Soft Opening Start!

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After 3 years since we went on hiatus, it's finally time: Sakura is now soft opened!

As a reminder, this means actually joining the TCG and receiving a starter pack, playing games, trading, etc is NOT available yet. Instead, you can sign up on the forums and participate in our Soft Opening event for now! It should be self-approved registration (so you will approve yourself via an email that'll be sent to you after joining) but if you're having trouble registering, please let us know.

During the soft open period, we will be focusing primarily on deck donations but we're also accepting graphic donations for link buttons and v2 trade meters. While you won't be able to receive rewards now, you will receive them once we officially open! For more information about how soft open will work, please read its information thread first. If you have any questions, then you may ask us – but make sure you've read all the other threads in the Soft Opening sub-forum as well, in case you can find your answer(s) there!

So go ahead and start claiming decks for donations now!!! Please be patient with us though, especially if the claiming thread gets really busy - we'll do our best to approve claims ASAP but do look through any previous posts before yours, to ensure what you want to donate hasn't already been claimed by someone else and we just haven't been able to approve it yet. Lastly, remember to not make any edits to your claims if they've already been approved or we will most likely not see it it! Please make a new post for any changes or dropping/adding new claims.


For anyone looking to join our staff, either as a mod of some sort or a deck maker, we once again ask for your patience hiring is now open to anyone, new players and veterans alike! Regular staff hiring to fill in the remaining spots we have will open soon, whereas deck maker hiring will only open once we've confirmed who the returning deck makers are (and if we need any more than whatever amount that is hired) so stay tuned for updates on that! You can see the available positions on the forums as well as more information on what we're looking for, expectations, etc. Deadline to apply is May 14th, same as when soft open ends!


Until we've decided on who we are hiring We have decided on the first batch of deck makers we'll be hiring so if you haven't received a message saying so, please continue to submit the image donations for your test decks in the Deck Donation Drop Offs thread FIRST, then you can start claiming new donations like everyone else! You will still need to wait for approval on the new decks (then donate them in the previous thread after that) before claiming more decks but this way you can still get donations in.

Those who are deck makers will still be following the rules for deck makers that are mentioned in the Deck Donation Claims if you claim any new donations after that! For the decks you donated before being hired (if any), we will allow you to make those at your own pace AS LONG as they are completed before we officially re-open. This may be subject to change based on how many donations we get overall however, so we'll keep everyone updated in the deck making channel on the Discord! Further details for hired deck makers and how the process will work will be shared there as well when the time comes.

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Almost there!

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After discussing with yasu, we've settled on a projected soft opening date of April 30th, exactly 3 years from the date we put Sakura on indefinite hiatus! If you're wondering, no, it's not a coincidence that we chose this specific date however it *is* a case of good timing that we happened to even be ready to re-open now so we could choose this day!!

Soft opening will take place over two weeks and end on May 14th @ 11:59 PM EDT (current TCG timezone) to give us a week to finish up as many of the decks that are donated during this period as possible, and more importantly: make sure everyone who participated and requested the deck they want for opening has that deck ready! More information about how soft opening will work will be posted on the forums and linked in an update on the site once it starts :)

We will then prepare for Sakura's official re-opening, which is currently scheduled to happen on May 24th, provided nothing goes wrong! You might think this is a weird date to choose but for those who know or remember, August 24th is actually the date Sakura first opened so we thought it'd be fun if 2.0 opened on the same day, although it's a different month! Additional information about opening will be posted closer to the date as well, likely during that week after soft open ends and re-opening starts.


Don't forget—or if this is your first time hearing news about us re-opening—that if you are a returning member, we will be requiring proof of your previous progress (player name if it's changed since, join date, card count & worth, and currency counts) if you want to receive returning rewards when we re-open! This only applies to players who were still active at the time of us going on hiatus before however, so if you had quit and didn't rejoin, or were inactive by then, then you will be starting over from scratch regardless.

Returning players don't need to provide proof if you they don't want to or care about receiving those rewards though, or if you unfortunately lost your trade post over time! But for those who did and are interested in trying to rebuild some of what they had so they can at least receive a portion of what they could've earned (or just want to save/collect their custom graphics from before), we've compiled links and resources to help with that on our Discord under the Sakura category > #faq-and-help channel > pinned messages. You may ask for assistance with that there as well, if needed!


With soft opening decided, there is now a deadline for informing us of any additional positions you want to take on, as we will be opening up hiring for the remaining positions to anyone interested when soft open starts! This also includes previous staff who somehow got missed when we were sending out messages - please let us know ASAP if you want to return and what you want to drop/keep from before. This deadline is April 29th but we may still take late messages on the 30th into consideration, if it's before we start soft open!


For now, at least - we will see you all again in a week's time to kick off soft open and get things started!!

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