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( Dec. 01, 2016 )
New Members: Amber, Ashley
Sakura Spotlight: Samu (pick up your reward here!)
Games: Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote (Make sure you read the information for Wishing Tree!)
Level Ups: Eon (Level 9); Haleyrenee (Level 6); Jessica (Level 8); Kairi (Level 6); Lex (Level 4); Min (Level 2); Mio (Level 7); Nea (Level 2); Samu (Level 8); Wing (Level 3)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (sousukeyamazaki, orihimeinoue, mutsukikurama, sakura, chiakimorisawa, kyousukekuga); AL (utauhoshina, utapridebut); Becca (rangikumatsumoto, vanillediaoerba, ohanamatsumae); Cami (izumisena, wetshirts, mutsukikurama); Cas (lightmusicclub); Cassidy (hajimemutsuki, bproject, naokamiya); Eon (cvmamorumiyano, drummers, magenanashiro, reijisuwa, sleepypicnic, stride, juliusvisconti, suzuyatohzuki, wetshirts, umisonoda); Haleyrenee (mayushimada, yuikomori, shin, mikleo); Hotaru (vanillediaoerba); Jessica (shin, hestia, harukananami, luciananami, hanonhoushou, summeroasis, vanillediaoerba, tomoyoitano); Kairi (glassslipper, inspring, tomoyoitano); Kearin (madokakaname, kobatohanato, mamitomoe); Min (arashinarukami, crowarmbrust, izumisena, reijisuwa, azusaasahina, tsubakiasahina); Mina (tomoyodaidouji, stevenstone, heathhasekura, eschamalier, asbellhant, nanakodojima, hestia); Minty (arashinarukami, celestialrecord, gamushararomantic, nazunanito); Miro (magicianscourt, grandopening, honokakousaka, nicoyazawa); Natsu (toma, tsubakiasahina, starryskyinwinter, takerufujiwara, harukananase); Nea (utauhoshina, chierisono, haineotomiya, ichigohoshimiya, honokakousaka, eliayase, makinishikino, nicoyazawa, edwardelric , cutelook, winterspremonition, madokakaname); Samu (madokakaname); Wing (nozomitojou, rikosakurauchi, iwasamecafe, julymermaids, makototachibana, magicianscourst, victorianball, alicebaskerville, nagisahazuki); yasu (eliayase, kotoriminami, rikosakurauchi)

Wishing Tree

miro"cards spelling winter because... winter is coming" No restrictions!
haleyrenee"choices spelling chilly because its starting to snow where i am!!" No more than 2 per deck!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Monthly Stuff

Donation limits have been reset and a new thread to claim the decks you want to donate in December is open! (If you haven't gotten your donations in before this update, I'll let you still get them in today!)

Those who have birthdays in December can now pick up their Birthday Present and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge between now and the end of the month, also!

Lastly, here's the new event achievement for December!


Event Updates

Both parts of the Halloween event are now finished so this event is now complete! No more new posts can be made in the treat shop from this point on but anything that was posted prior to this update going up will be responded to ASAP.


This is just a small reminder for when you guys link an image containing multiple characters but only want specific ones in your custom graphics to please indicate both the name of the character(s) you want featured and a brief description of who they are/where to find them in the image! We don't know every single character and series so we can pretty much only rely on Google to tell us who to crop and hope that's who you were requesting.

The following Adoption Certificates and Box Sets have been updated to fix typos and for consistency since some certificates had different wordings for the same skill and some Box Set Sheets had different stylizing and filename formats for the same series.
  • Adoption Certificates: al-renjinguji, becca-abelnightroad, becca-shiinamashiro, cassidy-yohtomoe, eon-juliusvisconti, mina-nanasakurai, natsu-hyunryu
  • Box Set Sheets: jules-ensemblestars01, any of the prince of stride and diabolik lovers box sets
Players don't need to re-upload and update their own certificate and/or Box Set Sheet on their site if they don't want to but if you do, feel free!

Also regarding activities: if any of you ever see your adoption, Box Set, Hanami Deck, or unlocked Hanami Deck card missing from its respective page after 1 week then please let us know! It most likely was not added due to forgetfulness.

Not sure if anyone noticed but on the Members List, you can now see a little flower pixel next to the trade post pixel on each player's member info! This actually links to your Hanami Deck page once it's been made and Cassidy remembers to update your profile so if you don't see one for you even though you applied, please let us know over at the Error Reporting (Profiles & Related) thread on the forums.

Coming Up

A new layout will likely go up for Christmas/Winter, and we are currently planning a holiday event so look forward to those things and get ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

The next update will be on December 7th with Cassidy!

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