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First and foremost: Welcome to Sakura TCG!! We're super happy that you've stumbled across our website and are (most likely?) interested in what's going on here! Before getting started, please check out our Beginner's Guide if you're new to online trading card games and want to know how they usually work. If you're not new at all though then please continue reading the rest of this page as well as the other information pages linked above!

Sakura is a TCG that currently only focuses on series of Japanese source or origin so all our decks, games, and other content such as custom-made graphics will feature characters and series that fall under that restriction. There are a few exceptions in this TCG that do not follow this theme solely because they were made before it was 100% enforced or we didn't realize at the time but everything else will (or should) follow the TCG's main theme.

Aside from decks, we have a bunch of services and activities that players can participate in! We also have an interactive section full of games that are available to play as well as events that we periodically throw, usually for holidays and special milestones. There are always freebies being given out and usually, lots of players to trade with so please take a look around the site and see what we have to offer! Hopefully we'll see you joining soon. c:


This TCG is a website-based TCG that utilizes the forums for a majority of the TCG's services and activities. Because I first started in journal-based TCGs that were heavy on community and player interaction, I like to encourage the same in my TCGs which is why there is heavy usage of forums and staff members as opposed to automated forms!

This means that Sakura will likely be operated a bit differently than how most website-based TCGs do so if someone who joins this TCG has never joined another TCG I've owned then they might be a little confused. But don't worry if that's the case for you! Everything is still more or less the same in that we still do regular weekly updates with each having a deck release and a set of games that are updated along with statistic updates, important information, freebies, and more— it's just that a lot of activities and services in this TCG are located on the forums!


Any freebies, new deck release cards, and event cards in updates are time-restricted meaning all players will have up to 2 months after the initial update date to take anything from it! It should also be noted that any wishes granted in an update follow the same timeline unless otherwise stated.

Exceptions include:
  • Donation freebies (where you get to take an extra card from any decks you donated that are released in the update) which can be taken at any time regardless of whether it's been 2 months after the initial update was posted or not.

  • Prejoin members are allowed up to 3 months after the initial update date to claim freebies instead of the default 2 months.

  • Members returning from a hiatus have 1 month after their return date to claim freebies from any missed updates regardless of whether it's past the above deadline or not as long as they were a member when those updates were first made. This applies to all member types!


Before anything, it should be known that Sakura TCG is a hybrid of two TCGs I've owned in the past: Photographs and Drawings. Not only were both of these TCGs made when I had very little experience creating and running a TCG, I was also fairly busy with RL stuff which caused them to be neglected. That then led to them becoming inactive or handed over to different ownership and while they both ended up closing, I never stopped wanting to own and committ to a TCG!

Since then, I've co-created two TCGs: Dilly Dally and OnStage. Both are still open and running to this day with Dilly Dally having been around for 2 years and OnStage for 1 year so far. I like to think I've accumulated more experience over the years so I started to think about giving an anime, manga, and game TCG another shot since I never stopped wanting to own one and I always felt bad about how my previous ventures into anime & related TCGs ended.

That desire led me to work on various small projects over the years until Sakura was created which I consider to be the culimination of my previous TCG attempts and the knowledge and experience I've gained from the TCGs I currently run. As a result, I decided to re-use the card design from Photographs as well as the size of the cards and the deck template from Drawings, among other ideas players who were apart of either TCG may recognize or notice.

All of these factors coupled with my never-ending desire to run an anime, manga, and game TCG is what gave birth to Sakura TCG which I hope you, the (potential) player, gives a try and enjoys playing!