Prejoin is now starting!

( Aug. 05, 2016 )
It took a couple of years of working on this anime TCG project of mine (that honestly went through so many changes over the years) on and off but Sakura TCG is finally open for prejoin!

We're going to do prejoin here a little differently, however, because at the moment no one is allowed to submit a join form and no cards or rewards will be handed out until after the grand opening. Here, prejoin is going to be focused mainly on donations and deck making (as well as some other things) to make sure that we can open on the right foot!

To read more about how prejoin will work, please read through this forum thread for more information. All the prejoin stuff will be going on over at the Prejoin Headquarters sub-forum so anyone who's interested in donating or helping out with the TCG will need to make a forum account in order to be able to post!

Most of the forum is done but a lot of the threads and sub-forums will be locked until the grand opening. The threads that are not closed and are able to be posted in are General Q&A thread and all the threads in the Sakura Classifieds sub-forum as we will also be hiring staff during prejoin!

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the decks you see on the TCG that are currently released or on the Upcoming List may not stay released or on the Upcoming List depending on what donations we get as well as what decks prejoiners want to see be released when we open!

Lastly, I don't know how long prejoin will last (maybe when we have 50 decks ready to release that are a good mix of pre-prejoin donations and prejoin donations) but I will make an announcement here once a date has been decided.

If you want to be considered a prejoiner then make sure you sign up on the forums sooner than later! Only those who make a forum account between now and the official opening date in addition to helping out during the prejoin period will be considered prejoiners and get the bonuses.

Other than that... I have nothing else to say except that I'm really excited to finally get this TCG open and I hope to see a lot of people join, both on the forums for prejoin and on the site once we officially open! All questions should be directed to the Q&A thread on the forums but feel free to leave any general comments on this update!

// EDIT: Please let me know if you're having trouble signing up on the forums especially if you aren't receiving the e-mail to self-activate your account or if you get a notification saying that your post needs to be approved! It should be working now but you never know sometimes...

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