It's almost Halloween!

( Oct. 26, 2016 )
New Members: Ivy, Kearin, yasu
Level Up: Ajisaitea (Level 5); Cami (Level 4); Eon (Level 7); haleyrenee (Level 3); Jules (Level 6); Kairi (Level 4); Mina (Level 6); Mio (Level 5); Raie (Level 2); Samu (Level 6)
Masteries: Ajisaitea (gokuson, tokiyaichinose, nagisahazuki, haineotomiya, hayatoaozora, sakurakinomoto, chii); Amanda (makototachibana); Becca (kanamimashita, utapridebut, magenanashiro, mutsukikurama); Cami (rinmatsuoka, ranshibuki, shin); Cassidy (haineotomiya, shikikagurazaka, underwaterswimming, mayushimada); Eon (crowarmbrust, kanamimashita, megumitadokoro, shizumamayuzumi, kyousukekuga, shikikagurazaka, cvmamorumiyano, anisyamamoto); haleyrenee (honokakousaka, reijisuwa, rikosakurauchi, betsuma2015calendar, julymermaids, kanamimashita, nozomitojou, eliayase, mai); Jessica (inoriyuzuriha, chierisono, mai, tomoyodaidouji ); Josie (magenanashiro, procellagravi); Jules (mamitomoe, izumisena, faidflourite, utauhoshina, tsukumogami1, haruhifujioka); Jun (mamitomoe); Kairi (yukaritakeba, tomoyodaidouji, betsuma2015calendar, hanyuufurude, mamitomoe); Kayori (inspring, genjosanzo); Lex (celestialrecord, kotoriminami); Mina (rukimukami, nanasakurai, yohtomoe, stride, dragonsong, tsukumogami1); Minty (makinishikino, nanasakurai, cutelook, sakurakinomoto, sayakamiki); Mio (arashinarukami, shinobusengoku, anisyamamoto, utapridebut, cvmamorumiyano); Miro (rinhoshizora); Natsu (cvmamorumiyano, erinanakiri, kougyokuren, shin, izumisena); Samu (yohtomoe); Wing (eliayase)
Referrals: Cassidy (x1); haleyrenee (x1); Jessica (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B

Wishing Tree

Ajisaitea / Mina / Kearin / Wing"I wish for 5 random treats for everyone." / "I wish for everyone to receive 5 choice candies! :)" / "I wish that everyone can get some free candy of their choice!" / "I wish everyone gets 1 of each type of candy!" SO HERE'S WHAT YOU GUYS ARE GETTING: 5 random candies, 1 candy of each type (5 total), and 5 candies of your choice! To make things easier for everyone, just head on over here and grab everything you see!

Eon"Choice cards spelling out SPOOPY because happy halloweeen!" 1 per deck. Please comment with what you're taking for both wishes as well!

Deck Release

The vanillediaoerba deck is Kairi's (our Spotlight Member) second deck request but the rest are all decks with the most votes and a few older decks that were sitting around for a bit too long! If you don't see anything you voted for being released this week, make sure you check back next week! Hopefully there'll be something there for you instead. ^^

You may take a total worth of 8 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Achievements

We've reached 45 members!!!!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ I kind of wanted to wait and see if we'd get to 50 before making a new Event Achievement but since it took some time to get to 45 as it is (and also because it's not even 45 active members but just 45 people who've signed up so far lol), I'm doing this now! So everyone can take the badge below~


Event Reminders

Part 1 of the Halloween Event will be ending once it turns midnight on October 31st and it becomes November 1st so if you're planning on mastering the event deck before then to get the bonus reward + custom badge, don't forget to unlock all the cards and hand the mastery in on time!!!!!! Anything handed in after the deadline will receive the regular mastery reward and no custom badge.

Trick-or-Treating will also be finishing up at the same time so house owners, please remember to hand out your candy ASAP! If there's anyone who doesn't receive their treat on time but has asked for it, has completed their trick, or asked for a trick but wasn't given one on time, I'll come around and pass those out on behalf of whoever the house owner is.

Also, while Trick-or-Treating will be officially done once Part 1 of the event ends, you guys can still use the threads to continue talking to other players if you had a conversation going! You just can't pass out any candy or receive any.


The Level Up Information page on the site has been updated with the actual requirements for card worth that needed to be met in order to rank up to the higher levels! The requirements that were there before didn't match up with the summary but everything should be correct now.

Also, in case anyone caught this, there was a typo in last week's update regarding the cost of the Grab Bag (Pack of 10) item from the Flower Shop! It originally said the price was "lowered from 18 to 20 Sakura Flowers" which of course doesn't make sense since it was actually supposed to be 20 to 18 Sakura Flowers but I gave the wrong information to Aqua without realizing so I apologize for that mistake and any confusion it may have caused anyone. ;; Last week's update was edited the same day as soon as it was pointed out to me but in case there was anyone who didn’t notice, well, now you know! (Hopefully.)

Lastly, I just want to remind you guys again of the rules for Upcoming Vote! PLEASE read them, understand them, and follow them! Like I mentioned before, failure to do so will result in your votes being deleted so please follow the rules!! I see who votes for what so I know who is and isn't following the rules so please don't make me chase you down when I've repeated this multiple times and even put it right on the game page above the form. ;;

Coming Up

A few things, actually! But first, a couple of questions:
  1. Would you guys like me to make a Twitter for the TCG to post quick updates to and whenever an update is posted on the site (maybe some freebies now and then as well which can be taken either by replying to the tweet or commenting on the latest update)?

  2. Would you guys like me to add a "Community" section on the forums with topics for free talk and all that kind of stuff? I usually do have these sections in my TCGs but they were rarely used if at all in my past experiences so I didn't add any for this TCG.
If you guys want any of these things or maybe just one and not the other then let me know!

This will be the last update before the month is over so I'd like to remind anyone who hasn't yet to make sure you not only turn in your donations for October but also play the Monthly games! If you have a birthday this month and haven't picked up your present and/or apply for your Birthday Achievement Badge then make sure you do that as well!

The next update is actually going to be a day early since the beginning of the month falls close to our usual update day so check back on Tuesday, November 1st for a combined weekly and monthly update! I'm not sure who the update will be done by yet so I guess you guys will be in for a surprise~

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