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( Sep. 01, 2017 )

And surprisingly, I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be considering last night was the end of the event and all that lol... So I'm here to bring you the monthly update! I don't actually have much of an intro today so let's just get right into it~


A new month means a new spotlight member and the latest recipient of this ~highest honor~ goes to...!

Congratulations, Lex, you are Sakura's Spotlight Member for September! Please pick up your reward either through the link on the sidebar or through the Sakura Spotlight link on the Interactive page, and PM me on the forums once you've chosen 2 decks that you want to be released (or made and released, if choosing something from the Deck Claims list that's only been donated instead of something already made on the Upcoming List)!


First on the agenda: the Sports Festival! This event (as well as the 1 Year Anniversary event but more on that later) is now FINISHED. I wrote more about what'll happen now and included a little personal message from myself over in the Event Updates thread so please do give that a look if you haven't!

Currently, the Festival Staff and I will be working on processing the last of the point forms that were turned in, officially completing/closing any Team Activity rounds still open, and making sure all point forms that were turned in on time are properly updated and reflected in their team's totals. Once we finish that, I'll start compiling all the points totals so I can finalize and announce the results, and hand out the rewards/prizes! However, I don't know how long this will all take so please be patient while we sort everything out!!

Meanwhile, the Break Room will remain open until September 13th, when the update is posted for that week. Please make sure to use all your medals by then or else they will go to waste as they have no other purpose or use after the Break Room closes!

Additionally, the special Sports Festival prices for items in the Petal and Flower Shops (the ones that cost sunflowers to purchase) will be available until September 6th so please make use of them by then as the sunflowers will also have no purpose or use afterwards! Any purchases using sunflowers that were made after Aug. 31st will not award you points for the event, however.


Next up is the 1 Year Anniversary event which is now FINISHED as of today as well! This means that all gifts/campaigns that were ongoing are now finished.

So, no more new Member IDs can be applied for nor can any more Mini Masteries be turned in. If you turned in a Mini Mastery before last night's deadline but it hasn't been approved yet then it will be soon! Similarly, if you had an error with a Mini Mastery that was turned in then it will be addressed soon as well.

The regular Petal and Flower Shop prices (the ones that cost sakura petals and sakura flowers to purchase) have been restored to their original costs, and we're back to our regular deck releases of only 8-12 decks starting with next week's update, too!

There will also be no more new rounds of Card Shiratori, and no more stalls can be visited in Sakura Matsuri. These two games will officially be added to the TCG at a later date though so watch out for that! Any of the announcements made during the event that haven't been implemented yet will be added as soon as I can get to them.


First is the Event Achievement for the new month and the second is for the TCG reaching 700 released decks! There's also one to celebrate the 1st anniversary (because I forgot to make one for the update on the 23rd...) so as long as you joined before today, you are allowed to take all three of them!

Event Achievements: ev-201709, ev-700decks, ev-anniversary01

Next, the Deck Claims spreadsheet has been cleared of un-donated claims from August so donation limits are now reset, and a new Deck Claims thread has been put up for the month! Don't forget that we're back to only allowing 2 decks per series for claims and donations.

The Monthly set of games has also been updated, including Birthday Party where players born in September can now pick up their present and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge over on the forums! (I haven't forgotten about the remaining badges from August and the couple that were already posted for September before I could make the official announcement in-thread! I will be getting to those ASAP.)

The games and services that had sunflowers added to them should no longer have them now but if you find that they still are please let me know so I can remove them!


I know I said I'd see you guys again on September 6th for the next weekly update because Aqua won't be able to do it but it'll actually be yasu doing it instead since she's practically a co-admin at this point lmao! As far as I know, it's her first time doing an update for any TCG ever and I'm teaching her how to do it so please be easy on her!

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