can take this as long as you joined before or during today.

Event Achievement: ev-layout08


Selena"a yasu-friendly wish: choice cards spelling MINAMI KOTORI because she was voted u's christmas girl 2018!" Since yasu only posts weekly updates when they overlap with monthly updates, the next time she'd do an update with wishes would be in January, I believe? So I'll be granting this for her on her behalf! No more than 2 per deck and don't forget to comment with what you take.


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


There's actually not much to update on regarding the Christmas event BUT I do have a little freebie to give out related to it! If you comment and tell me 1 thing that made you happy this year and 1 thing that you're looking forward to next year, you can take either: 40 sakura flowers OR 4000 sakura petals! Only pick one!!

I'm giving this out to encourage participating in the event as it is enough to cover the cost of a Diamond Set in the Gift Shop but if you choose to save these for another time, feel free!


If you've already read this on our Discord then you can skip this as it's pretty much the same as what I already said there. But if you haven't, PLEASE READ THIS! Please don't skim over it or ignore if that's what you usually do whenever I write anything. ;;

First, I want to talk about coupons! I know we have a lot of them at Sakura and I know that just the sheer amount of them + the info. page for them probably makes them overwhelming but if you're ever confused or unsure about how one of them works, PLEASE check the information for it before using them! It not only gives you a description of each coupon but it also tells you HOW to use it, as well as what we (as in admins and staff) will require you to provide in order to prove it's valid.

If you're still not sure or have other questions, ASK! We're here to help and if you understand the coupon ahead of time and how to use it then you can most likely bypass the back and forth in your thread or posts should an error come up which likely means you'll get your stuff even faster. And this applies to both new and old members! Even if you've been around for some time, we still expect you to follow the same rules and requirements that anyone else would. This includes showing us proof in the forms of logs to show you obtained a coupon (and when/where), where applicable.

The other thing I wanted to mention was about how the TCG is run. If anyone is ever unsatisfied with how Sakura is run or operated, please reach out to me! I know we're probably more strict about rules and the process of doing things than most but please understand we're not just doing this for fun and because we want to make more work for everyone.

Any time we've made a change or added a new rule for anything is because there was a reason behind it! Most of the time that reason being is to make things easier for staff, or to make things more fair across the TCG for all players regardless of status, activity, etc. which is also why we're strict on enforcing these "rules and regulations", as some may call it. When we ask for something specific it's because it'll make things easier for us to process and reply to so we can get through them quicker which means you guys as players will also get your things quicker!

I also personally think that having accurate and detailed logs with everything laid out when you turn something in will also be immensely helpful from a player perspective because if you or staff ever need to back track or verify something, or if you ever lose logs and need to rebuild them, locating and checking things will be much easier since everything's already there.

With all that being said, please know that my Discord DMs and forum PMs are ALWAYS open for anyone to contact me through! If you want to discuss something or ask me for a reasoning on something or whatever, please just message me. I'd much prefer that instead of receiving passive aggressive comments/messages and the likes because then we can actually have a conversation and try to resolve any issues!


Now that all that is out of the way, there's nothing much else to say except that the next update will be on December 12th with Aqua!

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Mari on December 05, 2018 (08:40 pm)
Event Achievement: ev-layout08

Wishing Tree (Selena): makaalbarn08, mikleo03, celestialrecord10, celestialrecord11, makaalbarn09, alishadiphda04, miraiasahina05, miraiasahina06, yuna08, yuna09, mikleo04, alishadiphda05

New Decks (Character Skill (Aqua)): childsplay01, childsplay02, childsplay03, childsplay04, cidhighwind01, cidhighwind02, cidhighwind03, cidhighwind04, miraiasahina01, miraiasahina02, miraiasahina03, miraiasahina04, ryogakamishiro01, ryogakamishiro02, ryogakamishiro03, ryogakamishiro04, sakura-hime13, amifutami04, miyukichitose16, panda-kun15

One thing I'm happy about this year is finishing my diploma in Library and Information Services! And I'm looking forward to going to uni next year!!

I'm taking 4000 sakura petals.

Selena on December 05, 2018 (10:23 pm)
Event Achievement: ev-layout08
New Decks: ivyvalentine01, ivyvalentine02, childsplay16, kiyotakaishimaru06, miraiasahina08, ryogakamishiro14, ryoma03, trevorbelmont03, panda-kun17, miyukichitose15, sakura-hime15, soulbound15, natsumezange15, cidhighwind07, samuraininjas07, amifutami07, suzuhaamane07, rocktypes106, ramhn06, tadashiyamaguchi06
Character Skill (Ren): ivyvalentine03, ivyvalentine04
KOTORI MINAMI: cvyukikaji09, roymustang14, grayfullbuster10, roymustang02, grayfullbuster11, cvyukikaji14, cecilaijima13, byakuyakuchiki09, noiz06, byakuyakuchiki12, cecilaijima14, noiz08

One thing that made me happy this year was taking a decent driver's license picture! Usually the lighting is so awful and this time I did it without taking off my glasses so it kind of hid most of my ugly mug anyway LMAO. I'm looking forward to changing my diet as weird as that sounds! I'm a bit tired of how I look and how being so self conscious about myself hurts my self esteem and confidence ;; Just enjoying the rest of this month before I pretty much stop eating fried food/carb central for a while.
+ 40 sakura flowers

SasuraUchiha on December 05, 2018 (11:04 pm)
Well, what made me happy this year was obviously the message, that I'm pregnant! Everything changed in the past 6 months and it's such a pleasure to expect a child. It was not always easy, as I suffered from heavy nausea the first 3 months, but it's definitely worth it!
And what I'm looking forward to next year would of course be the birth of our cute daughter! It will be so much more lively here in the house and I'm looking forward to every smile she is giving us in return for loving and caring for her.

Event Achievement: ev-layout08
Wishing Tree (Minami Kotori): christmasangels08, jurikurebayashi01, christmasangels09, rubykurosawa07, julymermaids04, jurikurebayashi02, rubykurosawa08, landoffairies17, constellation10, constellation11, julymermaids05, littledevils02
New Decks: amifutami01, amifutami02, cidhighwind01, cidhighwind02, kanaria01, kanaria02, kiyotakaishimar01, kiyotakaishimar02, miraiasahina01, miraiasahina02, ramhn01, ramhn02, rocktypes101, rocktypes102, sakura-hime01, sakura-hime02, soulbound01, soulbound02, panda-kun01, panda-kun02
Event Freebie: 40x Sakura Flower

SasuraUchiha on December 05, 2018 (11:07 pm)
And just thought, I'll take the 4000 Sakura Petals instead of the Flowers! Sorry!

Amy K on December 05, 2018 (11:29 pm)
One thing that made me happy this year is that I was finally able to move to New Zealand to be with my partner and our son! I'm really looking forward to all of our adventures next year, but if it has to be specific, we are going to see Nick Cave in January!

12/5/18 Update: ev-layout08
Wishing Tree (Selena): newleafsummer16, usagitsukino12, auron05, auron06, ashketchum06, usagitsukino13, kairi03, reihino08, ashketchum04, sumomo11, reihino15, chii03
Update Freebies: rocktypes109, rocktypes112, cidhighwind19, cidhighwind20, ivyvalentine19, ivyvalentine20, pandakun19, pandakun20, samuraininjas19, samuraininjas20, natsumezange08, miyukichitose17, sakura-hime04, tadashiyamaguchi11, miraiasahina11, ryogakamishiro13, soulbound13, kanaria06, ramhn06, amifutami04
Update Freebies (Currency): 4000 sakura petals

Hisuiryu on December 06, 2018 (02:28 am)
I moved in with my boyfriend this year which was good in spite of the cicumstances! As for next year I'm starting a new job soon, so probably that at the moment (at this point I actually might not start until 2019 anyway lol)

Event Achievement: ev-layout08

Wishing Tree (MINAMIKOTORI): himariuehara03, otoyaittoki06, ritsutainaka10, hey-dayfrenzy07, himariuehara05, otoyaittoki07, klaviergavin06, rubykurosawa06, ritsutainaka11, rubykurosawa07, hey-dayfrenzy11, klaviergavin07

Deck Release: childsplay01, childsplay02, kiyotakaishimaru08, kiyotakaishimaru19, miyukichitose09, miyukichitose19, natsumezange03, natsumezange18, ramhn08, ramhn19, rocktypes105, rocktypes119, ryoma01, ryoma17, soulbound01, soulbound02, suzuhaamane03, suzuhaamane18, tadashiyamaguchi04, tadashiyamaguchi16

Update Freebies: +4000 sakura petals

Pam on December 06, 2018 (03:51 am)
Event Achievement took ev-layout08

wish(selena) took M-maido-kun20, I-idolsong01, N-nazunanito20, A-adonisotogari05, M-melodyinthedark01, I-icetypes120, K-kyubey18, O-orange20, T-tennkujo17, O-onstage02, R-ryogaechizen01, I-ioriizumi04

new sets took cidhighwind01, sakura-hime18, ivyvalentine18, kiyotakaishimaru19, childsplay09, amifutami13, miraiasahina11, miyukichitose08, panda-kun01, soulbound16, ryoma16, tadashiyamaguchi16, ryogakamishiro16, rocktypes120, trevorbelmont20, kanaria20, suzuhaamane20, ramhn04, samuraininjas04, natsumezange04

One thing that made me happy this year some of the amazing compliments I got from guests at the Star Trek con. Looking forward to several concerts next year including backstreet Boys - took 4000 sakura petals

Vaini on December 06, 2018 (11:53 am)
Wishing tree Selena: kazumamikura13, kazumamikura15, itsukiminami20, ringonoyamano10, chocolatmeilleure11, chocolatmeilleure12, keigoatobe02, keigoatobe03, tsuyuasui14, squallleonhart07, squallleonhart10, tsuyuasui17

Update pull: miyukichitose01, miyukichitose02, cidhighwind01, cidhighwind02, tadashiyamaguchi17, tadashiyamaguchi18, childsplay17, childsplay18, samuraininjas17, samuraininjas18, ivyvalentine10, ivyvalentine11, kiyotakaishimaru01, kiyotakaishimaru20, panda-kun01, panda-kun11, rocktypes108, rocktypes119, trevorbelmont10, trevorbelmont20

Jun on December 06, 2018 (03:47 pm)
Update: cidhighwind06, cidhighwind07, ivyvalentine06, ivyvalentine07, ryogakamishiro06, ryogakamishiro07, ryoma06, ryoma07, trevorbelmont06, trevorbelmont07
Made/Donated: amifutami05, childsplay08, cidhighwind10, cidhighwind11, ivyvalentine10, ivyvalentine11, miraiasahina11, panda-kun08, ryogakamishiro11, ryogakamishiro10, ryoma10, ryoma11, samuraininjas09, trevorbelmont10, trevorbelmont11, soulbound09
Character Skill (Serena): ryogakamishiro14, ryogakamishiro15
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): cidhighwind14, cidhighwind15, ivyvalentine14, ivyvalentine15, ryogakamishiro05, ryogakamishiro08, ryoma14, ryoma15, trevorbelmont14, trevorbelmont15

MINAMI KOTORI: maikujaku03, maikujaku04, candy08, casca05, ashketchum16, akoshirabe09, kite08, gonfreecs09, kite09, gonfreecs14, terrybogard05, akoshirabe05

Event Achievement: ev-layout08

Q&A: 40 sakura flowers
For me, I am looking forward to KHIII :B I know someone ELSE here might be looking forward to it too LOL but yeah yeah, only a month away! As for being happy ksdjflsad it became rough a good part of the year but Uh.. I had fun with people on discord and off, which is always nice.

Amber on December 06, 2018 (04:58 pm)
this year, traveling to england by myself made me really happy. i loved trying so much tasty food and visiting so many beautiful landmarks. it was lovely and the people were very nice!

next year, i am looking forward to trying out my hobonichi! it starts on january 1st and i plan to use it like a little diary. i bought some really cute accessories for it and i think it'll be a positive addition to my life.

update (12/6)
New Decks (Character Skill ~ Ranmaru Kurosaki ~ 2 release pull upgrade): kanaria07, kanaria10, kanaria11, kanaria14, rocktypes114, rocktypes115, rocktypes116, rocktypes117, ryoma16, ryoma18, ryoma19, ryoma20 (12/20)
Deck Donation (rocktypes1): rocktypes118
Character Skill (Ran Mitake ~ +2 deck pulls): rocktypes119, rocktypes120
Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice): hinahikawa20
Wish (Selena ~ MINAMI KOTORI): artistclamp10, artistclamp13, ranmarukurosaki07, ranmarukurosaki09, takumi11, takumi12, yukinaminato16, yukinaminato17, watermelon11, watermelon12, ourfightforjustice05, ourfightforjustice07
Event Achievement: ev-layout08
Update Freebie: +4000 sakura petals

i'll be back with my other pulls in a little bit!

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