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( Nov. 01, 2019 )
Yes, November is the best month and no, I am not taking criticism or feedback saying otherwise!! However, we are STILL ON HIATUS which I'm sure is a surprise to no one! I do apologize for that though and because we don't have plans to return yet but at this current time, I don't think we'll be back before the year is over. ;; So please expect us sometime in 2020!


We've got more Event Achievements for those of you still checking in, though! There's one for Halloween, the new month as well as my birthday coming up on the 5th so grab them while you can!!

Event Achievements: ev-halloween2019, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019

Like always, update freebies (including any Event Achievements) expire 2 months from the update's post date (3 months if you're a prejoiner/have prejoin benefits from the Character Skill).


Last on the monthly agenda is about our currently ongoing events!

As of midnight, Trick-or-Treating has finished! No more new posts by trick-or-treaters can be made unless you're replying to finish a trick! Only homeowners may continue posting in their threads if they still have any treats left to hand out but you only have until 11:59 PM EST on November 30th to do so!

Also ending at that time is the Candy Shop which is now open! It can be found over on the forums and is self-served because we're still on hiatus so please read everything over carefully, and make sure you're following the rules and limits (if any)! We will be checking posts periodically and won't hesitate to contact anyone if we spot an error.


We'll see you all again on December 1st for the next monthly update/check-in with more Event Achievements and possibly another event! We'll see how we feel as the holidays are usually one of the busiest times for lots of us. ;;

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Shinya on November 18, 2019 (04:37 pm)
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Whitney on November 25, 2019 (06:36 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-halloween2019, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019
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Thank you! Happy belated Birthday!

Anna on November 28, 2019 (04:27 pm)
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Anna on November 28, 2019 (07:26 pm)
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Joey on December 10, 2019 (11:29 pm)
Event Achievements: ev-halloween2019, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019

Violet on December 11, 2019 (09:10 am)
Event Achievements: ev-halloween2019, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019\r\nTwitter Freebies (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA): subaruakehoshi09, saayayamabuki17, pets10, pets17, saayayamabuki10, subaruakehoshi20, saayayamabuki11, subaruakehoshi06, atsushiotani02, subaruakehoshi07, garnetalexandros12, amimizuno01, saayayamabuki14, saayayamabuki15, subaruakehoshi10, subaruakehoshi11, subaruakehoshi14, subaruakehoshi15, amimizuno02 + instantmastery coupon\r\nTwitter Freebies (MY ONLY PRINCE + MASATO): saayayamabuki01, saayayamabuki03, subaruakehoshi02, amimizuno08, garnetalexandros09, saayayamabuki04, pets19, subaruakehoshi04, saayayamabuki05, amimizuno12, meitachibana18, subaruakehoshi05 + saayayamabuki16, amimizuno19, subaruakehoshi12, subaruakehoshi16, atsushiotani04, subaruakehoshi18\r\nTwitter Freebies (SNOWY STARS MASA): umisonoda02, leonskennedy18, amimizuno06, winter06, yukarihayasaka02, atsushiotani01, atsushiotani18, amimizuno07, winter13, pets12, umisonoda18, sakurakinomoto08, pets15, sakurakinomoto13\r\nTwitter Freebies: 2222 petals\r\nTwitter Freebies (BITTERSWEET + heart): meitachibana03, umisonoda19, atsushiotani06, garnetalexandros01, pets06, winter02, umisonoda20, winter07, pets09, purple07, makotokino18 + atsushiotani10

Violet on December 11, 2019 (09:10 am)
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Lee on January 01, 2020 (03:21 pm)
ev-halloween2019, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019

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