where has the week (and month) gone??

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I have genuinely lost track of the days recently so I've been even more slow, scatterbrained, forgetful, and behind on things than I usually am which I apologize for! I recognize this probably makes the TCG feel slower and/or quieter lately if it weren't for the players still being active but I want to assure anyone who might have worries that at the moment, we have no plans to go on hiatus or close the TCG.

However, I cannot promise that things will suddenly get done quicker around here so I will (and have already been) trying to hire extra help in certain areas that I know I've been especially slacking in, mostly because I have no motivation or energy to do those things anymore!

For those who know me, you've probably noticed it's hard for me to ask for help because I usually prefer to do things on my own since I know I can trust myself to do what I want/need to be done and it's just quicker and easier if I do it. I'm trying to get better at letting things go though and accepting help when it's offered but it's a hard habit to shake off lol so I'd like to ask for your continued patience as I try to figure things out while also getting to the huge backlog of stuff!

I didn't mean to go on a tangent like this (as usual lol) so let's just get into the rest of the update~ We'll see you again on April 1st 3rd for the now combined monthly and weekly update!


With the end of the month coming up, there's a few things to remind you all about:

  • Cupid's Chocolates Event: This is closing on 31st at 11:59 PM, TCG time! Make sure to turn in your event masteries before then or they will not count.
  • Monthly Games: Play them ASAP before they refresh on the 1st! Don't forget to pick up the present and apply for the achievement badge if you celebrate(d) a birthday this month, too!! Sakura Spotlight benefits also expire at the end of the month, as does the chance to apply for the achievement badge.
  • Donations: I still haven't been able to approve these yet at the time of writing this update but once I do, there will definitely be less than a week before April so I'll be extending the deadline of ALL March claims. As such, you guys will now have until April 30th to submit them! Do note that if you're also claiming decks in April for April, those still need to be turn in before the end of the month as well + all March donations need to be turned in first before claiming April donations.
As a general note, Four Seasons registration for the Spring 2024 season closed on March 23rd so we will work on getting all those forms processed and bingo cards made before the 1st. If we're unable to finish by then, I will make an announcement in the monthly update with details on how we'll go forward with it but do know that we *will* be continuing on with the game either way!


It's my mans Tomohisa's birthday on the 29th so everyone can take choice cards spelling TOMOHISA 0329! No more than 2 cards per deck and for the numbers, the card filename/number just has to include it (ie. any of the #01 - #10 cards, as well as a #20 card will work for the "0" in the freebie). Claim it HERE if you'd like!

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. Samu & 4 OthersI wish for double rewards on the Weekly games! — No need to refresh the rewards page! If using a coupon to double rewards in addition to this wish, refresh the page and take everyhing again.
  2. MuffyI wish for choice cards spelling CHERRY BLOSSOM!   
  3. JoeyI wish for everyone to get 3 additionalboxset coupons in preparation for Four Seasons!!

New Decks

Click here for your deck release pulls.

Posted by: Cassidy


  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): hinahikawa05, hinahikawa18, hinahikawa06, hinahikawa20, elysia04, judith10, kirayamato09, nagisamisumi16, renamon05, oppositesides18, shuuouma20, tojifushiguro05, yukaichijo03, zenitsuagatsuma05, alkaloidtrip01

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): rikosakurauchi20, hutao06, gengar03, gengar04, eeveesenchantingfireworks08, miataylor03, chibiusa03, miataylor05, chisatonishikigi05, chisatonishikigi10, chiyosakura03, hutao11, madokakaname01

    Wishing Tree (Joey Wish): additionalboxset, additionalboxset, additionalboxset

    Freebies (2024-03-28): hutao15, chisatonishikigi14, madokakaname03, miataylor06, harukatenoh01, chisatonishikigi15, misakiokusawa03, gengar11, chibiusa04, ittoarataki03, kasumitoyama20, protectivecircle19

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): zenitsuagatsuma05, zenitsuagatsuma06, tojifushiguro15, tojifushiguro13, nagisamisumi16, nagisamisumi10, judith03, judith04, hinahikawa02, hinahikawa06, merurulinceredearls04, merurulinceredearls05, renamon10, renamon20, aikosenoo05

    Wishing Tree (Joey Wish -- 2024-03-28): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

    Freebies (2024-03-28): tamakiyotsuba10, tamakiyotsuba19, franziskavonkarma01, beteloga14, phoenixwright01, reisuwa01, franziskavonkarma02, beteloga19, gentaroyumeno09, phoenixwright13, reisuwa02, gentaroyumeno19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): dicearisugawa12, phoenixwright07, reisuwa05, franziskavonkarma03, kamurahanamiparty19, jyutoiruma19, riomasonbusujima02, blade01, phoenixwright11, reisuwa08, dicearisugawa13, franziskavonkarma04, jyutoiruma20

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): aikosenoo05, aikosenoo15, alkaloidtrip05, alkaloidtrip15, merurulinceredearls05, merurulinceredearls15, oppositesides05, oppositesides15, renamon05, renamon15, tojifushiguro05, tojifushiguro15, zenitsuagatsuma05, zenitsuagatsuma15, shuuouma05

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): shinanotoushirou19, pompompurin07, pompompurin15, nozomitojou02, haoasakura01, nozomitojou05, haoasakura05, izumisena17, jackvessalius09, rikunanase13, rikunanase20, setsunameiou09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): conanedogawa10, haoasakura06, jackvessalius18, rikunanase17, haoasakura09, yorforger01, beelzebub02, beelzebub03, nozomitojou17, suu01, suu02, conanedogawa12, setsunameiou01

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): aikosenoo13, aikosenoo17, alkaloidtrip13, alkaloidtrip17, elysia13, shuuouma17, renamon13, hinahikawa17, merurulinceredearls13, tojifushiguro17, oppositesides13, oppositesides17, tojifushiguro13, shuuouma12, zenitsuagatsuma13

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): aikosenoo03, aikosenoo04, hinahikawa06, hinahikawa07, renamon04, renamon05, shuuouma05, shuuouma16, yukaichijo02, yukaichijo03, merurulinceredearls04, tojifushiguro08, zenitsuagatsuma14, nagisamisumi04, kirayamato13

    Freebies (2024-03-28): tsukasatenma17, merokoyui09, fuumamonou09, fuumamonou10, euphemialibritannia04, amikawashima01, setsunameiou18, amikawashima10, mitsukikoyama01, merokoyui13, mitsukikoyama02, euphemialibritannia19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): mimitachikawa01, amikawashima12, tsukasatenma18, merokoyui14, merokoyui15, yukaichijo04, euphemialibritannia05, lopmon02, lopmon04, amikawashima13, tsukasatenma20, fuumamonou12, fuumamonou13

    Wishing Tree (Joey Wish -- 2024-03-28): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): elysia02, elysia04, judith02, judith04, tojifushiguro02, tojifushiguro04, zenitsuagatsuma02, zenitsuagatsuma04, hinahikawa18, hinahikawa19, renamon15, renamon20, nagisamisumi10, nagisamisumi15, kirayamato15

    Freebies (2024-03-28): jyutoiruma03, crowarmbrust17, masumiusui01, jyutoiruma04, saruhikofushimigk17, lucifer16, masumiusui15, eula03, gilbertvonobsidian06, lucifer13, eula02, crowarmbrust19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): lanxichen08, lanxichen01, eula07, lucifer02, lucifer03, jyutoiruma06, byakuyakuchiki02, eula09, gorouakechi08, passion07, passion08, jyutoiruma11, renamamiya08

  • Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): edwardelric12, recreationalshopping10, edwardelric18, recreationalshopping16, winryrockbell13, winryrockbell17, nekusakuraba05, lanternrite03, raddogs04, raddogs05, nekusakuraba12, nicoyazawa06, marikamizushima04

    Freebies (2024-03-28): lanternrite11, winryrockbell19, marikamizushima05, raddogs06, hanayokoizumi01, lanternrite16, raddogs11, nekusakuraba14, marikamizushima07, nekusakuraba13, uriangeraugurelt20, uriangeraugurelt09

    Wishing Tree (Joey's Wish): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): alkaloidtrip05, alkaloidtrip06, alkaloidtrip07, alkaloidtrip08, dragon05, dragon06, dragon07, dragon08, aikosenoo01, aikosenoo02, kirayamato03, kirayamato04, nagisamisumi05, nagisamisumi06, tojifushiguro07

    Freebies (2024-03-28): saichisugimoto05, saichisugimoto08, lettucemidorikawa05, erichthonios11, haoasakura08, rikunanase02, alicebaskerville18, seiferalmasy16, seiferalmasy07, rikunanase13, erichthonios20, senakobayakawa19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): erichthonios15, erichthonios16, senakobayakawa08, rikunanase15, rikunanase20, senakobayakawa10, alicebaskerville04, alicebaskerville05, anyaforger11, saichisugimoto12, portgasdace05, anyaforger17, saichisugimoto14

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): judith08, hinahikawa11, elysia10, aikosenoo08, alkaloidtrip12, dragon06, kirayamato05, merurulinceredearls09, nagisamisumi13, oppositesides14, renamon20, shuuouma02, tojifushiguro03, yukaichijo16, zenitsuagatsuma11

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): aparadeofprovidence02, haruokumura01, bonten06, yuzurihanekoi06, yuzurihanekoi14, ganyu01, bonten07, lum09, hanayokoizumi01, kasuminakasu03, kasuminakasu15, aparadeofprovidence09, hanayokoizumi16

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 - Joey): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): atsukokagari03, atsukokagari05, kanaarima15, memcho16, choso05, kanaarima16, choso07, miorinerembran06, bylethf05, bylethf13, memcho20, miorinerembran19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): memcho19, bylethf06, bylethf07, kanaarima17, kanaarima19, kyoujurourengoku03, miorinerembran07, edelgardvonhresvelg05, miorinerembran11, risekujikawa17, risekujikawa19, momijisohma03, momijisohma04

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): elysia01, elysia02, hinahikawa03, hinahikawa04, merurulinceredearls05, merurulinceredearls06, nagisamisumi07, nagisamisumi08, renamon09, renamon10, tojifushiguro01, tojifushiguro02, yukaichijo11, zenitsuagatsuma01, zenitsuagatsuma02, additionalboxset, additionalboxset, additionalboxset

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): hajimehinata03, illyasvielvoneinzbern18, megurubachira11, illyasvielvoneinzbern19, hajimehinata05, megurubachira14, rimurutempest18, rankalee04, nagitokomaeda05, rankalee13, aimikaze12, aimikaze19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): megurubachira17, hajimehinata06, hajimehinata07, sherylnome01, rimurutempest19, sherylnome02, megurubachira18, slainetroyard01, slainetroyard02, enashinonome09, enashinonome11, emuotori02, emuotori06

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): alkaloidtrip01, alkaloidtrip02, alkaloidtrip03, alkaloidtrip04, hinahikawa01, hinahikawa02, hinahikawa03, hinahikawa04, elysia01, elysia02, elysia03, elysia04, kirayamato01, kirayamato02, kirayamato03

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Joey): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Event cards: ev-202403

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): hinahikawa08, hinahikawa09, aikosenoo02, alkaloidtrip18, dragon09, elysia03, judith02, kirayamato18, merurulinceredearls07, nagisamisumi18, oppositesides12, renamon09, shuuouma18, tojifushiguro07, yukaichijo10

    Freebies (2024-03-28): anntakamaki01, yoshikotsushima02, minakoaino03, reihino04, thancredwaters05, belial06, 9s09, rikosakurauchi07, jingyuan01, sayohikawa03, lightning02, anyaforger09

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): alkaloidtrip01, alkaloidtrip02, alkaloidtrip03, alkaloidtrip04, dragon01, dragon02, dragon03, dragon04, hinahikawa01, hinahikawa02, hinahikawa03, hinahikawa04, renamon01, renamon02, renamon03

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): deepeclipse12, hanayokoizumi10, deepeclipse13, syaoran12, syaoran14, hanayokoizumi11, beelzebub06, wonderland04, akoudagawa19, mafuyuasahina08, mafuyuasahina12, kogaoogami04, kama04

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): kirayamato01, kirayamato02, shuuouma01, shuuouma02, tojifushiguro19, tojifushiguro20, yukaichijo19, yukaichijo20, zenitsuagatsuma05, zenitsuagatsuma09, elysia13, elysia14, alkaloidtrip13, alkaloidtrip14, hinahikawa13

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Joey): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): aikosenoo01, aikosenoo20, dragon01, dragon20, nagisamisumi01, nagisamisumi20, renamon01, renamon20, shuuouma01, shuuouma20, yukaichijo01, yukaichijo20, zenitsuagatsuma10, kirayamato10, merurulinceredearls10

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): yukicross10, grahatia14, titledream12, yurikatoudou11, grahatia17, yurikatoudou13, blade10, lightyagami20, yato13, yukicross11, veldoratempest03, yato14, titledream15

    Freebies (2024-03-28): titledream17, yato16, titledream18, yato18, grahatia18, yurikatoudou14, yukicross12, yurikatoudou15, grahatia20, yukicross13, veldoratempest12, veldoratempest09

  • Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): cloudstrife16, lightning09, cloudstrife20, mamoruchiba02, chrisredfield08, cherryblossoms01, chibiusa16, lightning07, mamoruchiba16, usagitsukino17, usagitsukino20, adawong15, cherryblossoms20

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): aikosenoo01, alkaloidtrip01, dragon01, elysia01, hinahikawa01, judith01, kirayamato01, merurulinceredearls01, nagisamisumi01, oppositesides01, renamon01, shuuouma01, tojifushiguro01, yukaichijo01, zenitsuagatsuma01

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): zenitsuagatsuma01, zenitsuagatsuma02, elysia11, elysia12, shuuouma01, shuuouma02, kirayamato01, kirayamato02, tojifushiguro12, tojifushiguro13, renamon01, renamon02, nagisamisumi01, alkaloidtrip05, dragon08

    Freebies (2024-03-28): ignisscientia17, cookingisfun12, alcremie04, cookingisfun13, aishaclanclan06, ignisscientia18, 9s10, alcremie05, aishaclanclan10, 9s13, zhongli20, zhongli19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): protectivecircle03, hikarushidou01, tennkujo01, keroppi06, keroppi07, cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms02, protectivecircle04, hikarushidou02, seishirousakurazuka02, seishirousakurazuka03, mitsurikanroji02, mitsurikanroji03

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): dragon02, dragon08, dragon16, dragon19, aikosenoo09, elysia09, hinahikawa09, judith09, kirayamato09, merurulinceredearls09, nagisamisumi09, renamon09, shuuouma09, tojifushiguro09, zenitsuagatsuma09

    Freebies (2024-03-28): lightning09, misakiokusawa05, wishmemell03, misakiokusawa06, wishmemell04, sasukeuchiha10, sasukeuchiha11, traslidahighway06, keroppi04, traslidahighway13, regal12, cainchargreaves19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): cainchargreaves05, cainchargreaves06, wishmemell05, traslidahighway15, traslidahighway16, rainyday05, bondforger03, wishmemell06, bondforger04, misakiokusawa16, misakiokusawa17, keroppi05, worldofpokemon01

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): yukaichijo05, yukaichijo18, shuuouma10, shuuouma11, kirayamato07, kirayamato08, elysia07, elysia08, merurulinceredearls01, merurulinceredearls20, hinahikawa01, hinahikawa20, dragon01, dragon20, alkaloidtrip10

    Freebies (2024-03-28): tamakiyotsuba10, tamakiyotsuba19, franziskavonkarma01, beteloga14, phoenixwright01, reisuwa01, franziskavonkarma02, beteloga19, gentaroyumeno09, phoenixwright13, reisuwa02, gentaroyumeno19

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): zenitsuagatsuma06, ittoarataki02, zenitsuagatsuma07, ittoarataki03, kaeyaalberich15, neuvillette01, ryujisakamoto04, ryujisakamoto05, kyoujurourengoku06, kyoujurourengoku13, neuvillette02, leoneabbacchio09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): brunobucciarati07, bylethf07, zenitsuagatsuma08, josephjoestar01, josephjoestar02, johnnyjoestar02, brunobucciarati08, kaeyaalberich16, kyoujurourengoku07, johnnyjoestar05, asirpa01, kyoujurourengoku08, ryujisakamoto06

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): shuuouma06, shuuouma07, shuuouma08, shuuouma09, elysia09, elysia10, zenitsuagatsuma10, zenitsuagatsuma11, zenitsuagatsuma12, zenitsuagatsuma13, tojifushiguro01, tojifushiguro02, tojifushiguro03, tojifushiguro04, renamon20

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): rimurutempest04, kobatohanato02, rimurutempest11, kobatohanato04, aishaclanclan02, lalasatalindeviluke16, aishaclanclan04, ashura03, miyuki10, ashura13, lalasatalindeviluke20, kurapika09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): aishaclanclan08, erichthonios02, erenville01, erenville03, kyokoigarashi06, kyokoigarashi08, kobatohanato16, lelouchlamperouge03, erichthonios03, kusuosaiki03, kusuosaiki04, kobatohanato20, lelouchlamperouge04

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): tojifushiguro17, tojifushiguro18, tojifushiguro19, tojifushiguro20, shuuouma12, shuuouma13, shuuouma14, shuuouma15, kirayamato08, kirayamato10, kirayamato11, kirayamato12, zenitsuagatsuma17, merurulinceredearls18, hinahikawa19

  • Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): ichigomomomiya20, himeru040, himeru17, adonisotogari16, adonisotogari17, syokurusu02, euphemialibritannia06, neuvillette07, umisonoda12, umisonoda13, syokurusu17, alkaloidtrip10, anntakamaki14

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): alkaloidtrip04, alkaloidtrip08, alkaloidtrip12, alkaloidtrip16, elysia10, elysia18, merurulinceredearls02, merurulinceredearls12, hinahikawa04, hinahikawa05, tojifushiguro09, tojifushiguro11, renamon16, oppositesides13, oppositesides17

    Freebies (2024-03-28): anntakamaki18, umisonoda04, himeru11, umisonoda15, himeru12, emuotori11, tsukasasuou04, anntakamaki17, tsukasasuou01, neuvillette03, adonisotogari12, emuotori19

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Joey): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): nanakomatsu01, nanaosaki08, nanakomatsu20, nanaosaki10, chierisono13, weiwuxian01, chierisono14, rankalee08, rankalee04, lanwangji13, weiwuxian02, lanwangji09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): chibiusa01, chierisono02, weiwuxian03, rankalee10, rankalee20, sayakamiki11, chibiusa02, lanwangji01, chierisono01, nanakomatsu02, nanaosaki07, nanaosaki06, nanakomatsu19

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): yukaichijo05, yukaichijo18, kirayamato07, kirayamato08, shuuouma10, shuuouma11, elysia07, elysia08, merurulinceredearls01, merurulinceredearls20, hinahikawa01, hinahikawa20, dragon01, dragon20, alkaloidtrip10

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): litten05, fuumamonou10, cherryblossoms15, fuumamonou12, kamuishirou07, litten07, kamuishirou11, fangyunoerba14, ayeshaaltugle04, ayeshaaltugle03, fangyunoerba12, cherryblossoms09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): cherryblossoms18, kohaneazusawa07, litten08, sora05, fangyunoerba13, fangyunoerba18, makototachibana03, litten11, fuumamonou13, kamuishirou12, kamuishirou14, fuumamonou20, makototachibana04

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Joey): additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon, additionalboxset coupon

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): judith02, judith06, judith13, judith16, hinahikawa03, hinahikawa05, hinahikawa17, hinahikawa19, merurulinceredearls01, merurulinceredearls03, merurulinceredearls08, merurulinceredearls20, renamon06, renamon15, tojifushiguro10

  • Freebies (2024-03-28): yutaokkotsu04, tojifushiguro05, lopmon15, lopmon16, tojifushiguro04, nobarakugisaki15, yutaokkotsu05, kuja14, nobarakugisaki08, sugurugeto03, kuja12, sugurugeto09

    Wishing Tree (2024-03-28 00:00:00 - Muffy): jiangcheng19, jiangcheng05, sugurugeto16, tojifushiguro06, tojifushiguro07, yutaokkotsu06, nobarakugisaki17, lilithmon02, nobarakugisaki16, yutaokkotsu18, sugurugeto17, lopmon18, lopmon17

    Deck Release (2024-03-28): tojifushiguro01, tojifushiguro02, renamon17, renamon18, zenitsuagatsuma03, zenitsuagatsuma04, elysia05, elysia06, kirayamato03, kirayamato06, shuuouma03, shuuouma04, nagisamisumi02, nagisamisumi01, dragon12

  • Deck Release (2024-03-28): judith05, judith14, renamon15, renamon17, aikosenoo05, alkaloidtrip18, dragon17, elysia01, hinahikawa19, kirayamato11, merurulinceredearls20, nagisamisumi12, oppositesides11, shuuouma19, tojifushiguro07

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