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( May. 16, 2018 )
Games: Weekly, Bonus Weekly Set, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote
Level Ups: Cloudy (Level 2)


Lee"Choice cards spelling out TOO HOT" No restrictions!


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


After a long wait, the last of the new Character Skills we promised to add back during our 1 Year Anniversary event as part of our special announcements are now finally ready to go live! Check out the Adopt a Character Information page for more details, prices, etc. and feel free to start applying for adoptions (or change existing ones) with these new skills now. If you’ve got questions regarding this or anything else related then please ask them in our General Q&A thread!

Along with this, we had to make some changes to our Interactive. section by moving games from one set to another in order to make the weekly sets more automated/filled with more automatic and/or easily updatable games (and just re-organized some things in general). To sum up, we’ve:
  • moved 21 or Bust from the Weekly Set to the Bonus Weekly Set,
  • moved S.O.S from Biweekly Set A to the Bonus Weekly Set, and
  • added 2 new games: Higher or Lower (Weekly Set) and Messy Cards (Biweekly Set A),
In addition, we’ve also added 4 new games as part of the Bonus Weekly Set which can only be played by those with the new Bonus Weekly Games Access Character Skill!

Higher or Lower will be up later tonight though, sorry about the wait!


The next update will be on May 23rd with Cassidy!

Cassidy will be out of town this weekend from Friday night to sometime on Monday, so she won't be able to do or respond to much until she's back home~

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Jun on May 16, 2018 (02:55 pm)
Update: asheliadalmasca10, asheliadalmasca11, bruno06, bruno07, kurodoakabane06, kurodoakabane07, beerus09, beerus16, yokokurama18, yokokurama19, takashikomuro18, takashikomuro19, himawarikunogi18, himawarikunogi19, soraharukawa15, soraharukawa16
Donated/Made: asheliadalmasca06, asheliadalmasca07, bruno10, bruno11, kurodoakabane11, kurodoakabane10, beerus06, beerus15, borutouzumaki06, borutouzumaki07, yokokurama20, riverside12, takashikomuro20, himawarikunogi20
Character Skill (Serena): kurodoakabane14, kurodoakabane15
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): kurodoakabane09, kurodoakabane12, soraharukawa13, soraharukawa14

TOO HOT: katsuyajounouchi09, amimizuno09, amimizuno13, michirukaiou20, amimizuno17, katsuyajounouchi11

Haylee on May 16, 2018 (03:59 pm)
Wishing Tree (TOOHOT): kananmatsuura04, nagirokuya18, harukatenou14, harukatenou15, harukatenou16, harukatenou18

New Decks (Character Skill ~ Kento Aizome ~ +2 release pull upgrade): prithm01, prithm02, prithm03, prithm04, reijikotobuki05, reijikotobuki06 reijikotobuki07, reijikotobuki08, reijikotobuki09, saayayamabuki02, saayayamabuki08, saayayamabuki17, saayayamabuki20, yuiohtsuki17, yuiohtsuki18, yuiohtsuki19, yuiohtsuki20, soraharukawa01, soraharukawa02, soraharukawa03, soraharukawa04, riverside01, riverside02, riverside03, riverside05

(Character Skill ~ Gou Matsuoka): prithm05, prithm06

Donation: yuiohtsuki16

Weekly Choice (Ren Jinguji): kananmatsuura06

Amber on May 16, 2018 (05:25 pm)
- New Decks (Character Skill ~ Ranmaru Kurosaki ~ +2 release pull upgrade + doublereleasepulls coupon + extrareleasepulls coupon use 4/4): saintgermain12, saintgermain13, saintgermain14, saintgermain15, estrinaudo07, estrinaudo08, estrinaudo09, estrinaudo10, soraharukawa01, soraharukawa02, soraharukawa03, soraharukawa04, soraharukawa05, riverside07, riverside08, riverside09, riverside10, riverside11, reijikotobuki06, reijikotobuki07, reijikotobuki08, reijikotobuki09, reijikotobuki10, prithm06, prithm07, prithm08, prithm09, prithm10, mikiyakokutou01, mikiyakokutou02, mikiyakokutou03, mikiyakokutou04, mikiyakokutou05, saayayamabuki13, saayayamabuki14, saayayamabuki15, saayayamabuki16, saayayamabuki17, lotus16, lotus17 + reijikotobuki01, reijikotobuki02, reijikotobuki03, reijikotobuki04 (40/20 + 4/4)
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): prithm01, prithm02
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice ): reijikotobuki05
- Wish (Lee ~ TOO HOT): psychictypes109, leafeon12, leafeon13, psychictypes110, leafeon14, psychictypes111

thank you!

Frankie on May 16, 2018 (07:45 pm)
Wishing Tree (Lee): trapnest09, orihimeinoue06, orihimeinoue10, hangezoe18, orihimeinoue14, trapnest10
New Decks (5.9.18): saayayamabuki01, saayayamabuki02, takashikomuro06, takashikomuro07, borutouzumaki03, borutouzumaki17, riverside06, riverside07, saintgermain19, saintgermain20, beerus19, beerus20, prithm19, prithm20, bruno18, bruno19, mikiyakokutou19, mikiyakokutou20, estrinaudo01, estrinaudo20

Kupo on May 16, 2018 (07:48 pm)
- New Decks (Character Skill ✦ Futaba Yoshioka): asheliadalmasca01, asheliadalmasca02, asheliadalmasca04, asheliadalmasca05, borutouzumaki01, borutouzumaki02, borutouzumaki03, borutouzumaki04, prithm02, prithm06, prithm10, prithm14, reijikotobuki01, reijikotobuki03, reijikotobuki18, reijikotobuki19, riverside01, riverside02, riverside03, riverside04
- Character Skill (Tohru): borutouzumaki05, borutouzumaki06
- Extra Release Pulls Coupon (01/04 uses): borutouzumaki07, borutouzumaki08, borutouzumaki09, borutouzumaki10
- Wishing Tree (TOO HOT): tokiyaichinose06, tokiyaichinose07, tokiyaichinose10, tokiyaichinose12, tokiyaichinose13, tokiyaichinose14

Thank you!!

Joey on May 17, 2018 (08:28 am)
New Decks: himawarikunogi16, himawarikunogi09, lotus01, saayayamabuki15, saintgermain17, estrinaudo02, kurodoakabane08, mikiyakokutou09, defendersofeorzea11, asheliadalmasca19, azusamukami04, takashikomuro03, beerus01, reijikotobuki02, prithm09, bruno09, yokokurama08, soraharukawa08, yuiohtsuki08, riverside08
Wishing Tree: jolteon01, yellow02, yellow03, takerutakaishi17, yellow04, jolteon04


Mio on May 17, 2018 (10:46 am)
Wishing Tree - Lee - TOO HOT: T trickstarsmiracle17, O soraharukawa06, O soraharukawa07, H soraharukawa08, O soraharukawa09, T trickstarsmiracle18
Character Skill (Koga Oogami): trickstarsmiracle19
Character Skill (M21): soraharukawa07, soraharukawa08
Donation Pulls: riverside01, soraharukawa20
Deck Release: soraharukawa02, soraharukawa03, soraharukawa04, soraharukawa05, soraharukawa06, riverside02, riverside03, riverside04, riverside05, riverside06, saintgermain07, saintgermain08, saintgermain09, saintgermain10, saintgermain11, kurodoakabane05, kurodoakabane08, kurodoakabane13, kurodoakabane16, prithm15, prithm16, prithm17, prithm18, prithm19, prithm20, reijikotobuki15, reijikotobuki16, reijikotobuki17, reijikotobuki18, reijikotobuki19, reijikotobuki20, mikiyakokutou06, mikiyakokutou07, mikiyakokutou08, mikiyakokutou09, mikiyakokutou10, saayayamabuki01, saayayamabuki02, saayayamabuki03, saayayamabuki04 (-doublereleasepulls coupon)
Deck Release (-extrareleasepulls coupon): soraharukawa09, soraharukawa10, soraharukawa11, soraharukawa12

Miki on May 17, 2018 (11:32 pm)
(May 16 Update): prithm04, prithm14, reijikotobuki04, reijikotobuki14, riverside04, riverside14, yokokurama04, yokokurama14, yuiohtsuki19, yuiohtsuki20, saintgermain19, saintgermain20, himawarikunogi19, himawarikunogi20, azusamukami19, azusamukami20, lotus19, lotus20, asheliadalmasca19, asheliadalmasca20
Lee Wish: ryukomatoi02, ryukomatoi03, ryukomatoi05, nuiharime02, ryukomatoi06, ryukomatoi07

Thank you~! <3

Alecks on May 18, 2018 (10:15 am)
- May 15 Wishing Tree, Lee: jolteon03, jolteon04, jolteon05, ashketchum05, jolteon07, jolteon08
- May 15 New Decks: beerus20, asheliadalmasca05, bruno01, borutouzumaki09, mikiyakokutou14, kurodoakabane02, takashikomuro12, yuiohtsuki09, soraharukawa16, riverside09, reijikotobuki04, estrinaudo04, prithm08, lotus08, himawarikunogi08, saintgermain08, azusamukami08, defendersofeorzea08, yokokurama08, saayayamabuki08

Kairi on May 18, 2018 (02:44 pm)
Aaaaah, exciting new changes!! And also a reason for me to use the adoption coupons I've been saving......

Just going to take a few pulls for now but I'll be back later!

New Decks (05/16 - Character Skill - Yukari Takeba): riverside01, riverside02, riverside03, riverside04

Character Skill (Onpu Segawa - 05/16): riverside05, riverside06

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