As given out in the March 13th, 2019 update to celebrate White Day, all players can grab 3 choice cards with the number 3 in their deck/filename or card number (no restrictions), 14 random Grey/White cards, 14 sakura flowers, and 314 sakura petals!

INSTRUCTIONS For this goodie bag, everything is already compiled into one randomizer so all players need to do is replace the instances of "choice" with the filename of the choice cards being taken!

If taking the choice cards at a later date, you can remove them from the reward log below and just comment on the update when you are ready to claim them. Remember the choice cards must have the number 3 somewhere in the name or card number (ie. either or both a #03 and #13 card would be allowed)!

x14 x314
Update Freebie (03/13): choice, choice, choice, kogaoogami03, killuazoldyck03, ourswansong10, brunobucciarati12, ranmarukurosaki16, alphonseelric15, atsushinakajima19, kanaf10, radiantglory14, sukeroku07, namine06, koutarouamon01, destructionroad15, aigonorus18, +14 sakura flowers, +314 sakura petals