( Apr. 11, 2018 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Joey (Level 10)
Lost & Found: Added 122 cards


Cloudy"I wish for choice cards spelling out APRIL for everyone." Let's do no restrictions!

Kupo / WhitneyI wish for choice cards spelling out Happy Spring! Thank you! :)" 2 per deck!


You may take a total worth of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the doublereleasepulls coupon, you may take a total worth of 32 cards but no more than 3 per deck.

Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


This is the final reminder that after 11:59 PM EDT tonight, the Golden Egg will officially disappear and our Golden Egg Hunt as part of this year’s Easter Event will finish! If you haven’t found the egg yet, make sure you do so before you miss it for good~

Please note that the Golden Egg and related egg hunt, while connected, is also different and separate from the egg hunt that’s being used as an optional stall task for this month’s Sakura Matsuri! The Golden Egg is not part of the 5 eggs you need to find to complete that task so you don’t need to worry about it if you only want to finish that task (but it is an optional and additional egg that does also give out rewards if found).

Also after 11:59 PM EDT tonight, we will be closing the Chocolate Shop ~White Day Edition~ and no more requests can be made for any reward choices from White Day Lotto plays so please make sure to post yours before then or else you will miss out on getting anything for those plays!

And lastly, if you didn’t already notice or pick it up yet, yasu once again saved my butt and passed out all pending Gifting Rewards! Everyone who posted by the deadline should be in that post so just search for your name to make finding your rewards easier. If you don’t find yours however, please let us know ASAP!


I’ve done another activity check on the Members List and moved any players who haven’t updated their trade post in 2+ months (or were a few days from not updating in 2+ months) to the Inactive section, as well as deleted any players who were still in the Pending section and had not uploaded their Starter Pack within the 2 weeks from their initial join date. If you were one of these players and are in fact active or will become active now, please PM me on the forums!

With today’s Lost & Found update, the pile is back at over 2000 cards so to help move out some cards since I’ve noticed it’s been steady at around over 1000+ cards regularly, the amount of cards players can claim each week has been increased! It’s not much for now but those limits will likely increase again. Please see the Lost & Found for details!


Nothing really, I think??? Just the next update on April 18th with Aqua!

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Joey on April 11, 2018 (07:08 pm)
Wishing Tree (april): tamakisuou17, phoenixwright03, orange06, tamakisuou19, flareon01
Wishing Tree (happyspring): kyosohma05, kyosohma06, phoenixwright04, phoenixwright05, yellow01, keroberos08, cielphantomhive13, keroberos10, makotokino02, makotokino04, green01

Thanks c:

Kupo on April 11, 2018 (07:32 pm)
- New Decks: makomankanshoku02, makomankanshoku13, newleafspring01, newleafspring02, nharmonia01, nharmonia04, shiroe01, shiroe02, watertypes104, watertypes106
- Character Skill (Futaba Yoshioka): makomankanshoku16, makomankanshoku17, newleafspring03, newleafspring04, nharmonia12, nharmonia18, shiroe03, shiroe04, watertypes114, watertypes116
- Character Skill (Tohru): shiroe05, shiroe06
- Wishing Well (APRIL): sasukeuchiha14, piratesofthefrontier13, piratesofthefrontier17, sasukeuchiha15, makaalbarn07
- Wishing Well (HAPPY SPRING): morningstretch09, azusakinose07, ghosttypes107, ghosttypes108, kikyou02, takumiusui19, papermasks01, nerds16, azusakinose13, nerds20, morningstretch18

Thank you!!

Raie on April 11, 2018 (07:45 pm)
New Decks - makomankanshoku01, makomankanshoku02, makomankanshoku03, makomankanshoku04, watertypes104, watertypes105, watertypes106, watertypes107, aquakh02, aquakh03, aquakh04, aquakh19, newleafspring05, newleafspring06, newleafspring07, newleafspring08, nagisamisumi16, nagisamisumi17, nagisamisumi18, nagisamisumi20

Wishing Well - APRIL - glaceon07, mfpairing01, heeroyoy09, amimizuno03, glazeon08

Wishing Well - HAPPY SPRING - heeroyuy11, familybliss05, mfpairing02, mfpairings03, heeroyuy12, familybliss10, ballpark01, ballpark02, amimizuno04, amimizuno06, usagitsukino02

Ushing Character skill (android 18) - makomankanshoku03, makomankanshoku04, watertypes104, watertypes105, aquakh04, aquakh19, newleafspring05, newleafspring06, nagisamisumi16, nagisamisumi17

Cassidy on April 12, 2018 (01:24 am)
- New Decks + Character Skill (Riko Sakurauchi - 04/11): arisaichigaya09, arisaichigaya10, arisaichigaya11, arisaichigaya12, fastfoodfun05, fastfoodfun06, fastfoodfun07, fastfoodfun08 (8/20)
- Character Skill (Yoh Tomoe - 04/11): fastfoodfun09, fastfoodfun10
- Donations (04/11): arisaichigaya13, fastfoodfun11
- Deck Maker Pull (04/11): aquakh05, arisaichigaya14, fastfoodfun12

Jun on April 12, 2018 (01:53 am)
HAPPY SPRING: honokayukishiro01, honokayukishiro04, arthurpendragon17, arthurpendragon19, akiizayoi18, guts16, arthurpendragon20, honokayukishiro14, akiizayoi11, arthurpendragon12, magicalgirls09
APRIL: aikosenoo03, arthurpendragon11, honokayukishiro15, aikosenoo18, leofef17

Update: nagisamisumi06, nagisamisumi07, dizzy01, dizzy02, watertypes103, watertypes104, newleafspring09, newleafspring11, makomankanshoku02, makomankanshoku03, aquakh06, aquakh07,
Deck Maker/Donator: nagisamisumi10, nagisamisumi11, satoukazuma20, dizzy03, newleafspring10, watertypes102
Character Skill (Serena): aquakh10, aquakh11,
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): nagisamisumi14, nagisamisumi15, dizzy04, dizzy05, makomankanshoku04, makomankanshoku05, aquakh14, aquakh15

Jesh on April 12, 2018 (02:32 am)
new decks: nagisamisumi05, nagisamisumi08, nagisamisumi09, nagisamisumi12, aqua16, aqua18, aqua13, aqua13, newleafspring01, newleafspring02, newleafspring03, newleafspring04, makomankanshoku18, makomankanshoku19, makomankanshoku20, makomankanshoku01, watertypes101, watertypes105, watertypes106, watertypes107

Character skill (zechs): nagisamisumi13, nagisamisumi19

Wishing WelL(APRIL):pazu01, pazu03, czarodziej03, czarodziej05, duomaxwell01

Wishing Well (HAPPY SPRING): heeroyuy07, duomaxwell02, pazu04, pazu13, yukitotsukishiro01, yukitotsukishiro05, puck02, heeroyuy09, czarodziej19, mokona02, studioghibli03

Cloudy on April 12, 2018 (07:47 am)
Wishing Well (APRIL): sawakokuronuma06, icetypes104, summer01, winter06, blue08
Wishing Well (HAPPY SPRING): kohaku02, sawakokuronuma08, icetypes105, icetypes106, yasushitakagi02, summer03, espeon02, summer06, winter07, winter08, yasushitakagi04

New Decks: nahotakamiya01, nahotakamiya02, shiroe03, shiroe04, watertypes105, watertypes106, daikiaomine19, satokohoujou16, satoukazuma16, arisaichigaya05, risashirakaba20, makomankanshoku17, nagisamisumi17, newleafspring17, aquakh13, eijikikumaru13, judemathis13, fastfoodfun13, rynerlute01, anjulnarumi01

Shiranna on April 12, 2018 (12:17 pm)
Release Pulls (character skill: with) (doublereleasecoupon): aquakh01, aquakh04, aquakh09, aquakh13, aquakh18, anjulnarumi01, anjulnarumi02, anjulnarumi03, anjulnarumi04, anjulnarumi05, daikiaomine02, daikiaomine03, daikiaomine16, daikiaomine17, daikiaomine20, rynerlute01, rynerlute02, rynerlute05, rynerlute09, rynerlute19, satokohoujou02, satokohoujou12, satokohoujou16, satokohoujou17, satokohoujou18, eijikikumaru01, eijikikumaru02, eijikikumaru03, eijikikumaru04, eijikikumaru05, nharmonia01, nharmonia02, nharmonia03, nharmonia04, nharmonia05, yogi01, yogi05, yogi13, yogi16, yogi18

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): anjulnarumi08, anjulnarumi09

Donated: anjulnarumi12, eijikikumaru09, rynerlute20

Wishing Tree (Cloudy): renjiabarai12, lelouchlamperouge08, renjiabarai16, renjiabarai20, cherryblossomgirls12

Wishing Tree (Kupo / Whitney): aiichironitori13, aiichironitori20, lelouchlamperouge09, lelouchlamperouge12, yukiookumura07, cherryblossomgirls11, espeon20, cherryblossomgirls16, cvjunichisuwabe14, cvjunichisuwabe15, yasushitakagi14

Kairi on April 12, 2018 (01:56 pm)

New Decks (04/12 - Character Skill - Yukari Takeba): arisaichigaya01, arisaichigaya02, arisaichigaya03, arisaichigaya04, watertypes114, watertypes115, watertypes116, watertypes117, makomankanshoku10, makomankanshoku11, makomankanshoku12, makomankanshoku13, aquakh01, aquakh08, aquakh09, aquakh12, aquakh13 (donated), satokohoujou15, satokohoujou17, satokohoujou18, satokohoujou19, satokohoujou03 (donated)

New Decks (04/12 - Spotlight Member Extra Pulls): aquakh18, aquakh20, satokohoujou20, satokohoujou08

Character Skil (Onpu Segawa - 04/08): satokohoujou09, satokohoujou12

I'll come back for the wishes! Thank you!

Nyla on April 12, 2018 (04:06 pm)
New Decks (04/11/2018): aquakh01, aquakh02, dizzy01, dizzy02, newleafspring12, newleafspring13, watertypes116, watertypes115, risashirakaba13, risashirakaba19, arisaichigaya03, arisaichigaya12, fastfoodfun01, fastfoodfun02, makomankanshoku18, makomankanshoku19, nharmonia06, nharmonia07, satokohoujou16, satokohoujou20
Wish (Cloudy): vincentvalentine01, icetypes120, haruhifujioka10, icetypes119, vincentvalentine02
Wish (Kupo/Whitney): haruhifujioka03, vincentvalentine03, icetypes117, icetypes118, inuyasha01, serahfarron01, closeup02, zackfair06, haruhifujioka09, vincentvalentine04, fangyunoerba01

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