mini hiatus start!

( Sep. 01, 2019 )
Welcome to September!! As the title says, the mini hiatus does start today but we've got some things to go over first so let's get started!


We're going on hiatus but we still have one for September! If we're still on hiatus come October, I'll post again with the Event Achievement for that month. We also have one for the TCG's anniversary because I completely forgot about it last month lmao...

Event Achievements: ev-anniversary03, ev-201909


August is now over which means all our current events are too! This includes both the Sports Festival and Anniversary events so no more posts can be made for anything a part of or related to them. Anything not replied to or rewarded yet will be done as soon as we're able to which can be anywhere from a few days to possibly even tonight!

The Final Ranking Announcement for the Sports Festival event will be either posted later today or in the following days once we finish going through everyone's threads as well as each team's overall thread, and making sure everything is correct. I hope everyone enjoyed the events!!


Because the hiatus is starting today, we will not be doing the rest of the usual monthly stuff. That means from now until we come back, we will not be accepting new donations nor will the monthly site games be updated! However, I believe Card Shiratori will still be ongoing, and I welcome any other forum games staff to continue updating their assigned games during the hiatus if they'd like!

There are also some games that don't require any updating on our end so they can still be played each month, such as Wishing Tree and Birthday Party! If you have a birthday this month (or any following month if we're still on hiatus by then), you're free to take your birthday present during the month of-- we just won't be doing Achievement Badges (but when we return, we'll allow anyone who had a birthday during the hiatus apply for one at that point).

As for the other games, don't forget that you can still play the Weekly Set of games each week when they reset on Wednesdays! Replacement rewards for the Biweekly Set of games can be picked up HERE (and this link, as well as other related links, will be accessible from the new section on the sidebar titled "Hiatus Info.") but please make sure you're taking the correct reward for the biweekly set of games that would normally be updated that week.

You can also pick up the Weekly Gift from HERE once per week, for every week we're on hiatus starting from this Wednesday! Like the games, weeks also reset the same day. This is to apologize for the sudden hiatus and so you guys are still receiving some cards to keep your trade piles fresh™!

For the rest of the mini hiatus information and stuff that was already mentioned before, please read the Mini Hiatus Notice before asking us any questions! We will still be available on Discord and through forum PMs so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need us.


And that's it for now! Summer is close to being over for some of us but our vacation is just starting-- we will try to be back sooner than later though, and we'll keep you all updated on any progress or status updates if/when they happen! Thanks again to those of you who've been understanding and supportive of the hiatus, and for everyone who's been playing so far!! We will see you all (officially™) later!

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Anna on October 03, 2019 (10:09 am)
Event Achievements: ev-anniversary03, ev-201909

Samii on October 13, 2019 (07:16 pm)
October 13, 2019 --------------------*
-Twitter Freebie (10/13): illyasvielvoneinzbernfsn16, quetzalcoatl01, reihino02, kyoukoigarashi01, koikisaragi18, totooriahelmold05, koikisaragi19, illyasvielvoneinzbernfsn19, illyasvielvoneinzbernfsn20, E, kyoukoigarashi02

Lee on October 16, 2019 (11:17 am)
ev-anniversary03, ev-201909

Megumi on November 05, 2019 (07:22 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-anniversary03, ev-201909

Whitney on November 25, 2019 (06:22 pm)
Character Skill (Ami Mizuno) for prejoin benefits;
Event Achievements: ev-anniversary03, ev-201909

Thank you!

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