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An idea I borrowed from Photographs, Milestone Points is a service that rewards players for being active in the TCG! While obtaining Milestone Points (or MP for short) themselves won't give actual rewards, it's essential to collect them in order to meet the rank requirements for levelling up.

In order to receive MP, players need to complete any of the tasks listed in the table below and turn them in on the forums to be verified. Each task is assigned a certain amount of points so every time you complete that task and submit it to us, you will get the amount of points assigned to that task!

Trade 25 Cards (Complete 1 Trade Meter)1
Trade with 10 Players*2
Master your first 3 decks**2
Every 2 decks mastered after your first 3**1
Master 1 set of Event Achievements2
Master 1 set of Member IDs1
Level up to a new rank (Levels 2-5)1
Level up to a new rank (Levels 6-10)2
Every 600 cards + 10 MP collected after reaching Level 103
Every 300 sakura petals spent at the Petal Shop***1
Every 20 sakura flowers spent at the Petal Shop***2
Complete your first Box Set3
Every 5 Box Sets completed after (but including) your first4
Adopt your first character through "Adopt a Character"3
Participate in 10 rounds of forum games****3

* If you trade with a player multiple times, only 1 will count! (Player counts reset at the beginning of each month.)
** Any combination of Character, Puzzle, and/or Special Decks can be used. Hanami Decks do not count!
*** This applies to only purchases made at the Petal Shop and not things like character adoptions!
**** Any combination of games can be used. If you participate in a game's round more than once, only 1 play will count!

Since the Milestones staff are just in charge of verifying proofs used to complete a task and rewarding players with the amount of MP earned, players are responsible for keeping track of their own MP by making sure their logs and trade post are updated accurately as neither the TCG or staff will!

It should also be noted that Milstone Points are cumulative so once you rank up to a new level, you don't lose the MP used to meet the requirements for that level; you would just need 10 more MP in order to meet the MP requirement for the next level.