randomizer level ups
Below are links to all of the randomizers for each rank up until 11 can be found below as well as the randomizer for additional rewards after reaching Level 11. Each randomizer also shows the cards, the text log, and the code you can copy + paste to use on the forums (that also comes with a reward log)!

Don't forget to replace the "filler02" and "choice" text in the code with the filename of the choice card being asked for or else the card that will show up in its place will be the blank fillers! Please also replace "playername" with the name of the player levelling up, all in lowercase.

Levels 2 - 6 Levels 7 - 10 After Level 10
Levels 2 - 6
(w/+1 Choice Card)
Levels 7 - 10
(w/+1 Choice Card)
After Level 10
(w/+1 Choice Card)