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As per usual yasu fashion, this is a very short post. I had a long and tiring day, and right now I just want to exist.


This is just a reminder that the Cupid's Chocolates event has been extended until March 31st, so it's time to start finishing up all your masteries, as the end of the month is approaching.


Weekly, Set A and the special weekly games have all been updated and are free to be played. And yes, you may use Upcoming Vote again. It's weekly! Vote every week!

I hope you all enjoy your new decks, games and the wishes! We will see you again on March 27th! I hope I got the date right this time...

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. Sarahone coupon from each category (normal, special, rare!)!
  2. YujingI wish for choice cards spelling SPRING FORWARD!   

New Decks

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Posted by: yasu

i'm posting this from the valo basement

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Which is also why this update is a day late... so yes, I did realize that in yasu's last update, it said the next one would be on the 16th and I really was going to post it yesterday which is our usual update day! But then I woke up late, had to eat, then I played games with friends as we had previously scheduled so the update kept getting delayed, I'm sorry T_T

But we're here now! And the next one–which *will* be on March 20th–should be on time since yasu is the one doing it most likely, so we'll see you then!!!


I suppose a plus side of the update being late is that it actually is White Day now so our freebies today are timely after all! That said, everyone can take this event card as long as you joined before today!!



Don't forget that registration for Four Seasons is still open but only until March 23rd! It does fall on an odd day since it's not a Wednesday and thus there won't be an update, but we'll post last reminders on our Discord so do make sure you're a member if you aren't yet! Even if you don't chat in it, we post a lot of updates and news there first or when we're unable to post it on the site yet.

We will then close it at midnight to give us time to go through the sign ups, make bingo cards, and get everything sorted out for when the bingo season starts on April 1st. Please remember that we do have a Q&A thread for this season on the forums, where questions should be asked rather than anywhere else (and so answers can be compiled in the first post as part of the FAQ)!


We have decided to extend the deadline for the Cupid's Chocolates event until March 31st! I will be updating the deadlines in the information posts after this. Procrastinators and late starters, this is your last chance to participate so no excuses if you don't make it after this!! Don't forget we do have a FAQ on the event information page in case anyone still has questions - but if you can't find your answer, don't hesitate to contact us and ask!


Originally, there was only going to be one freebie to celebrate White Day but since I feel bad about the delayed update, I'm throwing in another one~

First, everyone can take choice cards spelling WHITE DAY 3/14 with no restrictions or limits! You can also use these for your pairing masteries in the event and they WON'T count towards the choice card limit. Feel free to claim them HERE :3

For the second freebie, everyone can take 10 random cards from any of the following randomizer piles: All Released, New Decks (taking from this category is only allowed until March 20th), Specific Category (so Character / Puzzle / Special), OR Specific Colour (any of the official deck colours).

You can only choose ONE (1) of the randomizer types so if choosing a specific category/colour, you must pick one category or colour only - no mixing! Otherwise, you can pick 10 cards from the pile that was generated for you (no refreshing)! Don't forget to comment with what you take for this freebie as it is required this time, and please log them as Apology Freebies (2024-03-14)!!

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. Mysti / Ashley / MioI wish for double rewards on the Weekly games! — No need to refresh the rewards page! If using a coupon to double rewards in addition to this wish, refresh the page and take everyhing again.
  2. EliI wish for choice cards spelling IDESOFMARCH!   

New Decks

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Posted by: Cassidy