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( May. 10, 2017 )
New Members: Mosur – Welcome!
Referrals: Hotaru (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 9); aloe (Level 3); Lex (Level 10); Rizu (Level 6, Level 7, Level 8)

Wishing Tree

I thought I would dig through some of the older wishes we received since the TCG opened as long as they weren't related to or something season/holiday-specific, as well as things I see that are commonly wished for and some more recent ones so enjoy!

Jessica / Shark / Raie / Lee — I added up the total amount of Sakura Petals asked for in each wish that was submitted (and then rounded up so it'd be a multiple of 5) so everyone can take 55 Sakura Petals!

Lee / Jams / Kearin / min — I combined different coloured-themed wishes for this one, so everyone can take 2 choice cards for each colour in the rainbow (and then some)-- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, and Brown! Any shades that would fall under one of the colours would be acceptable (so a pink card would count towards red) and there are no other restrictions. I'll trust you guys on figuring out what decks would be classified as which colours, however if you're unsure and don't want to get anything wrong then feel free to PM me on the forums!!

Hotaru"I wish for cards spelling MOTHERS DAY because my mom is just the most amazing person <3" My mom is also the most amazing person and I love her a lot so here's to all the moms out there! No more than 2 per deck for this one, though.

And to wrap things up, I'm throwing in a freebie from us, your admins, to celebrate reaching 70 members!!! There won't be a new Event Achievement (although there will be one if we somehow hit 75 members) but you guys can take a choice #7 card, a choice #0 card, and the first 10 random cards you see from the first section of cards on the General Randomizer page!

Remember that the filenames or card numbers only have to include a 7 or 0 so something like makinishikino07 or makinishikino17 would be allowed for the choice #7 card, and something like makinishikino01 or makinishikino10 would be allowed for the choice #0 card. Also, please log this freebie as "Freebie (70 Members)"!

Deck Release

And with this release, we've finally released all the decks that were donated during Prejoin!! It only took us... a little bit more than 8 months? BUT WE FINALLY DID IT. This means that releases will be returning to 8-12 decks, starting with next week's update!

You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


I feel like I had more to mention today but I forgot to write them down and so I don't have much to say today, except for one thing regarding donations!

If any of you ever want to donate a deck but the images for the donation are put together by someone else (and you're donating it on their behalf for whatever reason, like they don't have enough donation slots for the month) or even if you're friends with one of the deck makers and already arranged for them to make the donation because they have the images already then please mention that when you claim your decks!

Collaborating or planning stuff like this is perfectly acceptable and allowed here so it doesn't need to be a secret or something sneaky!! We just prefer to know upfront and right away to avoid problems later down the road, like if Deck Maker A claims a deck that won't have an actual donation because the player who claimed that donation already sent the images to Deck Maker B (or if Deck Maker B already has the images) that they happen to be friends with. It's really just to make sure everyone is on the same page and to prevent overlaps or other issues that may arise from things like this!


Uh... nothing really, I suppose? I've been pretty busy lately and it feels like I never have enough time in a day anymore so I haven't been able to do much of anything but I hope I'll be able to devote a little more time to Sakura in the near future! I want to do another event soon (like a team battle, maybe?) so if any of you guys have ideas for something or anything (team battle related or not), shoot it my way!! I won't make any promises but I really want to do something lmao...

That being said, I'll end here for this week! Aqua will see you guys next week on May 17th so I'll see you guys the week after!

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