almost halloween! 😈

( Oct. 25, 2017 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
New Affiliates: Hope's Peak
Level Ups: Amanda (Level 8); Haylee (Level 8); Idil (Level 5); Kupo (Level 2)

Wishing Tree

Ajisaitea"Since it's the season for tricks and treats I wish for 5 repeat House visits. But only 5." So everyone can pick 5 houses to re-visit but when making that second visit, please make a note in your post that you're using the wish from 10/25 so it'll be considered valid. Please also make note of which visits are re-visits when you're turning them in as proofs to redeem cards from the event deck!

Kupo"One choice card coupon for everyone! ^__^" For this, you can pick EITHER the regular choicecard coupon OR the special limited halloween2017choicecard coupon which will let you choice a card from the event deck here! Please choose only one of them, not both!!

Deck Release

Before anyone asks, I am aware that there are two decks from the same series in the release below but because they were both requested by our Sakura Spotlight member and they weren't made until recently, I could only release both of them this week to ensure that they were released before the month is over. ;; Normally, we only release 1 deck per series per release and try to space out the spotlight member-requested deck releases throughout the month but things happen so consider this a special exception!

You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
Those with the +2 Release Pulls Character Skill can take an additional 2 cards with no restrictions.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Donators can take the card(s) they donated from the deck.
If your donation is the master badge, you can take any card from the deck as your donation.
The deckmaker can take 1 extra card from the deck they made.
If you want to take any card from this deck that isn't your donation, it will be included in the 16 cards you can take from this update as part of the new deck release.


Lucky Lollipops and 1 vs 1 have all been updated for this week! Results for Week #3 of Lucky Lollipops can be found here and results for Round #2 of 1 vs 1 can be found here. We are also in the last rounds for both of these games so do make sure you participate on time!

The next and final Halloween Roulette game, Cauldron Chaos, is up now too so feel free to start participating in that if you haven’t already! Like Lucky Lollipops and 1 vs 1, the results of what you pick will not be revealed until the game finishes on the 31st but there are some big differences from those games so make sure you give the post a read before participating!!

The special Event Shop is also open now so feel free to test your luck some more and (hopefully) rack up some more halloween2017 cards! Like mentioned on the Event Information page and in its thread, this shop will close on the 31st as well.

Speaking of that day, don’t forget that all games will be finishing up on Oct. 31st (around 11:59 PM, eastern timezone) as well! However, as long as your play is posted before then, it will be accepted and you can still turn in to redeem cards from the event deck.

Trick-or-Treating will also finish on the 31st so please make sure you finish up your tricks and hand out all pending treats by then! Once the day rolls over to Nov. 1st, no more posts can be made-- and yes, this applies to homeowners who still need to pass out treats! If there’s anything leftover that still needs to be responded to, I will do it myself but of course, I’d prefer if there’s less for me to do so please help an admin out and finish everything on time. ;;

That being said, the Card Redeeming and Event Deck Mastery threads will remain open for at least another week, probably until Nov. 8th (unless I feel like we need to extend the deadline) to give everyone enough time to hand everything in and because the games end right on the 31st so don’t worry about needing to rush those in!


After monitoring the activity for the event and making some realizations that I hadn’t thought of when I was originally planning, I’ve decided to implement some last minute campaigns!

First: For this week and this week only, ALL plays in any of the Halloween Roulette games can be turned in for DOUBLE the amount of cards you’re normally allowed to redeem from the event deck! That means for every 1 play in any of those games, you can get 4 cards from the event deck instead of 2!!

However, this only applies to plays that were originally posted between Oct. 25th - Oct. 31st, although any time on those days is valid and can be redeemed for the doubled amount even if they were made from before this update was posted (so as long as the post date still says it was the 25th when you made it).

Second: I’ve added 2 random cards from the event deck to each of the weekly games AND I’m giving you all a coupon that you can start using today to double the amount of cards you can get from the event deck! (Or, you can save it to use later-- whatever you’d like!) Hopefully by doing this, it’ll help anyone who was struggling to finish up their halloween2017 mastery, or were trying to master it more than once.

Event Freebie (10/25): weeklygamerewards coupon


This is the last update for the month so this is your reminder to get in all donations for October, play the monthly games, apply for your Birthday Achievement Badge and pick up your birthday present if you’re an October baby, etc.!

I also wanted to say that I plan on trying to (hopefully) get the new Character Skills and forum games ready and running before the year is over! I haven’t completely forgotten about them (but honestly I do keep forgetting about them from time to time orz) nor are they going to be scrapped, I'm just slowly… very slowly... working on them so please bear with me. ;;

ALL THAT ASIDE-- The next update will be on November 1st! I'm not sure who’s going to be the one posting it yet since it’s technically Aqua’s week to update but because it’s a monthly update as well, it would be yasu who’d do it so I guess it’ll be a surprise when the time comes!!

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