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There's not much to say today for once! March is almost here, which means our next update will be the monthly one in a couple of days - on March 1st! We'll see you all then :)


First up: Lost and Found has finally been updated with new cards from various game turn-ins! Apologies for taking so long to add new cards, I think both yasu and I just completely forgot to be honest with you LOL but there were 500 cards dropped off so you'll find them all over there now!

We're almost at the end of February ya'll... you know what that means! Make sure to get your donations in, play those games, grab your birthday stuff if you celebrate(d) this month, etc; all the usual reminders!

Other than that, the only other thing I wanted to mention is regarding Upcoming Vote: a new link has been added to the prize pick up page (once you submit your deck votes) for weeklygamerewards coupon users! Please use this to collect your doubled reward instead of refreshing the original prize page, as doing so before would submit your form--and thus votes--twice.

Eventually, I would like to add this for all games including the biweekly sets but for the time being, players can continue to refresh the original prize page when using any reward doubling coupon! It's just Upcoming Vote that refreshing is not allowed now.

And lastly, this is just a gentle reminder that the Cupid's Chocolates event is still ongoing until March 14th so that's just 2 more weeks from today (plus 1 day, since the 14th is a Thursday)! The timing of the event ending with our weekly update is a bit off because I didn't realize sooner but it's okay! We'll just go with it!


I just noticed today's update has an ID of 88 which I thought was kind of fun, so have a little freebie for it!

Everyone can take 2 choice cards, both of which have to have the number 8 in it somewhere. There's no restriction otherwise though so feel free to take them both from the same deck if you'd like! You can claim them HERE if you prefer~

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. Haylee / Kairi / moeI wish for a double deck release! — Check out the release!
  2. GaelleI wish for choice cards spelling CANDY HEARTS!   

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Posted by: Cassidy

call me mr rover, rover, rover

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I'm coming over, over, over. thanks samu


Weekly, Set A and the special weekly games have all been updated and are free to be played. And yes, you may use Upcoming Vote again. It's weekly! Vote every week!


I've sent all participating members their bonus rewards for being insane helping us gather almost 6k dishes for the pot luck gathering. Thanks and congrats, everyone! Still, let me know if you didn't receive it.

I hope you all enjoy your new decks, games and the wishes! We will see you again on February 28th!

Wishing Tree

Please take 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions specified otherwise!

  1. scottI wish for 6 choice cards from any decks!!   
  2. ShinyaI wish for choice cards spelling LOVE IS IN THE AIR!   

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Posted by: yasu