Update Randomizer from the newest decks
If you can't decide what to take as your freebies from the most recent update, or have pulls leftover that you didn't or couldn't use on someone else then feel free to use the randomizer below!

INSTRUCTIONS The randomizer below will only work for the most recent update, and will only show 1 card from each of the decks released. Please only take the amount of cards needed to max out your freebies limit! If you only have 2 more pulls left to use then only take 2 of the cards displayed below that are from decks you haven't already taken the maximum amount allowed for (ie. 2 cards per deck).

Please note that when a Collaboration deck is released, it will replace one of the new decks from the actual release so it won't show up in the randomizer below. If you wish to take a card from the deck that was replaced, please swap out the Collaboration (or another deck's) card for it! This also applies to any other decks released for a special reason and are not normally included in the regular release.