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Yes, you read that right! To cut to the chase: Sakura is coming back soon!!!!!

A lot of things happened in my life since the end of the last year which has resulted in me currently being unemployed (of my own will so don't worry lol), so I've been using a lot of that free time to work on Sakura more - to the point that it is now almost ready to open! With the help of Stack, managing the TCG should be a lot easier now so if (when) I get a new job, I hopefully won't have too many difficulties keeping Sakura open even if I get busy.

yasu will be joining me as well, of course! She's much more busier than I am but she'll still be around to help out like before when she's available. We're really excited to bring back Sakura after three long years of being on an indefinite hiatus, and can't wait to officially re-open!


That being said, we aren't quite ready to open yet. There's still things left to do, most of which involves writing and setting up everything on the forums so once soft opening starts, we can fully focus on handling that and making decks to be ready for the grand re-opening! But basically everything else we could need at the moment is done and tested, so once those things are taken care of, we can soft open – which at the moment, is currently being projected for the end of April (which also happens to be when we put the TCG on hiatus LOL).

This date may still change but whenever we do soft open, it will be taking place solely on the forums (so actual TCG registration won't open yet which means no games, services, etc)! We plan on accepting donations for decks, as well as for link buttons & v2 trade meters during that limited time, both of which WILL earn you rewards once we officially open if you decide to submit any.

Please note, however, that participating during the soft opening DOES NOT grant you "prejoiner" status! This is solely reserved for original prejoiners from Sakura 1.0's run who re-join during Sakura 2.0—and were still members at the time we went on hiatus—whereas "veteran" status is for players who were a member at any point during Sakura 1.0's run and remained active as one when we went on hiatus. That's why we are referring to this phase as "soft opening" rather than another prejoin, to hopefully prevent any confusion!

Rest assured though that participating players during soft opening will be compensated with rewards once we re-open, on top of any other additional rewards you'll receive if you're a returning member. You just won't get a specific member status if you don't also meet the prior requirements already (which you can read more about in the guide)!


Please keep a copy, take a screenshot, or otherwise make a back up of your current player info, card worth count, currency count, and your previous alias (if you've since changed what you go by)! You will need records of your past progress to earn returning rewards when we re-open, unless you just keep your original trade post in tact (then you won't need to do anything).


In case any of you see this first before the message on Discord, we would like to know if you are interested in remaining one when we open! Please let us know if you want to stay (or not) and if yes then let us know what previous position(s) you had that you want to keep AND which you don't.

If you want to remain staff but don't want any of your old jobs, let us know as well! If there's any spots leftover after we sort out what everyone is keeping, taking, and/or dropping then we will offer what's remaining to staff without any positions first, and afterwards, the rest of the staff in case anyone wants to pick up more. Anything not assigned by soft opening will then be available for anyone else to apply for during that time!


Please stay tuned for more details regarding soft opening, as well as the official grand re-opening, once we're ready to go! If you want to stay up to date even more, do join our Discord if you haven't yet; we post a lot of quick updates/announcements there first before anywhere else (as well as additional details and info. sometimes), and we likely won't advertise Sakura in other places until the grand re-opening - so you can only get news of the soft opening and during it if you're a member of the Discord and/or you check the site on your own. But feel free to tell your friends about Sakura, especially former members if you know any! We'd love to see anyone and everyone, whether they be returning members or brand new!!

Lastly, we just want to once again thank those of you who still have interest in Sakura and showed your enthusiasm at the first sign of of us rebuilding this TCG! It warms our heart knowing people still look forward to this TCG returning, so we hope to see you all during soft opening and/or official opening! ❤️

Posted by: Cassidy