Welcome to Sakura TCG! We are an online trading game primarily focused on animated series of Japanese source/origin and animated/anime-style titles with a Japanese version (ie. a dub/voice-over or region-specific release) — specifically anime, manga, and games. First established on February 18th 2014, prejoin started on August 5th 2016 and officially opened for the first run (Sakura 1.0) on August 24th!

We underwent a mini hiatus on September 1st 2019 but still allowed players to collect weekly reimbursement rewards to make up for the lack of updates and play games if they chose to, until it turned into an indefinite hiatus starting April 30th 2020. After re-organizing the TCG and making some changes, Sakura returned for its second run (Sakura 2.0) on May 24th 2023 - the version you are currently viewing now!

New to TCGs but are interested in joining us? We have a Beginner's Guide to help you get started! Once you're ready to explore more about Sakura in specific, please read the rest of the guide below! If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the forums, in the General Questions thread, or on the Discord in Sakura's #faq-and-help channel.

Please note: all content in the guides below were written from scratch by Cassidy for Sakura's use ONLY. While we cannot control what people use as inspiration or as reference for their own work, we do not appreciate others copying everything almost exactly if not word for word, formatting and phrasing included; this also applies to overwhelming similarities in graphics/templates. Although we do not claim ownership of the basic/common TCG additions and features, we have put our own spin on a lot of them to suit Sakura (and/or other TCGs we've created, which is why you might notice similarities between them) so please respect that.