instead of playing FF7R, i'm here doing this for you

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Because I love you guys!!!! Who else is mad playing it?! To top it off, I'm sharing my extra time between Genshin, FF7 Rebirth and HSR... Which I am now hooked on, after resisting it for so long!


Weekly, Set A and the special weekly games have all been updated and are free to be played. And yes, you may use Upcoming Vote again. It's weekly! Vote every week!

I hope you all enjoy your new decks, games and the wishes! We will see you again on March 16th!

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. kipI wish for a double deck release! — Check out the release!
  2. SelenaI wish for the filo deck to be released please, as it's the last deck I need to complete my box set :)!
  3. JunI wish for the Choso deck to be released!

New Decks

Click here for your deck release pulls.

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marching on into a new month!

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Another early update from me since apparently my sleep schedule at the moment seems relatively normal for now? So enjoy it while you can, I guess! Let's get into the rest of the update and we'll see you again for the weekly update on March 6th :3


A new one for the month! Anyone can take it as long as you were a member before today or join at any point during March, but don't forget to claim it before April!!



March babies, go ahead and collect your birthday present now and don't forget to request your birthday achievement badge before the month is over or miss out on it until next year!!

Donations have been reset for the month, and anything not donated on time (unless an extension was asked for) has been cleared from the spreadsheet. There are some donations that have yet to be approved and rewarded if they were turned in very recently so please wait for the staff to do that! Otherwise, if you believe we've mistakenly removed your claims despite you actually donating it (and it hasn't been rewarded yet, for example) or for any other reason, do let us know ASAP!

Monthly site games have also been updated but monthly forum games will be updated as their staff get to them (assuming they aren't already updated by the time I write/post this)! As for Sakura Spotlight, our new spotlight member is Noelle – congrats!!

Don't forget to send me a forum PM with the 2 decks you want made and/or released during the month, and make good use of your benefits for the month!


After many delays, Four Seasons is now ready!! I am aware that exact rewards are not listed yet, nor are the rewards claiming threads ready yet, but since those aren't needed until next month, I will have them prepared for then!

Even if you looked over the information before, please read everything here again before participating. You can apply for your bingo card in the registration thread and ask any questions related to this game in the Q&A thread! We prefer all questions to be asked here instead of our Discord, for reasons explained there.

Please also remember that this is the first time I'm doing this kind of game on this kind of scale like, ever, so I have no doubt that there will be a lot of trial and error along the way. As such, I ask for your patience and understanding as things get worked out and we can actually see the game in action so we know what to change for future rounds!

Posted by: Cassidy