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April 17, 2024this is an update!10 Comments
April 10, 2024this is an update... or something20 Comments
April 03, 2024party rocking26 Comments
March 28, 2024where has the week (and month) gone??27 Comments
March 20, 2024yellow!25 Comments
March 14, 2024i'm posting this from the valo basement28 Comments
March 06, 2024instead of playing FF7R, i'm here doing this for you25 Comments
March 01, 2024marching on into a new month!6 Comments
February 28, 2024:thumbs up:26 Comments
February 21, 2024call me mr rover, rover, rover26 Comments
February 15, 2024we cooked?29 Comments
February 07, 2024cooking something up26 Comments
February 01, 2024is there love in the air? or just the smell of chocolates?32 Comments
January 24, 2024february is next week?!29 Comments
January 17, 2024here we go again26 Comments
January 10, 2024look how fancy27 Comments
January 03, 2024kicking off 2024!27 Comments
December 27, 2023... and now a brand new year is coming!26 Comments
December 21, 2023christmas is already 4 days away :o29 Comments
December 14, 2023it's (almost) mid december already!28 Comments
December 07, 2023apologies for the delayed update!32 Comments
December 01, 2023the year sure went by slowly11 Comments
November 29, 2023i'm a master procrastinator29 Comments
November 22, 2023happy (early) thanksgiving!29 Comments
November 15, 2023it's still wednesday as i'm writing this!31 Comments
November 09, 2023jello!30 Comments
November 02, 2023november is the best month (source: me)32 Comments
October 25, 2023where did the month go fr32 Comments
October 18, 2023have fun28 Comments
October 11, 2023it's me again :juminsmile:29 Comments
October 04, 2023I'M BACKKKKKK30 Comments
October 01, 2023best month am i right or absolutely11 Comments
September 27, 2023here we go again31 Comments
September 20, 2023love u guys30 Comments
September 13, 2023WE'RE ALONE HUEHUE34 Comments
September 06, 2023i'm not late.... wdym.....34 Comments
September 01, 2023i am sooo unprepared :thumbsup:17 Comments
August 30, 2023truly the most title of all time42 Comments
August 23, 2023hello37 Comments
August 16, 2023how is everyone today?39 Comments
August 09, 2023a quick update44 Comments
August 02, 2023where did the month go...39 Comments
July 26, 2023another wednesday, another update!43 Comments
July 19, 2023bringing you ORDER and cards43 Comments
July 12, 2023bringing you fun and games42 Comments
July 05, 2023happy barbara day!!!!!!42 Comments
July 01, 2023it's too hot...15 Comments
June 28, 2023happy update day!46 Comments
June 22, 2023In classic Cassidy fashion...43 Comments
June 14, 2023I have already run out of titles...42 Comments
June 07, 2023Here comes chaos... or not!51 Comments
June 01, 2023Happy June!62 Comments
May 24, 2023Sakura Returns!1 Comments
May 15, 2023And that's a wrap!Leave a comment?
April 30, 2023Soft Opening Start!Leave a comment?
April 23, 2023Almost there!Leave a comment?
April 11, 2023Coming Soon!Leave a comment?