Our first update!

( Aug. 31, 2016 )
New Members: Ajisaitea, Aki, Aqua, Becca, Cami, Cassidy, Dina, Eon, Hotaru, Jessica, Joey, Josie, Jules, Jun, Kairi, Lex, Mariko, Megumi, Mina, Minty, Mio, moe, Natsu, Samu, Shark, Story, Wing
Level Up: No one!
Masteries: Eon (reijisuwa); Jules (arashinarukami, shinobusengoku); Jun (blackmagiciangirl); moe (crowarmbrust)
New Affiliates: Dilly Dally
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B, Monthly, Upcoming Vote

Event Achievements

There are a few today! The first two are the monthly Event Achievements that you can take as long as you were a member during that month (and will be available for the entire month), and the last is an Event Achievement to celebrate our first mastery in the TCG!

As you guys will probably notice, we've already got a handful of decks that were mastered within the single week we've been officially opened but special congratulations are in order for Eon as they were not only the first to master reijisuwa but also the first to master any deck in the TCG— all in less than 6 hours after officially opening!

Event Achievements: ev-201608, ev-201609, ev-firstmastery

Wishing Tree

Since this game wasn't open until today, there are no wishes from other players yet so I'll be granting my own for now until we start getting some!

Cassidy wished for "everyone to get 4 Sakura Flowers!" Please comment that you're taking these.

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 8 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


It's the first update and boy do I have lots to talk about! Please make sure you read everything below here and don't just skip over since the freebies and new decks are above!

Firstly, Adopt a Character and Box Sets are now ready to participate in! Information about those two activities have been added to the Information Guide but I still need to write up and post the related threads on the forum. I'll get those up before the week(end) is over, though!

I'm still working on the member decks activity (which will be called "Hanami Decks"— thank you Samu for the suggestion!) so that's not ready yet but I'm aiming to have that ready to reveal in October! Sorry that you guys will have to wait a little longer for that. ;;

But on a related note, I put up a new hiring thread for forum activities staff here since I forgot to do that when I was hiring the other staff! Check it out if you're interested in applying~

Secondly, rewards for those of you who participated in prejoin can now be picked up here! Just click your name and take everything you see that loads there, but no refreshing if you don't like what you see!! Don't forget these reminders about donation/deck maker pulls as well (which you can comment on this update with):
  • If you donated a currently released deck that is on the site already then you may take 1 choice card from it in addition to the regular reward for donating it.
  • If you made a currently released deck, you also get to take 1 choice card from it.
  • If you donated AND made a currently released deck then you get to take both the donator and deck maker bonus mentioned in the previous two bullet points!
  • If a deck you donated/made is still on the Upcoming List do not take a choice card from it until it's been officially released!

Next on the list of things to mention are some monthly-related things! Since it's now September, donations for the month are open again! Don't forget that players can only donate 5 decks per month now and that you must claim your decks before donating them.

The Birthday Achievement Badges thread is now open as well so if you have a birthday either in August or September then don't forget to post there before this month is over! If you don't then you'll have to wait until your birthday month rolls around again next year to get a Birthday Achievement Badge which means you'd miss out on a year. :(

Coming Up

I don't have the staff pay ready for today like I had wanted so I'm sorry! I think I should have it done for Friday or Saturday though so hopefully you guys don't mind waiting until then for me to sort everything out and code the pages. ;; Like I mentioned above, I'll also have the member deck activity ready by/for October, and I also still need to figure out rewards for pre-prejoin helpers but that will also hopefully come within the week be added to the Prejoin Rewards randomizer right after this!

The next update will be on September 7 and it should be done by Aqua, Sakura's other co-owner! I'll be around to help her out though since this'll be her first time doing an update for TCGs in general since I coerced her into helping me with updates for this TCG among other things so be nice to her, alright?!

That's it for me today, and I'm SO sorry that this is a long update. Like truly sorry. Although if any of you know me from my other TCGs then this might not be a surprise to you. BUT TO ANYONE ELSE, I'M SORRY! This will probably not be the last time I write a lot. :')))) SO UNTIL THEN! Bye bye~~

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