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If you still check up on us, thank you for your interest! Sakura is something that I, Cassidy, have always held dearly so I could never really let die, it seems!! However, this does NOT mean it is opening soon (if at all) – there is still lots to do and I'm also at a weird place in my life right now where I don't want to commit to running a TCG when I don't have a more stable/consistent schedule for the foreseeable future. The last thing I want to do is open it quickly then have to put it on the back burner or put it on hiatus again shortly after!

Currently, I am just working on things whenever I have the time and energy to but since there's a lot yasu and I decided we want to revamp and at the pace I've been going at, it will take a while to complete (I'm also trying to not pressure or rush myself to finish anything for my own sanity lol). Please note though that whatever you see on the site now may not be what ends up being used later on if we open as many things are always subject to change!

With all that being said, feel free to continue joining our Discord as I've seen a handful of people do recently! It will definitely be the first place we'll notify if we decide to re-open after all as well as if there are any other additional updates, but you can also use it to chat with others and stuff if you'd like. Just please do not ask if we have a date we plan to re-open as, like I mentioned already, it is still undecided — both a date and if we'll even follow through on this or not. I decided to add this notice, though, because I've already received a few excited messages asking if we were so this is all the info I can offer at the moment!

Thank you again for all the interest in a return though!! It warms my heart to see there's still some people out there who want a Sakura comeback LOL I hope whoever reading this has a great rest of the year, and hopefully 2023 will be good for us all as well! ❤️

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