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( Feb. 01, 2017 )
New Members: Lacie, Rizu
Referrals: Hotaru (x1); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set B, Monthly, Coffee Shop
New Affiliates: Metamorphose
Level Ups: Amanda (Level 4); Amber (Level 4, Level 5); Hotaru (Level 7); Jules (Level 10); Kairi (Level 8); Liz (Level 3, Level 4); yasu (Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9)

Wishing Tree

Adelicya"I wish that everyone gets 100 petals and a flower."
Lee"I wish for all players to choose three choice cards that's their favorite color!" This applies to the general deck colour/card border only, not if the image just happens to be a majority of your favourite colour. No restrictions or limits otherwise!
Ivy"I greedily wish we could play each one of the biweekly games twice for a month." So for the month of February every time a Biweekly Set of games updates (excluding Encore), you can play them twice! If you have the coupon to receive double rewards from the Biweekly Set of games then it would apply to both times you play the games so you are essentially getting 4x the rewards for every 1 use of the coupon!! Please remember to make an indication in your logs for which games/rewards are from the extra plays.

Deck Release

A slightly bigger release this week because miraculously, of all the Upcoming Votes we received, there were no decks that had more than 1 vote except one so I had to choose decks that were both voted for + happened to be an older deck (just to kill two birds with one stone lol) all while trying to ensure that we could fulfill as many of the votes we could! Hopefully there will be something for everyone between this week and next but if not then I apologize in advance. ;;

You may take a total worth of 10 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or made.
If you want to swap pulls from this release, feel free to use this update's New Release Pulls thread!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!

Event Achievements

There are two this time! One for February, and one for reaching 200 decks!

Event Achievements: ev-201702, ev-200decks

Monthly Updates

Please note that all monthly games may not be updated at the time of me writing and posting this! The site games will definitely be updated but the forum games will be updated whenever the staff in charge of them get to it, if they aren't already updated.

The monthly donation limits have also been reset so everyone can go ahead and start claiming new decks to donate for February if you haven't already started doing so!

Lastly, a new month means celebrating more birthdays so if you were born in February, please grab your present and apply for a Birthday Achievement Badge over on the forums before the month is over! January babies, should there be any that missed out on grabbing their present or applying for an achievement badge, will unfortunately need to wait until next January to claim their gifts. :(


Next up is the announcement of our new spotlight member for February! Who is it this month?

Congratulations, Mio, you are the Sakura Spotlight member for February! Make sure you grab your reward from the link in the sidebar, and send me a PM with the two decks you would to be released (and made, if necessary) throughout the month.

Event Updates

The Gift Returns thread is now closed so no more gifts whether they be coupons or duplicate merchandise can be returned anymore!! The Cookies Exchange thread is still open, however, and will remain so indefinitely. I've put up the exchange rates we'll be using to convert cookies back to regular currency so if you already posted in the thread but haven't edited it to let me know what you want to exchange your cookies for, please do that or I will ignore your request until you do! Further information on this can be found here.

The leftovers from the Christmas Event aside, it's time to announce our new event: the White Valentines Day Event! It's going to be a tournament-style battle where participants compete to prove their love for their favourite character so if interested, check out the event information page. The actual event won't start until February 14th but pre-sign ups have started so make sure to do that in order to participate in the event!


With the new members today, we've reached 60 members, guys!!! Take choice cards spelling SIXTY as well as 1 choice card with the number 6 in it somewhere, and 1 choice card with the number 0 in it. These can be in the deck name itself or the card number! Just comment with what you take, please~

Also, yesterday was pretty much the last day I would accept any revisions to the decks made by those of you who applied to be Deck Makers so I've already sent out messages to those who have been hired! If you didn't receive one then that means unfortunately you were not hired this time around. ;;; There were a lot of good applicants and decks so it was really hard for me to choose who to hire but I thank each and every one of you who were interested and took the time to apply!! If in the future we hire deck makers again, I encourage anyone who didn't make it this time to apply again if you have the time and are still interested!

Coming Up

There's not much else to report today that I can think of so Aqua will see you guys next week on Februrary 8th for the next update!

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