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( Apr. 05, 2017 )
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set A, Upcoming Vote
Level Ups: Adelicya (Level 7); Cassidy (Level 9); Melinda (Level 4); Rosenel (Level 3)

Wishing Tree

cait"I'm into my first semester of uni (I know, I'm a youngin') so how about choice cards for everyone spelling 'GOODLUCK' ^ ^ Thank you!" 2 per deck!

Deck Release

You may take a total worth of 16 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer (Will be updated with the right card amount later)!


The next update will be on April 12th with Cassidy!

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happy april!!

( Apr. 01, 2017 )
There won't be any jokes or tricks or anything like that today so if any of you were worrying about that, fear not! If there was anyone who was looking forward to something though then I apologize because I'm not very creative or funny... Maybe next year?


I've got the Deck Claims spreadsheet cleared of any decks that were claimed in March but were not donated on time so donation limits have been reset for April and you guys are free to start claiming in the new thread for this month if you haven't yet!

The Monthly set of games have been updated as well so give those a play, and players born in April can also pick up their present now and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge over on the forums! If you don't apply for this before the month is over, you'll have to wait until next year to claim your badge so don't forget to do it ASAP!


Without further ado, our new spotlight member for the month of April is...

Congratulations, Amber! Please pick up your reward from the sidebar or on the Sakura Spotlight game page itself, and PM me on the forums with your choice of 2 decks that you want to be released (and made, if necessary) during the month!


I've got three for you guys, today; one for the new month, one for reaching 65 members, and one for White Day because I forgot about it...! As long as you joined before today, you can take all three of the Event Achievements below.

Event Achievements: ev-201704, ev-65members, ev-whiteday2017


The only other thing I wanted to mention is a follow up on the forum version update that happened a few days ago. With the help of Ajisaitea and Cami, I was able to figure out how to carry over accounts, threads, posts, private messages, etc. to a new forum and even tested it out so I'm feeling more confident about re-installing the forums!

As such, I've decided to go forward with the re-install one week from now on April 8th. I'll post an exact time on our Twitter before it happens so please make sure you check it on that day so you know when the forums will be inaccessible and so you won't worry about what happened! The re-install and restoring the database shouldn't take too long but I'll tweet again once everything's done.

The reason I'm not doing this right away is because I want to take some precautions just in case everything doesn't get carried over when I do a database restore. That's why I encourage everyone to take screencaps of and save what they can and/or what they think they'll need to use in the future (ie. proofs for completing something or to use a coupon) or just want to keep! Please also make sure that you post everything that you need or want to before the 8th so that they will be included in the back up I make or else they will likely be lost and won't get carried over.

As for staff members: If you plan on responding to anything, please do so by the 8th as well! Otherwise, please wait until after the forum re-installation is done to do anything.

//EDIT ON 04.02 — I forgot to mention that as of yesterday, Trade Meters only need 15 trades to be completed! Don't forget that this only applies to Trade Meters using trades from March 29th and onward, though!

If you didn't know about this or forgot and turned in a Trade Meter with 25 trades any time after the 12 AM EST on the 1st then you can take the leftover trades from those Trade Meters and count them towards a new one! So if I turned in 2 Trade Meters yesterday that both had 25 trades each, I'd have 20 trades leftover from them that I could use towards a new Trade Meter which would then leave me with 5 more trades to use towards the next one. Hopefully that makes sense?


Lastly, there will be a new project starting on April 5th where every week, we will release an additional 4 decks on top of whatever amount of decks we release that week that will consist solely of decks that were donated during Prejoin!

By doing this, not only will we able to continue releasing decks people vote for or need (ie. for Box Sets or Deck Request Coupons) but we'll also push out the potentially "less wanted" decks and have them all released by mid-May or so we won't be letting them catch dust any longer. In addition, because releases will be larger, everyone will also get more pulls to use!

And with that, Aqua will see you guys next week on April 5th for the regular weekly update!

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