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( Dec. 06, 2017 )
New Members: Astral, Noelle – Welcome!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B

Wishing Tree

Shiranna"I wish that we get double releases for December." So enjoy the 32-deck releases for the rest of the month!!

Sana"I wish for waitingroses to be released so I can complete my boxset!" This one actually coincided with deck votes this week so you'll find waitingroses down below!

Becca"I wish for everyone to receive cards spelling HOLIDAYS!" Only 1 per deck!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 32 cards but no more than 4 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Donators can take the card(s) they donated from the deck.
If your donation is the master badge, you can take any card from the deck as your donation.
The deckmaker can take 1 extra card from the deck they made.
If you want to take any card from this deck that isn't your donation, it will be included in the 16 cards you can take from this update as part of the new deck release.


The Information Page for our Christmas 2017 event has been updated with something new so go check it out! A few of you had asked for this and in typical me fashion, I decided to make things more complex than it needed to be and added other things to it but I hope you guys enjoy it regardless, and look forward to what else this event might bring this month~

Also, regarding Day 5 of our Advent Calendar: Don't forget to PM the players you've decided to gift-- in case they don't happen to check the thread themselves! yasu apparently forgot to mention this when she posted Day 5's thread smh ((but she edited it in by now))


It's me again!! I decided I'd be the one to update this week just because of the event update but with this, we'll be able to go back to our regular update schedule/turns so bare with me for a third week in a row until we get things back on track! (This wasn't really an update but oh well lol…)


Next update will be on December 13th with Aqua!

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Jun on December 06, 2017 (08:48 pm)
*spits out my coffee i wasn't drinking* 32 DECKS A WEEK?! OH MY!!!

HOLIDAYS: blackmagiciangirl03, kogaoogami11, altera02, fumikasagisawa06, doremiharukaze19, jackatlas08, lingeriestyle07, noctisluciscaelum15

Update: djeeta18, djeeta17, glaceon01, glaceon02, glaceon03, glaceon04, glaceon05, hiei09, hiei10, hiei11, hiei12, hiei15, lingeriestyle16, lingeriestyle17, lingeriestyle18, lingeriestyle19, lingeriestyle20, lunafreyanoxfleuret06, lunafreyanoxfleuret10, lunafreyanoxfleuret11, lunafreyanoxfleuret15, makotoyuukies02, makotoyuukies10, makotoyuukies11, makotoyuukies16, minaminitta05, minaminitta12, minaminitta19, minaminitta20, waitingroses01, waitingroses02, waitingroses06, waitingroses07, neptune06, neptune10, neptune15, yellow10
Character Skill (Serena): lingeriestyle05, lingeriestyle06

Raine on December 07, 2017 (06:39 am)
We gonna have a field day picking out cards from deck releases (ノ^∇^)

Deck Release: chisakihiradaira09, chisakihiradaira20, djeeta04, djeeta08, djeeta16, djeeta18, goroakechi01, goroakechi04, kazutokirigaya05, kazutokirigaya08, kazutokirigaya17, kazutokirigaya20, lunafreyanoxfleuret02, lunafreyanoxfleuret05, lunafreyanoxfleuret19, lunafreyanoxfleuret20, masaomitakatsukasa03, masaomitakatsukasa08, masaomitakatsukasa13, masaomitakatsukasa19, nanakomatsu01, nanakomatsu12, suirenshibazeki01, suirenshibazeki03, suirenshibazeki07, suirenshibazeki20, tomohisakitakado01, tomohisakitakado17, tsurumarukuninaga08, tsurumarukuninaga09, yuinawakura03, yuinawakura13

Wishing Tree (HOLIDAYS): rinoaheartilly03, kamuishirou05, vanillediaoerba01, ascension03, tideofchaos03, euphemialibritannia06, lacusclyne20, suzakukururugi05

Rosenel on December 07, 2017 (07:43 am)
Becca - HOLIDAYS 1 per deck

H: sophiehatter04
O: tomoyodaidouji13
L: coloredshirts04
I: nanaosaki10
D: dressup08
A: lifeisbutadream06
Y: ritsukaaoyag08

New Deck pulls: glaceon04, glaceon08, glaceon09, glaceon10, rem09, rem19, rem18, rem17, shouyoishida20, shouyoishida12, shouyoishida13, shouyoishida14, yellow02, yellow17, yellow09, yellow18 (18 slots left)

Donated: yellow19, yellow20

Shiranna on December 07, 2017 (08:01 am)
Release Pulls: asahiazumane02, asahiazumane04, asahiazumane09, asahiazumane12, kallenkouzuki02, kallenkouzuki03, kallenkouzuki08, kallenkouzuki18, makotonaegi01, makotonaegi04, makotonaegi16, makotonaegi19, makotoyuukies02, makotoyuukies13, makotoyuukies16, makotoyuukies19, nanakomatsu01, nanakomatsu03, nanakomatsu12, nanakomatsu18, cuttingwatermelon08, cuttingwatermelon09, cuttingwatermelon13, cuttingwatermelon14, glaceon01, glaceon02, glaceon03, glaceon04, lingeriestyle02, lingeriestyle03, lingeriestyle07, lingeriestyle08

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): asahiazumane18, asahiazumane20

Donated: yellow11

Wishing Tree (Becca): sashablouse09, crowhogan15, leafeon13, arminarlert16, mukurorokudo05, erenjaeger17, akayakirihara01, mikasaackerman18

Astral on December 07, 2017 (08:41 pm)
New Decks: kallenkouzuki15, natsumikoshigaya16, cuttingwatermelon16, chisakihiradaira09, tomohisakitakado09, sukeroku12, glaceon10, waitingroses10, yuinawakura07, makotoyuukies03, djeeta08, ritsuonodera11, shunkazama11, shouyoishida11, masaomitakatsukasa11, kazutokirigaya15, suirenshibazeki15, tsurumarukuninaga06, makotonaegi06, irohaisshiki06, lingeriestyle06, freyjawion11, goroakechi11, minaminitta11, neptune10, soranaegino10, nanakomatsu10, rem10, hiei19, hiei11, hiei03, hiei10

Wishing Tree (Becca): shin-ah03, takutokira03, deelaytner06, haruhifujioka04, shintaroumidorima02, kohaku02, yona18, morningstretch09

Amber on December 07, 2017 (08:43 pm)
- New Decks: glaceon10, glaceon11, glaceon12, glaceon13, goroakechi08, goroakechi09, goroakechi10, goroakechi11, rem11, rem12, rem13, rem14, cuttingwatermelon16, cuttingwatermelon17, cuttingwatermelon18, cuttingwatermelon19, ritsuonodera11, ritsuonodera12, ritsuonodera13, ritsuonodera14, rinkobayashi07, rinkobayashi08, rinkobayashi09, rinkobayashi10, freyjawion17, freyjawion18, kazutokirigaya11, kazutokirigaya12, makotoyuukies07, makotoyuukies08, makotoyuukies09, makotoyuukies12 (32/32)
- Wish (Becca ~ HOLIDAYS): goroakechi12, sumomo02, glaceon14, rinatouin07, alucard05, maronkusakabe01, anniversary03, witches20
- Deck Donation (glaceon): glaceon20
- Deck Donation (rem): rem15
- Collaboration Deck Donation (yellow): yellow07, yellow15
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice): glaceon01
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): glaceon03, glaceon04

Thank you!

Ajisaitea on December 07, 2017 (08:54 pm)
/jaw drops/ Wow! Thank goodness there are a lot of decks in reserve. XD

- Character Skill (kobatohanato): ritsuonodera19, ritsuonodera20
- New Decks: rinkobayashi03, rinkobayashi04, rinkobayashi05, rinkobayashi06, ritsuonodera03, ritsuonodera04, ritsuonodera09, ritsuonodera10, glaceon16, glaceon17, glaceon18, glaceon19, goroakechi13, goroakechi18, goroakechi19, goroakechi20, rem17, rem18, rem19, rem20, makotoyuukies07, makotoyuukies08, makotoyuukies09, makotoyuukies10, freyjawion19, freyjawion20, freyjawion01, freyjawion02, kazutokirigaya13, kazutokirigaya14, kazutokirigaya15, kazutokirigaya18
- Maker/Donation: cuttingwatermelon20, nanakomatsu15, rinkobayashi01, rinkobayashi02, ritsuonodera01, ritsuonodera02, shunkazama01, shunkazama02, sukeroku20, waitingroses01, waitingroses02, yellow06, yellow07 (master badge)
- HOLIDAYS: kagomehigurashi05, setsunameiou03, louis07, misakitakahashi10, setsunamudo04, misuzukamio02, starrynight10, soumakanzaki03


Nea on December 07, 2017 (09:34 pm)
Wishing Tree (HOLIDAYS) hangezoe02, illyasvielvoneinzbernprisma03, killuazoldyck15, michirukaiou09, naomidorikawa10, cheza05, himenoawayuki11, hopeitself05

Release pulls: cuttingwatermelon02, cuttingwatermelon03, cuttingwatermelon04, cuttingwatermelon05, lingeriestyle16, lingeriestyle17, lingeriestyle18, lingeriestyle13, yellow03, yellow04, yellow10, yellow20, soranaegino09, soranaegino04, soranaegino08, soranaegino12

Character Skill (nicoyazawa): cuttingwatermelon07, cuttingwatermelon15

Donated: yellow17

Kupo on December 08, 2017 (05:34 am)
New Decks: asahiazumane01, asahiazumane02, asahiazumane03, asahiazumane04, freyjawion11, freyjawion12, freyjawion13, freyjawion14, glaceon01, glaceon02, glaceon03, glaceon04, hiei01, hiei02, hiei03, hiei04, kazutokirigaya01, kazutokirigaya02, kazutokirigaya03, kazutokirigaya04, makotoyuukies15, makotoyuukies16, makotoyuukies17, makotoyuukies18, shunkazama01, shunkazama02, shunkazama03, shunkazama04, (+ donated: yellow04) ( 28/32 )

Spotlight Benefits: kazutokirigaya05, kazutokirigaya06, kazutokirigaya07, kazutokirigaya08

Wishing Tree (HOLIDAYS): hangezoe05, narutouzumaki17, sashablouse05, jeankirstein05, marcobodt03, sakuraharuno04, hinatahyuuga15, akatsuki06

Sana on December 08, 2017 (09:41 am)
New Decks (12/06): freyjawion15, freyjawion16, kazutokirigaya08, kazutokirigaya09, makotoyuukies19, makotoyuukies20, makotoyuukies01, makotoyuukies02

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