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This activity is called Adopt a Character and like the name suggests, allows you to adopt your favourite characters! But that's not all— you can also attach a skill to your chosen character which will help you out in the TCG when activated!

At Sakura, each player may have up to 3 Character Adoptions at a time with each having a maximum of 1 Character Skill. If a player wants a new or different adoption but already has 3 characters then they will need to abandon one of their current adoptions to make room for the new one OR use an "Additional Adoption" Coupon (in which case, the maximum amount of adoptions the player is allowed to have is bumped up to 6).


To make sure players are not just adopting characters on a whim, we require a payment in the form of Sakura Petals in order to make an adoption!

This adoption payment is a total amount comprised of 2 fees: the Base Adoption fee + the Character Skill fee, both of which must be paid in full at the time of adopting (unless using an "Adoption Discount" coupon which waives the Character Skill fee). At the moment all adoptions no matter who or what is adopted will cost 300 Sakura Petals but the cost of Character Skills vary depending on the ability chosen!


All the skills that are currently available to pick from are listed below! Note that skills will have different prices so skills that are usually seen as more valuable will be higher in cost and vice versa. Also, these prices may change depending on the activity and progress of the TCG and the players!

Skills are permanent unless otherwise stated (or later changed in the future) but some may have specific restrictions or limits which must be followed. Character Skills are not player-exclusive so more than one player can use the same skill but a player cannot have more than one character with the same skill (ie. you can't have two different characters that both have the "+2 Donations" skill).

Skill Name Description Price
+1 Choice with Level Ups
Allows the player to receive an additional 1 choice card with each level up. 150 Sakura Petals
+1 Choice with Regular Masteries
Allows the player to receive an additional 1 choice card with each deck mastery. Does not apply to Special or Hanami Deck Masteries! 200 Sakura Petals
+1 Choice with Special Masteries
Allows the player to receive 1 choice card with each set of Member IDs and/or Event Achievements mastered. Does not apply to Regular or Hanami Deck Masteries! 100 Sakura Petals
+1 Donation
Allows the player to donate an additional 1 deck on top of the regular 5 allowed each month. Can be used in conjuction with the "+2 Donations" skill. 125 Sakura Petals
+2 Donations
Allows the player to donate an additional 2 decks on top of the regular 5 allowed each month. Can be used in conjuction with the "+1 Donation" skill. 175 Sakura Petals
+2 Release Pulls
Allows the player to take an additional 2 pulls from new releases*. Limits/Restrictions for these pulls will be stated in each update. 200 Sakura Petals
Biweekly Rewards Box Access
Allows the player to gain access to a special rewards box that can be taken for free every 2 weeks. 250 Sakura Petals
Bonus Weekly Games Access
Allows the player to gain access to a second set of weekly games. 300 Sakura Petals
Card Worth Change
Allows the player to change the card worth of all Member IDs collected from 0 to 1. 150 Sakura Petals
Cards-per-deck Limit Upgrade
Allows the player to increase the amount of cards they can take per deck in new releases by 2 as long as they still only take the total amount of pulls allowed.** 250 Sakura Petals
Custom Badge w/o Re-Mastery
Allows the player to receive a custom master badge for decks without needing to re-master it. 100 Sakura Petals
Prejoin Benefits
Allows the player to use Prejoiner benefits where applicable without being an actual Prejoiner. 200 Sakura Petals
Weekly Choice
Allows the player to collect 1 choice card once per week. 125 Sakura Petals
Update Freebies Restrictions Upgrade
Allows the player to increase the time restriction on update freebies by 1 month. 250 Sakura Petals

* Example: If a release lets players take 12 cards total then the "+2 Release Pulls" Character Skill allows the player to increase the total amount of cards they can take from the release to 14 cards instead! This does not increase how many cards you can take per deck but you are allowed to take the extra 2 pulls from a deck you already took 2 cards from with your regular 12 pulls (or 1 card extra from 2 decks you already took 2 cards from).

** Example: If a release lets players take 12 cards total but only 2 cards per deck, a player with the "Cards-per-deck Limit Upgrade" Character Skill can take 4 cards per deck instead but they still cannot take more than 12 cards altogether.


When you adopt a character, you'll receive a graphic that we call an Adoption Certificate which will look something like the example to the left.

In the Adoption Certificate, the image on the left will be replaced with the one you choose of your character and all the text on the certificate will be replaced with information used in the form to apply for the adoption. The colours will also be changed depending on the image!

Once you have an Adoption Certificate, you will need to activate it every time you want to use it. To do that, you will need to either post the image of the Adoption Certificate (if using it on the Forums) or mention the character name of the certificate (if using it anywhere else like in a site form or update).

However, not all Character Skills will need to be activated in one of the above methods! Some may not need any activation at all like the Weekly Choice skill which only requires the choice card being logged as "Character Skill (Character Name)"!


Because we know that favourite characters change and what you needed before may not be something you need now, we give the players opportunities to alter their current adoption(s)! However, in order to make any kind of a change, there is a fee that must be paid.
  • To change the character adopted but keep the Character Skill that was originally attached to that character then the only fee that needs to be paid is the Base Adoption fee of 300 Sakura Petals.

  • To change the image of an existing adoption but keep the same character and Character Skill that was originally attached then the only fee that needs to be paid is the Base Adoption fee of 300 Sakura Petals.

  • To change the Character Skill but keep the character that the skill was originally attached to then the only fee that needs to be paid is the Character Skill fee of however many Sakura Petals the new skill costs.

  • To change both the character + the Character Skill then you will be essentially completely abandoning the previous adoption and will have to go through the process of applying for a new adoption like normal. This means that the full cost including both the Base Adoption fee and the Character Skill fee will need to be paid!
Additionally, there is currently no limit to how many changes can be made so long as you can afford the changes.


Once you're sure you want to adopt a character and are ready to do so follow the steps below!
  1. Decide what character you want to adopt. They are not player-exclusive so that means more than one player can adopt the same character!

  2. Choose 1 of the power up abilities from the chart underneath the "Character Skill" header above. This is the skill that can be activated in order to use it throughout the TCG.

  3. Find an image of your chosen character as this is what will be used for the Adoption Certificate! If you're choosing a character that another player has already adopted, please make sure you use an image different from theirs. View all Adoption Certificates?

  4. Go to the Adopt a Character Sub-Forum and read the Information thread there to learn how to set up your own thread. This is where you'll post all the forms for new adoptions as well as to make changes to your current adoption(s), if any.

  5. Once you post the "New Adoption" form, wait for a staff member to respond with your Adoption Certificate. It's only after you receive it that you can start using the Character Skill attached to it!