( Jun. 13, 2018 )
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Ajisaitea"E3 is this month and since most of us love video games I would like choice cards spelling out E32018." No restrictions!

melinda"i was having a hard time so i didn't get my birthday card last month, so can i please get one? :( also give the lovely peoplechoice cards ELUSIVE for that is what i am these days" If you've missed your birthday card during 2016-2018, and only if you were a member during the birthday you're applying for, you can apply before the end of this month for yours! Make sure to specify which year also! For the choice cards only 1 card per deck!


You may take a total of 20 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
If using the Double Release Pulls coupon, you may take a total of 40 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.

If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


The next update will be on June 20th with Cassidy~

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Jun on June 13, 2018 (12:25 pm)
Update: endrance07, endrance03, morgiana14, morgiana15, ryuujiotogi06, ryuujiotogi07, rimiushigome01, rimiushigome02, nuriko09, nuriko20, mikotomikoshiba17, mikotomikoshiba18
Made/Donated: endrance06, ryuujiotogi10
Character Skill (Serena): ryuujiotogi14, ryuujiotogi15
Character Skill (Ema Bessho): morgiana10, morgiana11, ryuujiotogi11, ryuujiotogi20, rimiushigome03, rimiushigome04, mikotomikoshiba15, mikotomikoshiba16

ELUSIVE: terra01, squallleonheart12, shidofuyuki19, dragonshiryu20, mamoruchiba20, velvet19, phoenixikki20
E32018: squallleonheart16, hirotohonda03, hirotohonda02, hirotohonda04, hirotohonda01, hirotohonda18

Those choices sure helped :' )

cashew on June 13, 2018 (01:37 pm)
Deck Release: nuriko01, nuriko03, rimiushigomi05, rumiushigomi06, ryuujiotoji18, ryuujiotogi19, mikotomikoshiba19, mikotomikoshiba20, morgiana01, morgiana02, bilalfaranbald15, bilalfaranbald16, kibainuzuka04, kibainuzuka09, haku17, haku01, lambo07, lambo10, ironbloods03, ironbloods12

be back for choices :)

Lee on June 13, 2018 (06:01 pm)
New Decks: endrance01, endrance02, kibainuzuka01, kibainuzuka02, lisianthuseustoma01, lisianthuseustoma02, mikotomikoshiba01, mikotomikoshiba02, mocaaoba01, mocaaoba02, noelvalmore01, noelvalmore02, nuriko01, nuriko02, rimiushigome01, rimiushigome02, ryuujiotogi01, ryuujiotogi02, toukomurasame01, toukomurasame02

Character Skill (Eijirou Kirishima): mikotomikoshiba03, mikotomikoshiba04

ELUSIVE: yusukeurameshi11, worldsdespair05, yusukekitagawa05, gilgamesh17, taichimashima08, abrahamvanhelsing01, meganes07

E32018: gilgamesh16, gilgamesh13, gilgamesh12, gilgamesh10, gilgamesh11, gilgamesh18

Kupo on June 13, 2018 (06:15 pm)
- New Decks (Character Skill ✦ Futaba Yoshioka + Double Release Pulls): chihiroogino03, chihiroogino08, chihiroogino12, chihiroogino17, chihiroogino20, endrance06, endrance07, endrance10, endrance11, endrance14, haku03, haku09, haku16, haku17, haku19, kibainuzuka01, kibainuzuka02, kibainuzuka03, kibainuzuka04, kibainuzuka05, mikotomikoshiba01, mikotomikoshiba08, mikotomikoshiba13, mikotomikoshiba16, mikotomikoshiba18, morgiana03, morgiana09, morgiana16, morgiana18, morgiana19, nuriko02, nuriko16, nuriko17, nuriko18, nuriko20, titans02, titans08, titans11, titans17, titans19 (+ donated - endrance15, kibainuzuka06)
- Extra Release Pulls Coupon (02/04 uses): kibainuzuka07, kibainuzuka08, kibainuzuka09, kibainuzuka10
- Wishing Tree (Ajisaitea): leotsukinaga07, icetypes113, arashinarukami02, chiakimorisawa20, izumisena16, chiakimorisawa18
- Wishing Tree (melinda): izumisena06, leotsukinaga01, shuitsuki10, icetypes112, arashinarukami08, teamseven01, elk02

Thank you!!

Miki on June 13, 2018 (07:42 pm)
(June 13 Update): ryuujiotogi12, ryuujiotogi16, chihiroogino12, chihiroogino16, haku12, haku16, mocaaoba09, mocaaoba13, rimiushigome09, rimiushigome13, toukomurasame09, toukomurasame13, bilalfaranbald09, bilalfaranbald13, noelvalmore09, noelvalmore13, morgiana09, morgiana13, titans09, titans13
Ajisaitea Wish: nuiharime04, nagisamisumi03, nagisamisumi20, nagisamisumi05, nagisamisumi01, nagisamisumi18
Melinda Wish: nuiharime05, axel17, nagisamisumi10, sakurakinomoto08, ryukomatoi15, sleepover01, flamesofdestiny03

THank you~! <3

Mio on June 13, 2018 (07:46 pm)
Higher or Lower 003: triplecccservants14, animalpajamas07, spring05, aratauzuki06, daikiaomine11 (-aliceinwonderland01, animalpajamas13, atthewatersedge11)
Wishing Tree - Ajisaitea - E32018: E areyoualice09, 3 artistarinatanemura13, 2 kogaoogami20, 0 fieldofflowers20, 1 kogaoogami19, 8 kogaoogami18
Wishing Tree - melinda - ELUSIVE: E areyoualice11, L fieldofflowers14, U gakuyaotome05, S artistarinatanemura01, I fieldofflowers15, V fragmentsoflove09, E green11
Character Skill (Koga Oogami): kogaoogami17
Character Skill (M21): rimiushigome17, rimiushigome18
Donation Pulls: chihiroogino01, haku01
Deck Release: rimiushigome13, rimiushigome14, rimiushigome15, rimiushigome16, ryuujiotogi01, ryuujiotogi02, ryuujiotogi03, ryuujiotogi04, nuriko10, nuriko11, bilalfaranbald09, bilalfaranbald10, bilalfaranbald11, bilalfaranbald12, mocaaoba01, mocaaoba02, mocaaoba03, mocaaoba04,

Amber on June 13, 2018 (07:49 pm)
------------ Update (6/13) ------------
- New Decks (Character Skill ~ Ranmaru Kurosaki ~ +2 release pull upgrade +extrareleasepulls coupon use 4/4): bilalfaranbald17, bilalfaranbald18, bilalfaranbald19, bilalfaranbald20, mocaaoba03, mocaaoba04, mocaaoba05, mocaaoba06, titans09, titans10, titans11, titans12, rimiushigome05, rimiushigome06, rimiushigome07, rimiushigome08 + mocaaoba07, mocaaoba09, mocaaoba10, mocaaoba11 (20/20 + 4/4)
- Sakura Spotlight Benefit (+4 unrestricted pulls): titans06, titans18, titans19, titans20 (4/4)
- Character Skill (Crusch Karsten ~ +2 deck pulls): titans07, titans08
- Character Skill (Lucina ~ +1 weekly choice): titans05
- Deck Donation (mocaaoba): mocaaoba01
- Deck Donation (titans): titans04
- Deck Donation (ripvanwinkle): ripvanwinkle17
- Deck Donation (ryuujiotogi): ryuujiotogi02
- Wish (Ajisaitea ~ E32018): daydream15, daydream13, daydream12, daydream20, daydream14, daydream18
- Wish (melinda ~ ELUSIVE): zechsmerquise04, lazyriffs03, goumatsuoka03, ranmarukurosaki08, stylishparasols03, leviackerman02, daydream19

thank you!

Joey on June 14, 2018 (11:23 am)
Wishing Tree (E32018): alphonseelric04, alphonseelric13, katsuyajounouchi20, alphonseelric10, katsuyajounouchi19, eternals18
Wishing Tree (ELUSIVE): alphonseelric06, eternals03, kannakamui07, maeshughes12, seasideshack04, sleepover18, green11
New Decks (8/20): endrance01, endrance03, haku03, haku16, kibainuzuka09, kibainuzuka18, mocaaoba08, mocaaoba19


Shiranna on June 14, 2018 (12:39 pm)
Release Pulls (character skill: with): toukomurasame01, toukomurasame04, toukomurasame13, toukomurasame16, mikotomikoshiba02, mikotomikoshiba05, mikotomikoshiba13, mikotomikoshiba19, lambo03, lambo04, morgiana03, morgiana04, nuriko09, nuriko12, nuriko17, nuriko20, titans02, titans08, titans13, titans16

Character Skill (kuranosukeshiraishi): toukomurasame08, toukomurasame18

Wishing Tree (Ajisaitea): historiareiss06, historiareiss03, historiareiss12, historiareiss07, historiareiss11, historiareiss08

Tanna on June 14, 2018 (04:46 pm)
Wishing Tree (E32018): doremiharukaze02, doremiharukaze03, yukitotsukishiro02, katsukibakugou05, katsukibakugou01, katsukibakugou08

New Decks: bonvoyage01, bonvoyage05

Thank you!

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