Opening date decided!

( Aug. 21, 2016 )
It feels like I just made an update yesterday but it's actually been a few days? Time passes so quickly and before I knew it, we're almost ready to open! We actually managed to have over 90 decks right now, and by the time we open we might actually reach the original goal of 100 decks which is pretty exciting! This couldn't have been possible without our deck makers though so thank you guys for working hard!!

As such, I'm setting the tentative opening date to August 24, 2016 because Wednesday is the day I was originally thinking of updating on, and I also don't have work that day or until Friday of that week so I'll have time to actually be online and make sure opening goes as smoothly as possible. I also need the few extra days before Wednesday to get some other stuff done, and start contacting the new hires so please pray that I'm able to get everything done in time!

This also means that prejoin will be ending once we officially open so if you signed up on the forums but haven't done anything yet, or you haven't signed up on the forums but still want to in order to be considered a prejoiner then please get on that super fast! Even if you signed up during prejoin, you won't be given Prejoin status or bonus perks if you didn't participate at all.

Prejoin donations will also be due by August 24 (if we open on that day) so anything not donated by then will be removed from the Deck Claims List and will be up for grabs for anyone to claim and donate. If you haven't made your deck request yet either then this is your last chance to do so!! The sooner you tell us the better, too, so we're not scrambling around last minute to get it done for you (in which case, it might just not be ready in time anyways).

Annnnd I think that's about all I need to cover for now? So I'll see you guys on (what will hopefully be our) opening day!!!

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Almost there!

( Aug. 17, 2016 )
It's been almost two weeks since the TCG opened for Prejoin and while I initially set the opening goal to be 100 decks (50 released + 50 upcoming), I'm thinking we might be okay to open at 80 decks instead (40 released + 40 upcoming or maybe 35/45 released + 45/35 upcoming)... Since we're already currently at 70 decks, that means we'd only need to make 10 more decks before being ready to open!

We're also almost done with deciding on who to hire as deck makers and forum games staff as well but we're still looking for a few more volunteers to help with site games and forum services so if you haven't already applied but are interested, please do that soon!

Also, if there's anyone passing by or checking back on the site but haven't signed up on the forums yet then make sure you do, especially if you want to be considered a prejoiner! Of course, you'll need to actually participate in Prejoin once you make your account to get the status and bonus perks later on but even just donating one deck would count!

I'll make another update once an official opening date has been decided to ensure everyone has time to finish up things like donations but it might be fairly soon so if you've already joined the forums but haven't gotten in all your donations in yet, made your deck request, or anything else then please get on those ASAP!

And that's it for now~ See you guys soon!!

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