As given out in the September 12, 2018 update to celebrate a bunch of new players joining Sakura in the past month and a half, all players can grab 13 random cards in addition to choice cards spelling out FIFTY (to celebrate us reaching 50 active members)!

INSTRUCTIONS Grab everything you see below and feel free to include the FIFTY choice cards along with this log, or on its own if you take them at separate times or whatever!

Update Freebie (09/12): F choice, I choice, F choice, T choice, Y choice, cinderella14, teikaichijouji15, niceflowers17, ayeshaaltugle07, julymermaids07, hitomishizuki01, beachboys04, camus14, atashi07, yumamukami20, gajeelredfox12, chikorita19, ghosttypes117