lost and found the card bin
The Lost & Found is where cards that don't have a home anymore go to in order to hopefully be taken in by new owners! Whenever a player in the TCG quits or a game where cards are given away to participate in a round is completed, those cards will be added to the card bin here so that others player can claim. Sometimes, however, new cards will be added from the TCG's randomizer if the pile hasn't been updated in a while or if it starts running low on cards!

But with any service or game, there are some rules that players need to follow in order to keep things fair so that everyone has a chance to claim cards from decks that might be a bit more popular than others.
  • Prejoiners can claim 12 cards total every week + 1 Member ID (optional).
  • Non-Prejoiners can claim 10 cards total every week + 1 Member ID (optional).
  • No more than 4 cards can be from the same deck!
  • The cards being claimed can be a combination of any of the categories (ie. a prejoiner would be allowed to claim 2 Characters, and 1 Special for a total of 3 cards).
  • Only 10 copies of old/retired/inactive Member IDs will be available at a time but once all 10 copies have been claimed, 10 more will be added in the next time we remember to!
  • Players can only have a max. of 1 Member ID per player so you cannot take/own 2 of the same player's Member ID (unless one is their old Member ID and one is their new Member ID).
  • Claims are first come, first served so once a player has submitted a form to claim a card/Member ID, it will be moved to the pending section so no other player can claim thar card unless there is more than one copy.
  • New weeks start on Wednesdays after a weekly update is posted!
Currently, there are 16968 cards in the Lost & Found card bin. What would you like to view first?

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